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Please, one per person. FREE Community Paper, Take One! Pages 16 -17 INSIDE: Local Senior Resources pages 24–26 Cedar Hills Crossing, page 9 Like us on facebook Beaverton History page 21 Happy Hour Listings, pages 7–8 Home & Garden pages 30-31 Downtown Beaverton, pages 10–14 Aloha Community pages 28-29 Just For Fun! page 5 Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.

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This newspaper covers community events and local businesses that are working hard to find smart local shoppers


Page 1: Beaverton Resource Guide August

Please, one per person.

FREE Community Paper, Take One!

Pages 16 -17


Local Senior Resources pages 24–26 Cedar Hills Crossing, page 9 Like us on facebook

Beaverton History page 21Happy Hour Listings, pages 7–8 Home & Garden pages 30-31

Downtown Beaverton, pages 10–14 Aloha Community pages 28-29Just For Fun! page 5

Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.

Page 2: Beaverton Resource Guide August

2 – Beaverton Resource Guide | Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012)













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Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.

The Beaverton Resource Guide is published by Cedar House Media, Beaverton’s home- grown print and graphics shop.

Publisher / Executive EditorCory Burden

Advertising Sales / EditorMichael Wong

Graphic Layout / DesignCraig Wann / Karen Lewis

WritersBob Wayt

Fox 12 Staff

WCVA Staff

Sammy Gould

Parisjat Umsheid

Maureen Wilson

Holly Beglinger

Ann Koppy

Ginger Rapport

Jolene Guptill

Karen Bolin

Mark Hyde

TVF&R Staff

Victoria Campbell

Eric Squires

Jim Brooks

Douglas Hoy

Angela Hermes

Donna Sanson

Kathy Kushman

Kathy Leong, PT

Pam Yee

Scott Harris

4575 SW Tucker Ave. Beaverton, OR 97005


Questions or comments? Email us. [email protected]




Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation 3

KPTV Channel 12 3

Just for Fun (WCVA Event Calendar) 5

Eats & Treats 6–8

Cedar Hills Crossing (Shopping Map) 9

Downtown Beaverton (Shopping Map) 10–14

Beaverton Farmers Market (Newsletter) 16-17

Beaverton Art Court (Newsletter) 18

Washington Square Mall 19

TVF&R 19

Library News 20

Beaverton Bulletin Board 20

Beaverton History (Newsletter) 21

Southwest Beaverton (Shopping Map) 22–24

Speeder News 24–26

Local Auto Services 27

Aloha Business Association (Newsletter) 28–29

Home & Garden 30-31

Beaverton Police News 31

Adventures in Beaverton 32

The Beaverton Resource Guide (BRG) is a free monthly community paper for the city of Beaverton, Oregon. Cedar House Media published the first edition in April of 2011 with the help of the city and the Farmers Market. That first issue was 16 pages. Today, just over one year later, the paper is 32 pages and sponsored by a huge cross section of the city from shopping malls like Washington Square and Cedar Hills Crossing to public entities such as the police and fire departments, the Visitor’s Association (WCVA), the Senior Citizen’s Advisory Committee and the park district (THPRD) to name a few.

Beaverton has so many positive attributes and many go unnoticed. The BRG is our way of giving back to the community by highlighting what makes our city a great place to live, shop and work. With a focus on small or local businesses, we’d like to encourage our neighbors to first visit nearby businesses and give them a chance before moving on.

Absolutely. With our unique design, community news and loyal readership of residents who agree with our philosophy of “Shop Local - Give Local - Stay Local“, your ad will get seen by those who are your best customer prospects. We don’t print massive quantities and mail them out to uninterested parties. Our papers are located in convenient, local, high traffic locations as well as small businesses ready to be picked up by those wanting to learn about what’s local and that means YOU!

If you'd like a copy for yourself or want to pick up a few for your business, drop by our office or go to any of these participating locations: New Seasons Market, Dairy Queen, THPRD facilities or Starbucks. By location, try: - Farmers Market, City Park (red newsstands), library, Powell's Books, city hall; - Walgreens, 24 Hour Fitness, branch library, Big Al's, Ava Roasteria; RiteAid, Albertson's, Thriftway.

If you would like to place an ad or submit an article for consideration, please contact us by email or phone.

Email: [email protected] Phone: 503-641-3320

Page 3: Beaverton Resource Guide August

Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012) | Beaverton Resource Guide – 3

Twenty-three Beaverton students

at the devastation caused by the











Watch for more stories like these every night on “The 10 O’clock News” on FOX 12.

Students head to Japan to get first-hand look at tsunami destruction, country’s recovery

A group of 23 Beaverton students gather at Portland International Airport before heading to Japan for two weeks. About 1,000 students total headed to Japan as part of the Kizuna Project.

By FOX 12 Staff

THPRD: connecting people, parks and natureDistrict making a splash with its new water playground

T he Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District has introduced a new

recreational amenity to the Beaverton area this summer: a water playground, or “splash pad,” at Conestoga Recreation & Aquatic Center.The facility – the rst of its kind in THPRD’s 57-year history – is located at9985 SW 125th Avenue, right next toSouthridge High School in south Beaverton.The splash pad features above-ground toys and in-ground and wall nozzles

that spray water in different patterns and directions. It is the perfect place to cool off on hot summer days. And it’s not just for kids; adults can join in, too, and the whole place is ADA-accessible.

There are four computer-controlled zones (toddler, teen, family and waterfall) that users can activate by pressing large buttons. Each zone runs for a set time period, then turns off until activated again. The computer also varies where the water sprays. That unpredictability only adds to the fun.

The splash pad uses a recirculating water system with ltration like a swimming pool’s. Water is collected, sent to an underground tank, ltered and treated, and pumped back out to the splash pad toys and nozzles.

The splash pad is part of an extensive upgrade at Conestoga funded by THPRD’s 2008 voter-approved bond measure. The Park District has completed two other major bond projects so far this year: the redevelopment of Camille Park and the expansion of the Elsie Stuhr Center for users “55 and better.”Meanwhile, construction on numerous other bond projects has started. For

information, visit

THPRD’s new splash pad at Conestoga Recreation & Aquatic Center – the rst of its kind in the district – opened this summer. The water playground has been a popular place for children to cool off on warm days.

Grand opening celebration planned for Aug. 22THPRD will celebrate the completion of its bond measure project at Conestoga Recreation & Aquatic Center with a grand opening on Aug. 22 from 3 to 7:30 p.m. The public is invited. The event will feature free use of the new splash pad and tness room, free swimming, and other fun activities. Refreshments will be provided. A brief dedication ceremony with ribbon-cutting is planned for 6 p.m.

Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.

Page 4: Beaverton Resource Guide August

4 – Beaverton Resource Guide | Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012) Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.

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Page 5: Beaverton Resource Guide August

Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012) | Beaverton Resource Guide – 5Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.

HighlightsOpen Studio Classes (all ages)CampsArt HourCanvas Clay & CarafeParent's Night OutArty Parties

Oregon’s Washington County is home to some of the best festivals and events the state has to offer. Just minutes from downtown Portland and set in the heart of the agricultural area of northwestern Oregon, summer ushers in agricultural events, farmers’ markets and myriad family festivals.

Oregon International Air Show(Hillsboro Airport)

Greater Portland Half Mara-thon

(Pacific University)

Summer Celebration Concert & Silent Auction

Northwest String Summit Horning's Hideout)


Crawfish Festival (Tualatin)

Garlic Festival (North Plains)

Crawfish Crawl (Run with Paula - Tualatin)

Garlic Festival 10k & 2-mile Run/Walk

ORRC - North Plains)

503-644-5555 |

For the latest news & events, visit the official “Visit Washington County, Oregon” Facebook page.

Big Al'sBeaverton 503-748-6118

Bullwinkle'sWilsonville 503-685-5000

Chuck E. CheeseBeaverton 503-643-2002

CinemarkBeaverton 800-FANDANGO+984

CinetopiaBeaverton 503-597-6900

Aviation & Space Museum McMinnville 503-434-4185

Glowing Greens Miniture GolfPortland 503-222-5554

John's Incredible Pizza Co.Beaverton 503-520-0000

LaserportBeaverton 503-526-9501

Newberg Hwy 99 Drive-inNewberg (503) 538-2738

Oak's ParkPortland 503-233-5777

OMSIPortland 800.955.6674

PlayDate PDXPortland 503-227-7529

Portland Children's MuseumPortland 503-223-6500

Pump It UpBeaverton 503-644-6488

Safari Sam'sSherwood 503-925-8000

Sherwood Ice ArenaSherwood 503-625-5757

Sky High SportsTigard 503-924-5867

Sunset LanesBeaverton 503-646-1116

Sunset Miniture GolfBeaverton 503-626-2244

Tigard BowlTigard (503) 639-2001

Tree to TreeGaston 503-357-0109

Valley TheaterBeaverton (503) 296-6843

Wings & Waves WaterparkMcMinnville 503-434-4185


XTERRA Portland Hagg Lake)

Safeway Classic Pumpkin Ridge)

Wapato Showdown (Browns Park - Gaston)

Banks BBQ & Truck/Tractor Pull

(Sunset Park)

UnCorked! (Downtown Forest Grove)

12th Annual Bug Fest (Tualatin Hills Nature Park)

4th Annual Beaverton, Banks & Beyond Bicycle Tour

Pacific Rim Festival (SakeOne)

Umpqua Bank Challenge (The Reserve)

My Masterpiece Art Studio is a unique place for people to

discover the power in their artistic expression. The studio was formed by two mothers when art cur-riculum was stripped from local schools, leaving students with no exposure to the arts. Now, famil-ies can drop into the open studio in Beaverton that features 3,000 square feet of space to spread out and paint, sculpt, draw, collage or print using high quality non-toxic art materials. Take a class; there are professionally instructed lessons available for artists of all ages and levels of ability. My Masterpiece Art Studio is also a great place to get together with friends and fam-ily to celebrate a birthday or special event. Classes, camps, and parties are offered to inspire anyone to create their very own masterpiece. Throughout the year there are spe-cial workshops and themes based on holidays and the seasons. The most important idea behind My Masterpiece Art Studio is that there is never any pressure to do anything

Looking for fun things to do this summer and need some ideas? Well, you've come to the right section of the paper. Below are a few suggestions to begin with but over the coming months, we'll add more places to go and more details to help you find the perfect place to play!

Just For Fun Spotlight: My Masterpiece Art Studio

Page 6: Beaverton Resource Guide August

6 – Beaverton Resource Guide | Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012) Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.

M i N G O

Carrots! Raw or Cooked? For my fam-ily, it’s normally 'eat them raw' since

I can’t get my husband and son to eat them cooked. It's a texture thing I suppose. So we munch on them raw or blend them into smoothies. The other day I bought some baby carrots from the Beaverton Farm-ers Market and set out to roast them. My husband was skeptical. I was too but de-

Ingredients2 bunches Baby Carrots (1 1/2 lbs. once trimmed); Wash them thoroughly; Leave the skin on or peel them if you like.

3 Tbs Olive Oil (2 Tbs for tossing the carrots in and 1 Tbs mixed with fresh herbs to drizzle on the roasted carrots)

2 Tbs Honey (I used local organic honey)

2 Tbs Orange Juice

Salt (to taste)

Cracked Black Pepper (to taste)

Fresh Herbs (minced) - We grow our own herbs in our garden so I decided to use what we have in surplus right now: Parsley and Dill. You could also use Thyme.


1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

2. Blanch the carrots in a pot of boiling water for about 5 minutes and then drain.

3. Mix together the 2 Tbs of olive oil, orange juice and toss the carrots to coat.

4. Line the carrots on to a baking tray, cover with foil and roast for about 10 minutes.

Restaurant Spotlight:In 2004 MiNGO opened at The Round in Beaverton under Michael

Cronan and Michael Tocchini. Along a parallel vein to its cousin and longtime successful restaurant, Caffe Mingo in NW Portland, the Michaels’ follow a genuine, old-style method to running a restaurant. Welcoming customers as if into their own home and adhering to the slow food philosophy and local food to table concepts of Italy are the mainstays of the MiNGO genre. Clean and simple food, wine that speaks of its land, craft cocktails, creating a family out of staff and friends out of customers;

Photos by Sammy Gould




y G



Sammy Gould is a stay at home mom whose joy in life is cooking, photogra-phy and taking care of her 2 year old son, Evan.

The of Food Photography ART

Roasted Baby Carrots


Spiedini di GamberiShrimp and croutons threaded on skewers

seasoned with chili flake and fennel

PescePan-seared halibut over

basil infused pasta sheets, fresh corn, tomato

and olive salsa

Penne al Sugo di CarneBeef braised in Chianti

and espresso tossed with penne pasta

SalmoneGrilled NW salmon and

polenta-panzanella salad

Pizza MargheritaLocal tomatoes, buffalo

mozzarella and basil


5. Remove from the oven and toss the carrots in honey, salt and pepper and then line them up again on the baking try and bake, uncovered, for another 10 minutes.

6. Mix 1 Tbs of olive oil with minced herbs. Place the roasted carrots on a plate and drizzle this herbed olive oil on the carrots.

The Beaverton Round provides a lovely setting for MiNGO’s patio in the summer; with grass and a fountain running, the kids are happy while the parents dine! We take reservations, can accommodate large parties and offer happy hour most days. Beaverton Last Tuesday takes place in our backyard, where the city of Beaverton offers live music once a month in the piazza.

We are also happy to offer up our private dining room for business events, weddings, rehearsal dinners, birthdays and more. Come visit and let us share our home with you. Ciao, grazie!

termined to cook up a carrot my husband would eat. I ended up roasting them short-er than required and that left a good little crunch to it. Success! Both my husband and son loved them. I consider this a great life accomplishment.

This dish would go very well with any poultry or meat entree. They are also very good to snack on.

Sammy can be contacted at: [email protected]

Page 7: Beaverton Resource Guide August

Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012) | Beaverton Resource Guide – 7Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.

see map page 10, D

1see m

ap page 22, Asee m

ap page 22, Asee m

ap page 22, Bsee m

ap page 9

see map page 10, E5

see map page 10, E4

see map page 10, F4

see map page 10, G


vtn Hillsdale H


Enjoy Dinnerby the lake at Murrayhill

Open Everyday 7am - 9pm

www.cafemurrayhill.com503-590-6030Breakfast served daily till 3pm

Dinners served from 5pm

Join us for Weekend Brunch!

HAPPY HOURjoin us for

Daily, 3:00 - 6:00 pm

14500 Murray Scholls Drive #103

C A F Em u r r a y h i l l

in Old Town Beaverton Daily 4:30-6:30pm & 10pm-12am

$3.95 HH food & $1 off drinks 12434 SW Broadway St


Mon-Thurs 3-6pm & 9pm-close Fri 3-6pm; 10pm-close

Sat 10-close; Sun 9pm-close Food & Drink Specials


Sa-Th: 3-7pm & F: 3-8pm Great burgers, pizza,

sandwiches & dessert. Pool, shuffle board-karaoke.


more listings on next page


Everyday from 3:00-6:00pm $5 appetizers!

Wine, Beer & Cocktails.


Everyday 3-6pm & 8pm-close$3.99 & $4.99 Food SpecialsDiscounted Beer and Wine


Tue-Sat: 4:30-6pm 9pm-close; Sun 5-9pm

Panini’s, Pizzetta’s & more! Try a Cool Hand Cuke!


Page 8: Beaverton Resource Guide August

8 – Beaverton Resource Guide | Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012) Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.

see map page 10, H


see map page 10, A

4see m

ap page 10, C4

Bvtn H

illsdale Hw


Mon-Fri: 4:00-6:30pm Sat-Sun: 4:30-6:30pm

$3-5 Food Specials & More Discounted Beer, Wine, Well

Drinks. 503-292-0119

M–Sa: 3–630 & 9-close Sun: 3-close

Drink specials, tasty morsels & nibbles.


“Stimulus Hour” Everyday from 4:00-6:00pm

Domestic pint & pitcher specials Best burger in town!


Happy Hour Daily from 3-6pm Any dish only $3.95! Margaritas,

well drinks & beer. 12025 SW Canyon Rd



Happy Hour Listings

are FREE!

If you’re a restaurant with a Happy Hour,

let us know and we’ll add it

to this section.

[email protected]

Mon-Fri: 3:00-6:00pm  Fri-Sat: 8:30pm-Close

$4 Margaritas, $5 cocktails $3 Drafts & $3-5 appetizers


Daily 4:00-7:00pm & 10pm-12am $1 - $4 Food Specials Pizza, sliders, & more Draft & Well Specials


Daily 3-6,9-CL Sun 4-6, 9-CL Our Famous $3.95 Cheeseburger

$1.95-5.95 HH Menu Wine and Beer Specials


Tues-Fri 2:30-6:00 Sun & Mon 5:00-6:00

pastas, pizzas, burgers & more wine, beer & cocktails

Fresh Donuts Weekdays 4:00-6:00pm

Raised Donuts 6/$3 Maple Bars 6/$3


Mon-Fri: 3 - 6pm. $4.95 Small Taco Salad

Choice of chicken or beef includes beverage!


Weekdays 2:00-4:00pm Half-Price Soft Drinks, Shakes & Arctic Rush

12870 SW Farmington Rd 503-644-3469

Restaurant Photography

S E R V I C E S Food & Drink

Exterior & Interior Candid & Action Staff Portraits


Mon-Fri: 4:00-7:00pm (22 draft beers) · Food & drink

specials + huge late nite menu. Open till 2:30am daily.


Everyday 8-10 pm $5 Entrees; $2 Chips & Guac or Queso; $2 Beer & Margaritas

Across from City Hall 503-643-5820

Daily 3:00-6:00pm & 9:00pm-close

Chips, Dips, Shrimp & Chicken Cocktails, Beer & Wine


Daily 4:00-6:00pm & 9:00pm-close

Menu items from $2.50 and bar items from $3.25.


John’s VIP Elite Club Members earn 5% with every purchase, every day! For more benefits, visit


25% OFF Mon-Thu: 2-5pm Self Serve Frozen Yogurt

Over 30 Toppings 14600 SW Murray Scholls


Need Commerical


Our staff photographer can help! [email protected]

Page 9: Beaverton Resource Guide August

Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012) | Beaverton Resource Guide – 9Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.


ie Gr




LA Fitness

Hand & StoneMassage


Sports Authority

New SeasonsMarket


ni Pa





Bank of America

McGrath’sFish House




Bankof the West




Walker R




s Rd


Hall B





SW Cedar Hills Crossing Blvd







Sleep CountryUSA


LA Fitness

Thai Noodle Etc.






Hair M

Virgina GarciaMedical Center

















Massage, Waxing & FacialsRestore, Relax & Refresh with service tailored to meet your

needs. 503-626-8200

August 1st –20th

Take your picture with them!

Plus Dino Dig Box and

Dino Fossil stations!

3205 SW Cedar Hills Blvd

Come in and check it out!

Dine in & To-GoSun - Thu 11am to 9pm Fri & Sat 11am to 10pm 503-941-9112

Visit These Interior Stores

American Boot Co, 503-626-7419

AT&T Wireless, 503-924-1819

BedCo, 503-430-7277

Claire’s Boutique, 503-644-9142

Cold Stone Creamery, 503-352-3880

Game Trader, 503-641-5511

GNC, 503-626-8484

Hairmasters, 503-644-1835

L&L Hawaiian, 503-726-0770

Merle Norman, 503-469-0884

Peachwave, 503-746-7729

Powell’s Books, 503-228-4651

Ray’s Watch Repair, 503-643-2931

Small World Surprise, 503-646-3202

Sunflower Beauty, 503-644-9190

Taco Time, 503-643-6739

Teaser’s Top Shop 503-526-8970

Thai Noodle Etc., 503-941-9112

Visionworks, 503-646-7995

Weight Watchers, 800-651-6000

Wireless Accessories, 503-277-7707

Exercise Your Options ®Call 1-800-LA-Fitness

or visit

Tinside the mall! Dinosaurs? Yes! Dinosaurs! We have a fun hands-on dinosaur exhibit running inside the mall August 1st – 20th. This is a great (free!) photo oppor-tunity! Plus Dino Dig & Fossil Sta-tions. It’s a great time to visit us!

August 1-20

Come inside the mall and check out this fun, hands-on Dinosaur exhibit including a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Tricer-atops, Dino Dig Box and Fossil Station. A great photo opportunity! OMSI will also be onsite for two special Dino-saur programs during the Dino exhibit. Visit our website for dates & times of their program(s).

Sat, Aug 18, 1pm-3pm

Live 95.5 will be onsite with radio per-sonality Nikki West with a Cash Cube Frenzy event. You just may be one of

the lucky participants who will get a chance to grab cash and prizes in the Cash Cube!

Tues, Aug 28

Join us each and every month for fun activities. Visit our website for information on this month’s activities.

Wed, Aug 29, 1-6pm

To schedule a donation appoint-ment call 1-800-RedCross or go online Walk-Ins are also welcome! Blood

By Holly Beglinger


Cedar Hills Crossing 3205 SW Cedar Hills Blvd Beaverton OR 97005

MALL EVENTSDrive will be held in the Community Room

Call Fandango today.

1-800-FANDANGO + 984

Page 10: Beaverton Resource Guide August

10 – Beaverton Resource Guide | Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012) Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.










Sun ConnectionTravel & Cruises

HeitzmanBody & Paint

Einstein BrosBagels

BeavertonCity Library

BeavertonPost Office


Elsie Stuhr Center


Art Court

Apple BlossomPhotography

Top DrawerThrift Shop

La Hacienda Real

Mexican Restaurant


Tom’s Pancake HouseBlack Bear


Cedar HouseMedia

Chiropractic First

BeavertonSwim Center

2nd & MainOffice Suites

Beaverton LodgeCreekside Village

AP Kitchen &A&P Appliance

Hall StreetGrill

Edward Jones

KuniCollision Center


BeavertonHigh School

Camelia’s Candles

Beaverton Florists

Alpine PropertyManagement


Tech House

Irina Moga, DDSDenture Clinique

Goodness Coffee

BeavertonBakery Shirley’s

Beaverton Pharmacy BeavertonTown Square

Canyon PlaceShopping Center


Beaver Creek VillageShopping Center

Hall Street Center

The Round

Beaverton First UnitedMethodist Church

BeavertonLaw Group



Book CornerBiZee Bird



Living Wisdom School

Ava Roasteria

Dairy Queen



BeavertonDental Arts


Fresh Start DetailRingo’s

StarkstreetLawn & Garden

Beaverton Seafood Market

Pacific MedicalGroup Pacific

Continental Bank

SunsetComputerFarmington Rd

Canyon RdBroadway St














Millikan Way




7th St

Cady Ln7th St

7th St






el S



ts A



tt A



n S






er A




9th St

9th St

8th St8th St

6th St

6th St

Hazel St

6th St

2nd St2nd St

3rd St

4th St

1st St

Center St


h A



h A



h A



h A



h A


5th St

5th St


l Blv


Hall Blvd




Tualatin Valley Hwy


ar H




Bvtn Hillsdale Hwy

Crescent Ave

Page 11: Beaverton Resource Guide August

Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012) | Beaverton Resource Guide – 11Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.

Arts & Culture

Learn About our City’s Pastthrough historic photos, artifacts,

exhibits and more! Open Tu/Th from noon to 4pm. E4


Enjoy your car interior ANDoutshine your neighbor’s car! $5 Loaner Cars Avail (BMWs!) 503 641-3285 F4

(See ad in auto section)

Proudly celebrating 75 years!Eco-Biz certified, Family owned 11800 SW Bvtn.-Hillsdale Hwy

503.646.5181 H5

Banking Services

The Right Bankfor your business.

Call one of our client service specialists TODAY! 503-350-1205 F5

Body & Beauty

Fthe SalonFringe

We are a GoldwellAlliance Salon located at

4680 SW Hall Blvd. Beaverton, OR 97005

503-644-0510 E5


Preschool- Grade 7Where Academics

& Compassion Meet

503-671-9112 D5

Customized Learningin a choice-based environment.

Small classes, all subjects, PreK - High School. 503-597-9100 D6

Food & Drink

Fresh Roasted CoffeeCakes, Food, Drinks & Catering.

Open 24 Hours.

503-641-7470 E5

(See ad in food section)

Cakes for All OccasionsPetit Fours, cookies, bread,

cinema, catering trays & more!

503-646-7136 F4

BeavertonSeafood Market

Live Shellfish / Seasonal SeafoodFind us on facebook

Canyon Place Shopping Ctr. 3905 SW 117th Ave, Suite G

503-626-8148 H3

(See ad in Food section)

Italian inspired with a menuthat changes weekly featuring

fresh seasonal ingredients from the Northwest. 503-641-3223 D4










Arts & CommunicationMagnet Academy


Canyon Rd





h A



Bvtn Hillsdale Hwy

City Hall & Beaverton

Police Dept

All New 2012Travel Specials

Sun Connections Travel & Cruises, LLC

[email protected]

11950 SW 2nd St. #100,Beaverton, OR 97005

(503) 655-4850

Enjoy more of your vacation,let us take care of the details!

Travel Layaway Plans Available!

12250 SW BroadwayBeaverton OR 97005

High qual ity new and gent ly used items!

Small Appliances Electronics Tools Bedding Collectibles




Weight LossChiropractic First, llc

503-626-5761See map, D5

(503) 574-3670

Visit our New Studio in Oldtown Beaverton(12120 SW First Street)

Newborns, babies,kids & families

N b b bbbbbbbbbbbbbCasual & relaxed sittings

including a complete list and map of participating busi-nesses, visit

August 3rd, 2012

Page 12: Beaverton Resource Guide August

12 – Beaverton Resource Guide | Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012) Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.

Dairy Queen BeavertonBurgers, hot dogs, chicken,

salads, shakes, cakes and more. So good its RiDQulous

503-644-3469 D4

(See ad in Food section)

Darn Good Coffee& Incredible Food

Beaverton Town Square We cater and deliver!

503-643-2334 H4

Goodness Coffee HouseA Family Cafe w/ a Healthy menu.

Gluten free welcome.

503 616 3020 D6

(See ad in Food section)

Traditional American dishes prepared with distinctive

Northwest flair!

503.641.6161 D1

(See ad in Food section)

M-F Lunch Specials, $5.95Fresh tortilla’s made daily. Happy hour daily, 3-6pm

Dine-in or Take-out. 503-601-7000 G3

(See ad in Food section)

Breakfast-Lunch-Diner30 varieties of pancakes & waffles. Beaverton’s Favorite Restaurant!

503-646-2688 C4

Featuring our Cheesburgers& beer garden. All lottery games.

Happy Hour M-F: 4-7.

503-644-7847 F4

General Services

A&PAppliance Parts

All major brands serviceddiscount parts, in-shop repair,

microwaves ok. 503-644-0382 D4

Professional printing & graphics

at discounted prices.

503-641-3320 F5

Antiques & Modernrepair, custom built, pillows, foam replacements & more.

12655 SW First Street 503-641-2022 D5

The Elsie Stuhr Centeris designed for adults 55 years

and better. Classes, trips events, fitness center, lunch and friends

503-629-6342 E7

Sun ConnectionsTravel & Cruises, LLC

**Layaway Plans Available**.

503-655-4850 G5


Beaverton Dental Arts

Welcoming new patients!Preventative & cosmetic,

Emergency care, 10% senior Discount: 503-644-3312 D5

Prescription delivery, drive-upwindow, fine giftware,

mobility- DME sales/rentals medicare accredited

503-644-2101 F4


Centered on you so you cancenter on life! Auto, sports,

children’s injuries; neck/back pain, headaches and more!

503-430-7371 D5

Denture Clinique

Michael Moga, LDFull and partial dentures

Open 7 days a week by appointment!

503-643-6213 D6

Dr. McBride’s OfficeOptometrists

Examining eyes in Beaverton since the dinosaurs roamed.

Corner of 1st and Hall (503) 644-3614 E5

For your smile,For your health,

For you! 503-646-5909 D6

Family PracticeSpanish, Hindi & Punjabi

speaking providers available. Mon-Sat Extended Hours

503-644-1171 E5


& Realty GroupFull-Service Residential Property Mgmt & Sales!

503-641-4620 E5

(See ad in Senior section)

Retirement ResidenceHit the road with us because we

never stand still for too long!

503-646-0635 C7

(See ad in Senior section)

Senior Living CommunityWe make it easy to feel

right at home.

503-643-9735 B7

Pet Care

The place for all your bird needs.Exotic birds, healthy foods,

toys, boarding & advice. Great prices! 503-644-9515 D6

Professional Services


Personal Injury, Criminal LawDUII, Immigration, Wills/Trusts Probate, Family/Business Law 503-644-2146 F5

John TaylorFinancial Advisor - You talk, we

listen... AND we get to know you. [email protected]


Service & SalesAll PC brands repaired.

New laptops and desktops.

503-866-3747 D4

Religious & Spiritual

Open Minds, Open HeartsOpen Doors. Beaverton First

United Methodist Church.

Sunday Worship: 10:30am 503-646-7107 D6

Community ALERT!

The Downtown Beaverton Dairy Queen donates a portion of all cake sales sold at regular price to both the Highland Park Band and the Beaverton High School Bands & Ensembles. Customers simply need to stamp their receipt with the school of their choice and place in the customer comment box. This offer is year round!

Page 13: Beaverton Resource Guide August

Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012) | Beaverton Resource Guide – 13Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.


Farmers Market Products& beyond! Gift Baskets, unique

kitchen items & cooking sugges-tions too.

503-644-0382 D4

“Feelings Delivered Daily”Flowers for every occasion, plants, cards, gifts & more!

503-644-0129 D5

Catholic Book Store & Gift ShopRosaries, statues, crucifixes,

DVDs and more.

503-644-1814 F5

All natural candlewaxRecycle old candles and get credit towards a new one. Open F-Sat 10-6 or by appt.

503-318-9648 E5

Quilter’s Corner StoreBig Ideas for Small Projects

Visit: Open Tuesday - Saturday

503-819-2955 E4

Outdoor Power EquipmentSpecialists

Sales Service Parts

503-626-9193 F4

Computers & ConsolesGames & Accessories

Repair & Unlock iPhone

503-443-0786 D5

The Book CornerFor gently used books at

affordable prices w/ proceeds donated to the Beaverton library.

503-643-5188 E6

(See Ad Page 11)

Grand OpeningHigh quality new and

gently used items!

503-430-5231 F4

Sports & Activities

Beaverton Swim CenterAquatic fitness programs

Lessons for all levels Parties and pool rentals

503-629-6312 C5

including a complete list and map of participating busi-nesses, visit

August 3rd, 2012

Join Us on August 3rd, Extended Business Hours

Art/Culture ListingsBeaverton Arts Foundation,

503.526.2288 PixelPoint Artistry, 503-887-1981

Automotive ListingsCar Toys, 503-643-0944

Beaverton Car Wash & Detail Center, 503-645-5353

Shell Gas, 503-643-2308 76 Station, 503-627-9999

Apex Restoration, 503-646-APEX

Beaverton Radiator, 503-644-4691 GoodYear, 503-646-8133

Body/Beauty ListingsCashmere,

503-601-0700 Jaleh’s Hair Fashions,

503-646-2126 Natural Image, 503-644-0654

Avenue Salon, 503-626-8240

Bombshells, 503-924-4444 Pure Joy Salon, 503-746-6574

Food/Drink ListingsKing’s Pub,

503-641-8534 DJK Korean Food,


General Service ListingsLittle Pixels, 503-933-6677

Other DowntownBusinesses

We are well into summer and First Friday in down-

town Beaverton, sponsored by the Beaverton Downtown Associ-ation, continues to offer extended hours during this event. Visitors can meet and greet friends, listen to live music scattered throughout the downtown, browse the numer-ous independent shops, tour the Beaverton History Center, dine al fresco at Gloria’s Secret Café or Decarli’s, and get a haircut at Beaverton Barber & Coin, Jaleh’s Hair Fashions, or Avenue Salon &

with complimentary dancing at Arthur Murray Studios starting at 9:15.

Regular hours for participating businesses are extended until 8 p.m. – and in some cases 9 p.m. or later – for

this once-a-month evening event. First Friday has grown from 27 to

44 independent businesses since the event began in May. Special enter-tainment changes each month, but there is always live music, arts and crafts demonstrations, a silent auction of original artwork, over a dozen participating restaurants, beauty and health services, and special discounts from friendly merchants.

Starting in August, many First Friday businesses will offer visitors

their products or services. Guests can complete an entry form at each participating business; the more busi-nesses they visit during the evening, the more chances they have to win. At the end of the evening, all the slips from all participating businesses will be collected and a dozen winners will

H&S Screenprinting, 971-238-1506

United Studios of Self Defense 503-641-1941

Health ListingsBeaverton Chiropractic,

503-644-3022 Beaverton Healing Center

503-730-8102 Heartsong Yoga & Wellness

503-644-1865 Oregon WIC, 800-723-3638 Preferred Dental Center

503-350-1234 Pregnancy Resource Center,

503-643-4503 WashCo Public Health Clinic,


Housing ListingsCommunity Association Partners,


Retail ListingsAvenue, 503-671-9522

Cricket Wireless, 503-626-6699 The Wedding Cottage,

503-643-9730 Tea, Thyme & Lavender,

503-644-6361 The Sewing Room, 503-643-4111

Avenue, 503-671-9522

Religion/Spiritual ListingsAnanda Church,

503-626-3403 Unity of Beaverton,

503-646-3364 Christian Science Reading Room,


Sports/ActivitiesUnited Studios of Self Defense

503) 641-1941 24 Hour Fitness 503) 671-0707

-tion will continue through October.

Come out and look, listen, stroll, laugh, taste, learn, meet and greet, dance – and experience First Friday.

By Donna Sanson

Page 14: Beaverton Resource Guide August

14 – Beaverton Resource Guide | Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012) Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.


h &







en H













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ry F




O. P




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en H
















al M



& W









al M



& W







in S


SW 2nd St.






To F





To Watson Ave

2nd Floor Layout


t F


r B





















Serving Adults, Adolescents & Children

Anxiety | Depression | Trauma

Se Habla EspañolPsychological Evaluations Available

Licensed PsychologistKaren Hernandez, Ph.D.

Painless Joint Injections Geriatric Medicine Internal Medicine


Jae Park, M.D.


| | |

503-646-3161Mark Fenske503-646-3205

Joshua Kuchenmeister503-646-3185

Visceral ManipulationCraniosacral TherapySpinal Care

503-646-3511Young Chiropratic

Specializing in

Let me help you relieve joint pain, sciatica, headaches/migraine, digestive disorders, sports and auto injuries, pediatric health and much more.

Massage Therapy Naturopathic Medicine

Nutrition Counseling


Your Neighborhood Health Care Center

Free 1/2 hour consult.

Janiene Beauchene J.D., C.S.W.A.


Call me to schedule your

Specializing in Trauma Recovery


Beaverton Natural Medicine and Wellness Center is a

multidisciplinary clinic that offers a variety of natural healthcare services including Naturopathic Medicine, Nutrition Counseling, and Massage Therapy.

Dr. James Hermes is an Oregon licensed Naturopathic Physi-cian who has been practicing in Beaverton for over seven years. His areas of focus include family medicine, chronic pain manage-

Summer is winding down and store shelves are stocked with

school supplies. Back to school shopping is the second largest

the holiday shopping season. Budgeting for back to school shopping can be an overwhelming task: the National Retail Federation reports the average family plans to spend $606.40 this year on back to school clothing and supplies, up from $548.72 in 2010.

After a Lung Biopsy November 2011 my Naturopath referred me to Dr David Young. The pain under my right shoulder had become unbearable. How grateful I am that the pain is gone. He is now treating my Ribs and I can finally breath easier but am still relying on a portable lung. Dr. Young has given me hope and I highly recommend him for all bodily malfunctions.

Dr. Young got right to the source of my pain and after 4 treatments of his Viceral Manipulation, I finally could sleep without pain. What a relief, I am so grateful.

After being treated for a serious accident injuring my pelvis and knee, I decided to visit Young Chiro-practic. Not being able to go up the stairs for treat-ment, Dr. Young came to me in the parking lot. He assessed my body and after 3 or 4 visits, I walked up stairs for a few more visits. I believe because Dr Young had survived a near fatal accident himself. He was more aware of my own bodily trauma. This man is such a gift. Thank you Dr Young.

1. Make a list and prioritize it.

2. Take advantage of the fall sales.

3. Shop online.

4. Leave the kids at home.

5. Get crafty- literally.

6. Shop your junk drawers.

7. Hold off on shopping for trendy items

8. Look for stores that offer a student discount.

Beaverton Natural Medicine and Wellness Center

8 Money Saving Tips

Testimonials: Young Chiropractic

Call today at 503-643-0892 to schedule your appointment

ment, and chronic illnesses. He is passionate about natural medi-cine and dedicated to providing outstanding care for you and your family.

Angela Hermes, RD, LD, CLT is a Registered Dietitian and Nutri-tionist. Angela is truly passionate about helping people to heal with nutrition. She specializes in treating

-algia, IBS, chronic migraines, and cancer through dietary changes. In

By Angela Hermes

regards to nutrition. My goal is to help Melissa Bell, LMT, has been

practicing in the Portland area for six years. Her areas of special-ties include prenatal and post-partum massage. She offers outcall massage to postpartum families. She is also trained in Swedish, Lomi-Lomi, Thai Accupressure, and Reiki.

Wendy McKee, LMT, gradu-ated from Oregon School of Massage in Portland, in the summer

techniques, but continued on with the remaining Shiatsu bodywork

variety of bodywork, mixing treat-ment-focused therapy for phys-ical pain, with stress reduction and relaxation for a harnessing of energy gone wild.

Colleen L (Aloha)

Dan F. (Hillsboro)

Janet M (Aloha)

Back to School Shopping:

Page 15: Beaverton Resource Guide August

Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012) | Beaverton Resource Guide – 15Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.

Food | Products | Exterior | Interior | Artistic | Staff Portraits | Candid | ActionDiscount Packages Available. Call us!

Commercial Photography

Our s t a ff photographer can make any ord inar y p roduct look l i ke a s t a r.

Photos by Sammy Gould


Page 16: Beaverton Resource Guide August

16 – Beaverton Resource Guide | Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012) Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.

Hand made & local dressing.Do you like fresh chopped garlic, pepper & chunks of bleu cheese?

Stop by our booth for a treat.

Ageless WinesYou Can Drink Right Now

Lovingly Handcrafted. Tasting Room Open Every Weekend www.abloominghillvineyard

We make life better!We roast and sell the freshest coffee beans from around the world. Taste the good life…

feastworkscatering & charcuterie

www.feastworks.comHandcrafted Charcuterie & Sand-wiches, w/Bacon, Sausage, Pate,

etc… Also Serving Delicious Breakfast & Lunch








of P


AlpineSourdough Bakery














































































180182 181183





95 97 98



161 164 165 167 168

169171172174176 175177









2101-5101-6101-7 101-3












Gloria's Secret

Spring HillOrganic Farm


Moh'sMobile Kitchen

Stephens Farm


Pacific PieCompany

Sun Gold Farm

Champoeg Farm

Not JustAnotherSeedy Bar

Pumpkin RidgeGardens


Stoller Farms


MartinezFamily Farm

Best Bunsin the Oven


DeNoble's FarmFresh Produce

Rose CityPepperheads

Yonder HollerFamily Farm



Bavarian NutCompany

Loibl Farm

WillametteValley Cheese


Early Mom

BungalowBread Co

Crazy GoodSnacks

May's Produceand Flowers

Grandma Candys JamsCountry Charm Acres


Grand CentralBakery

Zoe Ann'sCheesecakes

Pine Mountain Ranch

Pete's Mtn. Perennials

Efimoff Family Farm

FerrierCreek Nursery

Eena Kadeena

Happy Campers Gluten Free Baking

Mak Lilies &Perennials, Inc

Deep Roots Farm

Northern Pacific Farm

Danielle's Sauces, Inc.

Little Oak Farms, LLC

Simington GardensLa












Malou's GourmetBrittle & More

Olympic Provisions

Curious Farm


March Biological Control

Country GrainsDeli & Catering






Canby Asparagus Farm&Casa de Tamales


























Arcane Cellars

Bleu Diamond

Happy CupCoffee Company

Sweet BriarFarms

Hoda’s MiddleEastern CuisineHoda’s Middle

Eastern Cuisine

NW CactiNW Cacti

DovetailCoffee Roasters


Quinn’sCrab Cakes


Linda Brand Crab




A BloomingHill Vineyard

Lonely LaneFarms




Arcane CellarsN&M


Happy CupCoffee Company

Sweet BriarFarms

Linda Brand Crab



Bleu Diamond

DovetailCoffee Roasters




Quinn’sCrab Cakes



ious F



ious F


The Hummus S


The Hummus S


Kale C


Kale C




n Beef



n Beef

Gathering Together Farm









n C





A BloomingHill Vineyard

Lonely LaneFarms









e 18


Beaverton City Park

to Beaverton City Library


l B



3rd St.

4th St.







FressenArtisan Bakery

Greens BridgeGardens


Laube Farms

SkipanonBrand Seafood

Alex Farm

French PrairieGardens

Denison Farms

The Berry Patch

Ross Nursery

Alotto Gelato

Fairview Farm

Laurel RidgeWinery

Rogue Creamery

Souper Natural

Sterling Cookies


C&J ApiariesRain ForestMushroom Co.

Gala Springs Farm

KCK Farms


Edgemaster Mobile Sharpening


August4 Responsible Party

11 Fadein by Nine

18 White Rhino Marimba

25 Sandy Saunders Band

September1 Latino Festival

8 Shanghaied on the Willamette

15 Responsible Party

22 Richie & The Cadillacs

29 Rogue Bluegrass Band

October6 Randy Morrison

13 Water Tower Bucket Boys

20 Alex Llumiquinga

27 Haris Blackwood




Beaverton Farmers Market 1988 – 2012

at the Market

Arcane Cellars

We offer an exclusive selection of Oregon wines, hand crafted by our talented and dedicated winemaker, Jason Leal Silva. Our wines

are made from grapes grown on our own estate along the banks of the Willamette River, as well as from a few select vineyards representing the variety of Oregon's distinctive terroir.

We are located on the Willamette River, with beautiful places for

Come and share the beauty of our natural surroundings, the bounty of our region's harvests, and the magic of our wines!

an exclusive selection of Oregon wines, handcrafted by our dedicated winemaker. 503-868-7076


Page 17: Beaverton Resource Guide August

Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012) | Beaverton Resource Guide – 17Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.


3331 NE Sandy Blvd. Portland


Hoda’s Middle Eastern CuisineTry our delicious pita breads stuffed with falafel & tahini! 503-236-8325

Fresh Dungeness CrabAlso salmon, halibut, tuna,

rock fish, oysters and more!


100% Grass Fed Beef Heritage Pork

On-Farm USDA processing


Fresh Roasted Nut ButtersNutrient Dense Ingredients

Cold Processed - Healthy Fats


h k d


Herbs, tropicalshanging baskets, mixed pots,

vegitables and perennials. Follow us on facebook!


All Natural - Gluten FreeVegan - Raw. The Pacific

northwest’s healthiest snack


Cherries-Peaches-Apples-PearsOregon Family Farm since 1926 Naturally fruit sweetented jams

and pies. 541-234-4481

Ask to Join Our CSACome see us for your fresh

and picked asperagus


Quinn’s Crab CakesSimply the best!

Fresh and handmade from locally caught dungeness.


Oregon Grown USDA Certified Organic Beef

Retail Cuts / Locker Beef


Largest Dahlia GrowerDazzling Dahlias

40 Acres, Open Aug - Sept


Farm Fresh Pork Local QualityNO added antibiotics or

growth hormones


Oregon grown strawberries,blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and grapes. 503-992-0710

You can help a neighbor in need! Donations will be

distributed to families in Wash-ington Co. by the Tualatin Valley Gleaners.

We will happily accept:Fresh fruits and vegetables from the marketCanned, bagged or boxed food Pet foodPersonal supplies (deodorant, diapers, shampoo…)Condiments (mayo, ketchup, soy sauce, syrup, …)Protein foods (canned tuna, chicken and other meats)No donation is too small!!

Did you know that Oregon is ranked second in hunger by the U.S. Department of Agriculture? In fact, in Washington County:

About 40,000 children are living at or below 185% of By Ginger Rapport

poverty level (29% of Wash-ington county children) 28% of schools in Washington County have 50% or higher kids on the free and reduced lunch program (35 schools) Last summer there were about 49 summer food sites in Wash-ington county, but 26 addi-tional schools are eligible to host open summer sites. Last year only about 29% of free and reduced lunch pro-gram students in Washington County ate summer meals Washington County has about 17 CACFP afterschool meal sites, but 43 additional schools could be running the program. In 2009 about 51,350 people re-ceived SNAP (formally known as food stamps) each month in Washington County.

August 11, 2nd Annual “Buy a Bunch for the Hungry” Summer Food Drive


Saturday, August 11, 2012

10 am — 2 pmCity Park

SW 5th & Hall (between the fountain and the Beaverton Farmers Market)

Beaverton Community Vision


Come see what more than 60 community partners are doing to make your community vision a reality!

Games and activities for all ages.Bring canned food or purchase fresh

produce for our summer food drive with the Beaverton Farmers Market.


For more information, visit AppetizersFresh Pita Bread Fresh Pita Chips


Sustainable Family FarmWide variety of vegetables,

berries, fruit, flowers, honey, jams & syrup.

www.wintersfarms.comPhoto by Sammy Gould

Photo by Sammy Gould

Page 18: Beaverton Resource Guide August

18 – Beaverton Resource Guide | Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012) Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.

By Kathy Kushman






on F







Senior RestArea




#4Various Artists

Various Artists

Various Artists

Various Artists

Various Artists

Various Artists

Various Artists

Various Artists

Various Artists

Various Artists

Various Artists


















Joe BennettGlass Designs

Unicorns &Dragons

Kathy KushmanJewels


Kathy KushmanJewels



A Little GreenFrog

A Little GreenFrog


Joe BennettGlass Designs

Unicorns &Dragons

Flowers Photography

are outsideFlowers



3rd St.

4th St.




n S Hall Blvd

to Watson Ave

I’ve been designing and making

as a hobby but soon became a pas-sion and creative outlet. I have al-ways liked making things, such as weaving, and growing things, such as beautiful colorful roses—and I have always liked rocks! I would pick up the eye-catching stones along the railroad tracks near where I lived as a child and take them home. I had a great agate col-lection as a kid and still do today thanks to my frequent beachcomb-ing along the Oregon coast.

The rock thing never left me -

elry using pretty rocks from all over the world. I am drawn to the color, translucence, and shape of

-quoise, Peruvian opal, amethyst, citrine and others. Good stones

The Beaverton First United Methodist Church is happy to spon-sor the Beaverton Art Court located adjacent to the Beaverton Farmers Market every Saturday from May through October. We have inexpensive weekly rates and specials for those particip-ating 4 or more weeks for the season.

A Little Green FrogOne of a kind jewelry and head-bands. Upcycled crafts by Rona

Friesen & A Little Green Frog 971-322-7216

Magnetic Jewelry by Shirley

Custom Made to Fit!Discover the health benefits

of magnetic & beaded jewelry. Great for arthritis!


Fused Glass Art

Mary Stoneman

Meltings, Fused Glass Art featuring kilnformed and cold

worked glass and copper fabrication. 503-267-7289

Aunt Adeleine's Vintage "found" object jewelry.

Rust, patina, crusty age... brought back to life!

Silver Image, LLC Rope Art & Handmade Jewelry

Sterling silver and semi- precious gems, custom to order.


Kathy Kushman


Kilnformed art glass jewelry, clocks, bowls, home decor and

custom pieces!

All That Glitters

Paintings, Handmade Cards unique handpainted water-color

jewelry. Facebook me @thrutheeyesofkimberly


Flowers Are OutsidePhotography by Jackie Miles.

Local nature photography

(503) 307-8031

Love Flow Creations

Upcycle clothing using vintage linen & laces. For men & women. 503-367-1265

the same. I combine these original stones with sterling silver and other quality materials to create one-of-a-kind art pieces you can

Nordstrom or Macy’s. I receive many compliments on the origin-

Quality stones work best with simple adornments. My artistic

a little sparkle that brings out the best of my pretty stones rather than a heavy look or too much bling. I have many repeat clients and it is

back to purchase another piece or have me design something for a wedding or other special event. Stop by KATHY KUSHMAN JEWELS and see for yourself!

Kathy KushmanJewels

Local Beaverton ArtistBeads, crystal, semi-precious

stones, crochet wire necklases, viking knit braclets, hammered

copper and sterling.

Beaverton Art CourtThe

featuring local artists


Photos by Sammy Gould

Page 19: Beaverton Resource Guide August

Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012) | Beaverton Resource Guide – 19Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.

Innovative, Electric Car Maker Tesla Motors Opens at Wash-

ington SquareShoppers at Washington Square

are amped about the property’s newest retailer: Tesla Motors. Tesla, the California-based maker of thrilling, electric cars, is rein-venting the car-buying experience

with its unique retail strategy. Tesla

in July, located near Nordstrom. Guests can explore the open show-room which features Tesla’s new-est vehicle, Model S, which began deliveries on June 22. Interactive wall displays add to a car-buying experience like no other.

More about Tesla: Tesla’s goal is to accelerate the world’s transition to electric mobility with a full range of increasingly affordable electric cars.The new Model S is the latest offering from Tesla, which in-troduced its breakthrough Tesla Roadster in 2008.Tesla has 21+ retail locations throughout the world and its cars are currently driven in 32 countries.Tesla’s stores engage and in-

Washington Square is a pleased to announce the

launch of its mobile app, which offers shoppers and retailers many new features, such as:

MALL DIRECTORYBrowse by category or view

stores alphabetically with detailed info, map location and phone num-ber for every retailer or dining establishment. Even get a quick glance if the store currently has a sale.

INTERACTIVE MAP Search for and display the loca-

New Digital Shopping Companion Debuts

Tesla Motors

tion of individual stores and closest parking, as well as restrooms, escalators, elevators, ATMs and other mall amenities.

SALES & EVENTS View a detailed listing of sales

and events going on at the center and even create a favorites list to help plan your shopping trip.

WHERE DID I PARK? Save your parking location by

using your phone’s GPS, taking a photo, recording a voice note or typing a text reminder to easily locate your vehicle.

1. Starting today, simply down-load the app by visiting the Apple App Store, Android Market or Blackberry App World from your smart-phone.

2. Enter Washington Square into the search field.

3. Find the official app, tap, download and you’re all set.

Stay up-to-date with everything happening at

Washington Square

Twitter: @WashingtonSq



form visitors with interactive digital experiences that allow customers to design their own Model S, learn about the elec-

Model S. For more about Tesla visit

Visitors can explore Wash-ington Square’s retail mix and get the most up-to-date information through its website, e-newsletter or social media. Guest can also down-load Washington Square’s mobile friendly app.

SHOPPING LIST Get organized by creating a

custom shopping list. For every item on your list, select the retail-ers you’d like to visit and locate them on the mall map with one touch. You can even email your shopping list for others to view.

CENTER INFORMATION View shopping hours, center

address and phone number, guest services information, weather forecast and more.

GIFT CARD Purchase Mall Gift Cards

branded by American Express or check your balance at any time.

Follow Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue on its Facebook, Twitter and blog.



The moment you call 9-1-1,

material incident, rescue situation, or natural disaster, we are trained and ready to respond. Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue has approx-

100 combat volunteers who handle over 32,000 incidents each year.

Because medical incidents constitute the highest percent-age of our emergency calls, each

paramedic or emergency medical technician (EMT). With over half

-medics - the largest contingent in Oregon - TVF&R has at least one paramedic on every unit. This en-sures that our community receives the highest level of emergency medical care within minutes.

TVF&R also handles incidents requiring specialized skills and equipment including hazardous materials incidents and specialty rescue. Our Hazardous Materials Team is one of 14 teams throughout Oregon that responds to incidents involving dangerous chemicals or toxic materials. Our Water Rescue Team responds to water emergen-cies including boaters in distress and trapped swimmers. Our Tech-nical Rescue Unit specializes in

vehicle entrapments, rope rescue, and building collapse.

Annual Incident Summary


2% 6%

16%Medical Incidents

Hazardous Conditions PublicAssistance



Page 20: Beaverton Resource Guide August

20 – Beaverton Resource Guide | Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012) Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.

Virtual Admin and General Office assistance.

Specialty in writing and documentation.

Call me today at 503-961-5509

Styles atHart


Styles atHart


$5 off any servicefor new clients. Color/highlights,

perm, hair cuts, senior roller sets. Located near the Plaid

Pantry on Hart Rd & 170th Ave. 503-591-1998

Aloha CommunityLibrary Association

Meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 6:30-8:30pm at: The Edwards Center 20250 SW Kinnaman Street, Aloha, OR 97007

The Book CornerFor gently used books at

affordable prices w/ proceeds donated to the Beaverton library.


Support Your Library

Every day, the library helps people change their lives. You can help ensure the success of these efforts by supporting

the Library through the Beaverton Library

Events @ the Main LibraryChess Club Monday, August 13 & 27 1:30-2:30pm

Play with others or learn the game. Grades 3-8.

Magic: The Gathering & Yu-Gi-Oh Tuesday, August 21, 5:30-7:30pm

Bring your cards and test your gaming skills against others. We’ll have tables for Magic & Yu-Gi-Oh. Booster packs awarded as prizes. Grades 6-12.

Beaverton Modular Railroad Saturday, August 4, 10 AM - 5pm Sunday, August 5, 1-4:30pm

The club will have models set up and answer questions about this fascinating hobby. All ages.

Nick Bruel’s Bad Kitty Program Monday, August 6, 2-3pm

Celebrate the ever irrepressible Bad Kitty with crafts, games and fun! Registration required. Grades K-3.

Sweet & Salty Taste-Off Tuesday, August 7, 3-4pm

Chips and chocolate. Taste different kinds of each, rate your favorites! It’s going to be good! Grades 6-12.

Henna & Bollywood Thursday, August 9, 6-8pm

Watch a Bollywood movie and get henna body art by professional artists from Roving Horse Henna! Snacks provided. Registration begins July 9. Grades 6-12. Call 503-350-4001.

Dream Big with Crafts Friday, August 10, 11 AM - 2pm

Round out your Summer Reading experience doing crafts related to our nighttime theme! Drop-in for ages 3-10 with their adults.

Dream Big End of Summer Read-ing Dance Party Tuesday, August 14, 2-3pm

Celebrate the end of Summer Reading with a kids dance party and a craft! Ages infant to 6 with their adult.

Pirate Party Monday, August 20, 2-3pm

Enjoy adventures on the high seas with crafts, games, stories and songs. Be sure to dress the part! Registration required. Ages 2-11 with their adult.

New Children's Books for the Murray Scholls Branch Library

The children's section book shelves go from sparse to full after a $10,000 donation from the Beaverton Library Foundation.

Post your ad here:

Beaverton City Library @ Murray Scholls received a big boost in it's selection of children's material courtesy of a generous

$10,000 donation from the Beaverton Library Foundation.A broad spectrum of materials were purchased and added to

-tion and homework related materials, other items include picture books, early readers, DVDs and Books on CD.

The Aloha Community Library has transitioned from a group

of people sitting in a coffee shop dreaming of a library in Aloha to an actual service provider. This

grants and volunteer support to provide children's story time at the new storefront location at the Bales Thriftway Complex in Aloha (17683 SW Farmington Rd, Suite E, Aloha, OR 97007). This signals the next steps visible to the public: opening the collections for checkout. Behind the scenes we

who are starting the processing of media for checkout. New volunteer opportunities unfold at each step of the development of this enterprise.

Individuals wishing to help can send contribu-tions to the Beaverton Library Foundation:

PO Box 602, Beaverton, OR 97075

Save the Date

@ the Beaverton City Library

Enjoy the Taste of Local Wines

during this Beaverton Library Foundation Fundraising Event.

@ th B t Cit LibOctober 12, 2012

By Victoria Campbell By Eric Squires

lanalnels[email protected] contact me to see other paintings online or

to commission work. 503-830-7894

Lana L. NelsonLana L. Nelson

Over the last few years, lib-rary users have often noticed

plastic buckets scattered about the

and spring days. This is due to the library roof membrane rapidly fail-

Fortunate¬ly, the roof is currently being repaired and should be com-pleted by the end of August.

What does this mean for you, the library user? The library will remain open; however, there will be some days of excessive noise as the old roof is torn off and the new roof installed. At some point there may be odors due to the hot tar, but they should be minimal. Most of the noise should be contained

Users are encouraged to use the library throughout the summer, picking out their favorite summer

and services the library offers

tbOn-Site Affordable Computer

Repair for Home & Small Businesses Troy Brisbin Consulting LLC

Phone 503-707-4377

Health Touch MassageSwedish, deep tissue, trigger point

work, neuromuscular therapy. Call Ada Boje: 503-641-7743

The Grin HouseShort Term Nanny Services

House/Child/Pet sitting. Cooking, cleaning and overnight

care. Certified!Call Margarita: 503-443-9136


503-816-2778Professional Counseling

for children, adolescents, individuals, couples & families.

Milana Robben, M.S., NCC

Page 21: Beaverton Resource Guide August

Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012) | Beaverton Resource Guide – 21Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.

By the middle of the 20th cen-tury, Beaverton had long ago

shed its rural image. The town had transitioned from a tiny 1868 farm-ing community to a 1920s town with the slogan “City of Homes”. It was now poised to take on the challenges of the second half of the 20th century as a city of indus-trial and commercial development, diversity, and educational/recre-ational/cultural opportunities.


Population in 1950 was 2,912; by 1960 it was 5,937

By Ann Koppy

August’s History by the Decade window display features selec-ted events from the 1950s.

Other Exhibits include:

McBride's vintage optical equipment

Open Tues/Thurs, noon to 4 pm

12412 SW Broadway St. 503-430-0106 [email protected].

Admission free but donations welcome!

Visit the Center’s new gift shop. We have books about Oregon and collectibles donated by local residents. Proceeds benefit the Society.


1 Admission was based on a point system: high grades, attendance, letter in music or sports, and student government.

2 A No. 300 can was about 16 ounces.

3 $1.00 in 1959 = $7.87 in 2012.

Tektronix opened their Beaverton headquarters in 1957.

Elsie Stuhr, founder of THPRD, breaks ground for the Beaverton Swim Center in 1956.

Loyce Martinazzi is an author and co-founder

of the Tualatin Historical Society. She will review highlights of Tualatin’s 100 year story. Loyce is the author and editor of several public-ations chronicling the city’s growth and development since incorporation in 1913. She was born and raised in

Twenty-eight faculty taught 780 students at Beaverton High School. 157 of them were seniors. A full range of clubs and organiz-

athletic accomplishments, or aca-demic achievements. Possibilities included Kilocycles (radio classes), Winged “B” (lettermen), Girls’ Athletic Association, and Torch Honor.1 Spring Reign, after-game dances, and the “Candy Bars for Europe” campaign added to the year’s varied activities.

1952 ENTERTAINMENTWhen locals wanted to catch

the latest Hollywood double fea-ture, they headed for the Beaver Theatre on Broadway Street. Pat-

-tainment for about 50¢. In those days, most movie houses showed a


The population in 1950 was 2,912; by 1960 it doubled to 5,937.

Many of Beaverton’s foun-ding families are buried in Crescent Grove Cemetery on Greenburg Rd.

Beaverton was a established as a city on February 10th, 1893 (Population 400).

Beaverton’s average ele-vation is 186 feet above sea levelRoy Rogers Rd was named after a former mayor of Tualatin.

In 1851, Mary Ann Spencer, Beaverton's first teacher, travelled to Beaverton via ship around the Cape Horn of South America fighting numerous storms that pushed them off course into arctic waters, escaping pirates and enduring endless days adrift with no wind.

Belle and Ralph Jenkins began work on their estate in 1912-The Beaverton Bakery.

Before Beaverton, there were beaver ponds.

Beaverton History Center Presentation August 14 (7:00-8:30pm)

Beaverton Trivia

-ent motion picture Wednesday-Sat-urday. The Beaver opened Sunday at 2 p.m. and weekdays at 6 p.m.

1955 COMMUNITYPhysical education teacher

Elsie Stuhr campaigned to estab-lish a park district in Beaverton that would embrace family-ori-ented recreational facilities. Voters unanimously approved the initiat-ive that created Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District. The Board

of Directors im-mediately con-fronted their

developing a -

ing sites for a pool and park.

1956 CIVICThe City

began a signi--

provement pro-

blocks of Hall Street from Canyon Road south to its intersection with Watson Street at 13th Street. Public safety, by

Admission is FREE

Beaverton History Center 503-430-5231

equipment, three rural.

1956 CONSUMER GOODS Safeway ran these specials in

their June 7 ad: A No. 3002 can of -

ages of margarine, $1.00; Bing cherries, 39 ¢ per pound. For sum-mer and vacation clothing, Clarks, “the fashion store” for women on Broadway Street advertised cot-ton Capri pants for $4.98 and a budget-wise swimsuit for $17.95.

Beaverton Pharmacy, “On Broadway where the buses stop”, sold a package of 10 Gillette Blue

for 78¢. They also provided one hour of free parking.

1959 BUSINESS AND INDUSTRYWages ranged from $1.35 -

$1.50 per hour for semi-skilled women and men to $3.00 - $3.48 for machinists and carpenters. Federal minimum was $1.00 per hour. 3

As the decade came to a close, manufacturing and high tech in-dustries were well-established.

-dustries, and other technology companies pioneered what would be known as the Silicon Forest, the name given to computer and electronics high-tech companies in Oregon. Sawyer’s decade-old View-Master factory and its water tower were still well-known sights.

Beaverton thrived with a mix

local owners. Some homegrown and national businesses are long gone; others have endured. Among the missing are Tico Taco, “Ore-gon’s Finest Original Mexican Restaurant”, Siebert’s Furniture, Holland Feed, Montgomery Ward catalog store, and L.H. Cobb Com-pany, crushed rock and concrete. Beaverton Bakery, Beaverton Auto Parts, Falk’s Hardware, and Taggart’s Floor Coverings con-tinue to provide dependable ser-vice to this day.

Tualatin. Her many stories come from listening to her fathers stories about the old days, her mother’s newspaper articles for the 1959 Oregon State Centennial and her own experiences watching the town grow from a village to a city of 27,000. Tualatin is now making a name for itself with the discovery of ancient mammal bones and evidence of the Ice Age.

Snow at Beaverton High School, 1950.

Page 22: Beaverton Resource Guide August

22 – Beaverton Resource Guide | Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012) Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.










12 10





5 7 6








2 6




SW Barrows Rd










SW Scholls Ferry Rd







SW Teal Blvd

to 217 Fwy

SW Osprey Dr




RdMurrayhill Marketplace

A&B Gem Labs Beaverton Bakery Express Beaverton Psycology Dr. Barney Hawaiian Smiles Dr. David Barney, DMD Hapa Grill Lisa Fain, Sunset Group Malone's Café & Bar Murrayhill Chiropractic Care Nature's Pet Market Oasis Tanning On Point Credit Union Robyn's Nest Prop. Mgmt Safeway State Farm Ins. (L. Nishimura)

The Overlook at Murrayhill Apts

Murray Scholls Town Center 24 Hour Fitness Ankle & Foot Center Banner Bank Café Murrayhill

5 Kaiser Permanente Murray Scholls Branch Library Murray Scholls Dental Murrayhill PhysiciansPower Brain Training CenterStarbucks US West Taekwondo Walgreens

The Village on Scholls Ferry

Biscuits Café Metro Perc State Farm Ins. (G. Horton) TruAwakenings

Progress Ridge Ava Roasteria Big Al's Cinetopia Frangipani Thai Cuisine New Seasons Sweet Siren Boutique Ziba Salon

Barrows Crossing Alberton’s Blockbusters Catrick Cleaners Godfather’s Pizza

V i s i t o u r M a p S p o n s o rs

(# = Upstairs Offices)

We have 1 bedrooms from $635, 2 bedrooms from $

Drop on by and you’ll also find

Please call us at

Heated year-round swimming poolSmoke free community

Assigned parking & more!

Conveniently located near Murrayhill Marketplace


Banking Services

Personal & businesssolutions, real estate loans

Call a personal banker today. 503-579-1947 B

BankingConsumer and business

accounts, loans, mortgages 503-228-7077 A

Body & Beauty

Murrayhill MarketplaceVersaSpa Spray on tan 1-only $30, 2-only $50 503-521-8268 A

Hair Care - Skin Care Massage & Waxing

Book your appt online at

503-641-2767 C

Full Service Salonfor Men, Women & Kids,

Facials, Skin Care Head to Toe Waxing

503-430-0008 DA

Jeffery S. Olenick, M.D. Keith E. Miller, M.D. Fawn Tran, M.D.

Your Murrayhill Neighborhood Doctor’s Office

Accepting new patients, call:

www.MurrayhillPhysicians.com14795 SW Murray Scholls Dr#121


Nature MobileEvery Thursday afternoon, August 2 - 30, Noon- 1:30pm The Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation Nature Mobile will make a stop at the Murray Scholls branch library every Thursday from Noon-1:30. Bugs, animals, birds, etc. This is a drop-in “family” event.

Family StorytimeWednesdays, August 1 & 8, 2pm Storytime for the whole family!

Murray Scholls Branch Library Programs


Page 23: Beaverton Resource Guide August

Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012) | Beaverton Resource Guide – 23Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.



Scott R. Walker, D.M.D.

1 Month Free Taekwondo+ Free Uniform

1 Month Free Taekwondo+ Free Uniform

New students only. Offer good at Murrayhill location.

17455 SW Farmington RdBeaverton, OR

14795 SW Murray Scholls RdBeaverton, OR 97007


See Murrayhill Map page 20 (D5)

Call ustoday!

14780 SW Osprey Drive, Ste 200, Beaverton, OR 97007

Specializingin making teeth


Dr. David M. Barney, DMD


(See map page 20, D5)

Food & Drink

Beaverton Bakery Express Cakes for all occasions!

Coffee shop, tea, donuts, Italia Espresso Torrefazione,

Pastries, Cakes and more. 503-579-1600 A

Fresh Roasted CoffeeCakes, Food, Drinks & Catering.

Open 24 Hours.

503-352-5420 D

We don't serve fast food...We serve fresh food as fast as

we can! Breakfast/Lunch served all day.

503-372-6982 C

(See ad in Food section)

Great Beaverton dining at the Murrayhill pond.

Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

503-590-6030 B

Thai & Laos CuisineDaily special from $6.95

Try our Spicy Mango Chicken! M-Th: 11a-9p / F-Su: 11a-10p

503-579-7542 D

(See ad in Food section)

Hapa Grill

Family Friendly Hawaiian Asian Fusion Restaurant. Environment

friendly. Easy take out 6 days/wk. 503-590-7800 A

(See ad in Food section)

New Pizza Menu!Voted Best in Town

Pool (free Tues), lottery, video poker, daily drink specials.

503-579-3663 A

StumpTown CoffeeBreakfast, Lunch, Drive Thru

M-Sa: 6am - 8pm, Su: 6am - 7pm



EMPOWER YOUR BRAINFocus, Confidence, Memory

for kids and

503-352-4367 B

Got foot pain?Come see us for expert care, diagnosis and treatment of

ankle/foot disorders. 503-597-5647 B

503-526-2917Adults, teens, family, couples,

anxiety, depression, communica-tion, relationships & intimacy A

(See ad this page)

Comprehensive dentalcare for your entire family.

Visit us at:

503-590-7574 B

Murrayhill Chiropractic CareDr. Robert Sherman

Auto Accident Injuries, Spinal Care & more.

503-590-4000 A

(See ad page previous page)

Your Neighborhood FamilyDoctor’s Office. Accepting new patients, call today.

503-597-5647 B

Passionate Aging and Living Psychotherapy, memory/brain evaluation, family consultation 503-308-4251 A


Residential/CommercialResponsive & Proactive.

Let us cure your rental head-aches! 503-597-7790 A

Realtor/Prop. Mgmt.Working w/buyers, sellers &

investors. Westside Specialist. Call Lisa w/The Sunset Group:

503-679-8477 A

Pet Care

Healthy Affordable Pet Supplies Grooming & Self-wash. Cat adoptions available. 503 579-2403 A





Page 24: Beaverton Resource Guide August

24 – Beaverton Resource Guide | Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012) Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.


If you're a SW Beaverton business

and would like a listing, call us: 503-641-3320

Chevron, 503-579-3836

Andover Park, 503-579-8442

Sterling Pointe, 503-579-1400

Clocktower, 503-579-2422

Monte Vista, 503-213-4847

Chase Bank, 503-590-4600

Wells Fargo Bank, 503-579-2902

Rebound Massage, 503-746-6585

Touch of Light Massage, 503-579-6038

Palm Beach Tan, 503-524-9781

Massage Envy, 503-524-9600

Tutoring Club, 503-579-9670

City Library, 503-644-2197

Ruby Tuesday, 503-579-3737

Mango Tango, 503-747-3961

Sushi Boat, 503-590-5675

Bombay Curry, 503-590-4442

Papa Murphy’s, 503-590-7272

Dr. Shoger, DDS, 503-579-2495

OPAL Institute, 503-308-4251

Dr. Olesberg, DMD 503-579-4400

Murrayhill Eyecare, 503-579-2020

Safeway, 503-590-9755

Walgreens, 503-579-1878

Big Frog Custom T-shirts 503-746-5756

Verizon, 503-718-7290

24 Hour Fitness, 503-579-5090

Professional Services

ABGem Lab

www.abgemlab.comAppraisals, repair, design consignment, insurance & estates, same day service.

503-524-6896 A

Agent Glenn Horton

Village on Scholls FerryAuto, home, life, renters,

health, business, boat & more! Call Glenn at

503-590-4440 C

Agent Liane Nishimura

www.lianenishimura.comAuto, home, life, renters,

health, business, boat & more! Call Liane at

503 579-3005 A


Affordable Fashion! (Sizes S-3X)

Huge jewelry selection w/ personal service just for you. 503-716-8182 D

Sports & Activities

(See ad previous page)

TAEKWONDO for all ages!Discipline, Respect, Focus 503-524-4800 B

[email protected] | (503) 590-8562

Right-SizingDone Right!


Beaverton’s Senior Cit-izens Advisory Commit-tee serves as a liaison between Beaverton’s senior community and the City.

By Cathy Leong, PT

By Marc San Soucie

Avoiding Heat Exhaustion

Ask for Help

Well, it's summertime and the weather has warmed up here

in Beaverton. The Senior Citizen's Advisory Committee (SCAC) would like to give our Seniors a few tips on how to avoid getting heatstroke.

Heat Exhaustion, or more com-monly known as heatstroke, is the combination of exposure to high

-take (like water), and overworking or exercising in hot weather. This in turn causes one to perspire and then the loss of water and electro-lytes (salt) leads to dehydration. When your temperature continues to rise from the dehydration it can result in heatstroke.

The elderly are more suscept-

very quickly to the changes in the weather. This makes it easier for them to get heatstroke, especially, if they stay out in hot weather or in a hot, non-air-conditioned living space and are not keeping properly hydrated.

Symptoms of Heatstroke: Feeling tired, confused, nervous, weak, dizzy, nausea, or faint. You may also have muscle cramps, a headache, sweating, vomiting and cold, clammy skin.

Care and Prevention: Get out of the Heat! Stay in cool surround-ings like the shade or air-condi-tioned room. Lie down with your

feet up and rest for awhile. You may also take a cool water bath. Drink lots of cool liquids like wa-ter or an electrolyte drink.

Avoid Alcoholic drinks.Exercise or work during the cooler hours of the day.Drink lots of liquids like water

Eat foods with salt such as salt-ines or pretzels.Try not to get overheated. En-gage in shorter sessions of physical activity.

light colored clothing. Protect your head & neck with a hat or umbrella when you are outdoors.Good health and summer safety

to you all,Your SCAC

As seniors age, many are faced

transitions, such as moving out of a long-time home to a retirement or assisted living residence, or ad-apting to new medical or physical constraints, or perhaps the loss of ability to drive.

There are people and organiz-ations committed to helping aging seniors get good information,

guidance, and assistance in mak--

ant that you, or anyone you know who needs help, take some time to get good information and guidance before taking big steps.

There are many options, so it pays to be careful in choosing a source of advice. Get referrals, consult several, check references, ask a lot of questions, and don’t sign anything or commit to spend-ing any money until you feel com-fortable that the sources you’ve reached understand your needs and are able to help for a fair and reas-onable cost, if any.

One good place to start is the government, such as the City of Beaverton’s Senior Services, the Oregon Department of Human Services or Washington County’s Department of Aging and Veteran Services. Similarly, information is available in most places by call-ing “211” on the phone, or visit-ing on the Internet. Volunteer organizations such as Elders in Action can also serve as

Whoever you start with, and whoever you reach, please take your time and ask a lot of ques-tions to make sure you’ve found a good match for your situation.

Page 25: Beaverton Resource Guide August

Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012) | Beaverton Resource Guide – 25Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.

Here is where we went in July:


Mounted Police Unit Tour & lunch at Newport BayRosse Posse Elk Ranch & Lunch at Lam's Chinese

Picnic Cookout at Barton Park

Shopping trip to "New to You" in McMinnvilleEvening dine-out to Hunan Pearl

Call for our August Calendar of Events

“July is gone and I didn’t do a thing... those road trips at Beaverton Lodge sure sound fun!”

12900 SW 9th Street | Beaverton, OR 97005

Visit us at

On the Road with Beaverton Lodge

experience Retirement

ReminderWeekly Trips to the Beaverton Farmer's Market (May - October)


Charlie and Shirley (pictured) along with many other Bea-

verton Lodge Retirement residents are really having fun riding the new three wheeled Bicycles that Beaverton Lodge has available for their residents. It gives them a chance to get out in the fresh

94 years young takes a ride most

a youngster in her early eighties goes along with him.

To help maintain a healthy lifestyle in our senior years, Bea-verton Lodge also has senior wa-ter aerobic classes in our heated indoor mineral saline pool sev-eral times a week, while there are stretch balance exercise classes for the non water babies. A massage therapist visits each month and we have a foot care professional and

If you have questions about our Speeder Spotlights, email Jolene at:

[email protected]

By Jolene Guptill

Fun at Beaverton Lodge

As former chair of the SCAC, Jolene Guptill has been advo-cating for Beaverton seniors for the past 11 years. She con-tinues to bring awareness to senior issues while serving on the City’s Visioning Commit-tee and the Beaverton Downtown Association Board.



503-520-091110880 SW Davies Rd, Beaverton OR 97008

Call for a complimentary Lunch and Tour.

Located in the heart of Raleigh Hills

Call for a tour & lunch today!

4815 SW Dogwood Ln, Portland, OR 97225

We believe in providing our residents withthe highest quality of life.


scheduled blood pressure checks. Of course many residents like to stroll around the tree lined walk-ing paths where you will pass by Beaverton Creek and see the many ducks, birds and wildlife that live along the creek. You will then see our raised bed gardens where the

pick and eat. If you don't grow your own veggies, we take week-ly trips to the Beaverton farmers Market where you can purchase what you like.

Our peaceful location in the heart of old town Beaverton offers

congestion, loud trucks or horns and is truly retirement living at it's very best. Call 503-227-7645 to ar-range a tour of Beaverton Lodge.

Remember to check your speed

Page 26: Beaverton Resource Guide August

26 – Beaverton Resource Guide | Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012) Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.

Join us for our monthly Family Support Group. We will discuss such topics as Demntia, Alzheimer's and communication with a family members declining health. Hosted by Julie Miller, our Marketing Director, along with a professional in the field. Third Wednesday at 7:00 pm.

www.creekside-village.com5450 SW Erickson Ave. Beaverton, OR 97005

(only a few blocks from the Elsie Stuhr Senior Center)503-643-9735We make it easy to feel right at home.

Living at Creekside feels like home.

Friendly Neighbors...It’s our culture. Between our residents and staff, everyone here at Creekside has many friends to share our beautiful home.

Peaceful Surroundings...We really are creekside, complete with rolling grounds, paved walkways, and abundant wildlife. The perfect setting to enjoy with your friends.

Resident gardners Clarence & Charlotte enjoy relaxing on the patio at Creekside.

Elsie Stuhr Center Fundraiser, Sept 7th

The Elsie Stuhr Center’s Har-vest Festival has been an an-

nual fundraiser for over 30 years. Over the years the event has mor-phed from a country fair selling homemade baked goods to a large rummage sale that includes; Wom-en’s, Men’s and Children’s cloth-ing, antique and collectible cor-ner, Home Goods ETC., Outdoor, garage and camping equipment, Farm House Café with baked goods (donated from local grocery stores) Holiday corner and much, much more!

classes cease the end of July and the entire center is transformed over the next 5 weeks into an amazing sale that would tire out the best of the best trash to treas-ure seekers. Once donations start rolling in is when the work begins. Our enthusiastic, loyal volunteers

By Jim Brooks

donations begin arriving and start the task of sorting, cleaning, pric-ing, etc. In 2010 our Harvest Fes-tival volunteers logged over 3,000 volunteer hours to our event!

We are very excited to resume our annual sale this year. With our newly remolded building we have a lot of new and exciting things

happening at this year’s event. Fri-day, September 7, we’ll be grilling bratwurst on the barbecue with all

8, our partners, Beaverton Loaves & Fishes will be providing an Old Fashioned Picnic including box lunches with Fried Chicken and trimmings and Root Beer Floats. Live music will be offered both

See page 149 of the THPRD Summer Program Guide

5550 SW Hall Blvd Beaverton, OR 97005


Friday & Saturday during lunch and both day food events are $6.

Size handmade Quilt.During the two days of the sale

we’ll be offering blue light savings at random times throughout the days of the sale. Mark your calendars and plan on attending one of Bea-verton’s Biggest and Best sales ever. Elsie Stuhr Centers Harvest Festival will take place Friday, September 7, 8:00am to 4:00pm and Saturday, Sep-tember 8, 10:00am to 2:00pm. The event is FREE and open to the public

We ask our patrons and people in the community to do a good deed for our center by way of cleaning out their closets, garages, etc. and donate gently used or new items to our sale beginning Monday, August 6, 2012. We rely solely on the generosity of our center’s patrons and businesses

in and around our community to sup-port our annual fund raising event. The generous amount of funds raised stay in our center to support our pro-grams, specialty items and a scholar-ship program for those that need help to attend our classes.

Page 27: Beaverton Resource Guide August

Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012) | Beaverton Resource Guide – 27Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.

Heitzman Body & Paint Celebrates 75 years! By Lisa Thomson

At thirteen years of age, armed with a limited tool supply

and a small shop on east Burnside in Portland, Tom Heitzman began painting and repairing cars. However, what started as a small enterprise soon became quite a large business for young Tom. In 1937, after 9 years of repairing vehicles, the young entrepreneur bought his

booming establishment remained

there for a number of years until he invested in another property in Beaverton, a bold move considering the town was primarily farmland at the time.

Luckily, his daring relocation paid off. Throughout the next

would witness immense changes, but Heitzman Body & Paint would continuously remain a central part of such a promising city.

In 1971, Tom Heitzman died of a heart attack at age 56, and his only child was given control of the company. Thirty seven years

still remains the company CEO. Barbara's daughter and son-in-law, Lisa and Rocky Thomson, also work for the company. Lisa, who

now the President. Her Husband, Rocky, started at Heitzman's in 1974 as a car detailer and is now the company's general manager.

The mission at Heitzman Body & Paint is to assist the customer, by repairing vehicles without hassles and inconvenience. This is done with the highest quality workmanship, parts, materials, customer service, and customer’s satisfaction and respect. They strive to promote a professional, healthy and safe work environment for their employees, and are committed to the community through sponsorships,

scholarships and donations to schools, youth groups and trade associations.

They feel a great responsibility to the environment, are an Eco-

17 recycling programs and always consider alternatives to better our world and mankind.

Today, a picture of Tom still

for all to see. His personal ethics, dedication to his customers and employees, strong business sense, and passion for repairing vehicles continue to shine through the business he spent his life creating. At Heitzman's, employees stand by the promise Tom Heitzman envisioned in 1937: quality repairs, inexpensive prices, safe work environment, and superior customer service.

3725 SW Cedar Hills Blvd., Beaverton, OR 97005 |

Luxury Service at affordable prices

Luxury Service FREE Estimates Rental Cars available onsite Lifetime Warranty on all workmanship

503.372.7563Oregon’s only BMW certified collision center

Car Toys

Battery Exchange

Active Water Sports

Heitzman Body & PaintProudly Celebrating 76 years!


Beaverton Auto Body & Paint Canyon Road Auto Body

Courtesy Auto Body Apex Auto Spa

Clutch & Brake Doctors

Enterprise U-haul

Beaverton Car Wash

Fresh Start


Beaverton Detailing

Exhaust Specialties & Brakes

76 Shell Arco

Texaco Chevron

Fresh Start Detail Co.

Jiffy Lube

Beaverton Machine

Beaverton Auto Machine

Carr Chevy World Beaverton Kia Carr Subaru

Beaverton Honda Beaverton Infiniti

Beaverton Radiator& Gardening, 10+ years


Kuni Collision Center (see ad below)

Luxury Services at affordable prices 503-372-7563

Canyon Auto Repair Wally & Son Auto Svc & Repair

Fix Auto Beaverton

R V Northwest


Beaverton All Transmission Service Co

Pro-Tow Retriever Towing

Pedro’s Upholstery12655 SW First Street


Beaverton Auto Upholstery

Berg Car Company Northwest Investment Cars

Carr Used

Alexis Window Tinting

If you’re an automotive business, add your name under your category for FREE! Just email: [email protected].

A:You may make the turn as long as you are not passing cars in order to make the turn. You cannot cross over the yellow lines and pass cars that are backed up in order to make the turn.

U-turns are not allowed at light con-trolled intersections unless there is signage permitting it.

If you have a traffic question for the Beaverton Police Department, email: [email protected]

With the Beaverton Police Dept.

By Mark Hyde

Page 28: Beaverton Resource Guide August

28 – Beaverton Resource Guide | Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012) Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.

Farmington Rd

Kinnaman Rd

Kinnaman Rd

Tualatin Valley Hwy


h A



h A



h A



h A



h A


h A



h A



d A



d A



h A


Oak St

Rosa Rd

Florence St

Blanton St

Alexander St

Blanton St

Shaw St


h A



d A



h A


Edward Jones Ken Rigert, CPA

Mike Sahagian, Attorney Monroe Orthodontics

Song Bird Healing Arts Thompson Family Dental

Schmidt & Yee, PC

Nevills Dentistry

Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals

Springer & Son Funeral Hone

Beaverton Towing ATB Auto Repair

Farmington Road Chiropractic

Martin Hunter, CPA

Davis Lock & Key

Suburban Ace Hardware

InternationalSchool of Beaverton

Mountain ViewMiddle School

AlohaHigh School

Farmington VillageAgape Community

Insurance Agency Albertson’s Bi-Mart Coffee Brake Cafe Dovetail Coffee Gold Eagle Classics US Bank

Aloha Market CenterAmerica’s Best Inns & SuitesCurvesFour Square Church of AlohaRiteAidSafewayWalgreen’s

Aloha MallAloha LaundromatBig LotsFarmers InsuranceFamily Dentistry

Farmington CenterAloha Animal Medical CtrClean Earth CleanersGodfather’s PizzaPeppermill RestaurantRite AidSakura TeriyakiState Farm InsuranceThriftway


7 Hills Properties

Affordable Web Technology

Aloha Animal Medical Center

Aloha Community Library Assoc.

Aloha High School

Banner Bank - Murray Scholls

Beaverton Education Foundation

Beaverton Towing, LLC

Cedar House Media

Cedar West Plaza

Community Newspaper

Cooper Mtn. Pres. Fellowship


Cruise In County Diner

Davis Lock & Safe

Edwards Center

Electronics Unlimited

Embracing Health 4 Life

Exclusively Maureen

Farmington Gardens

Farmington Road Chiropractic

Foundations 4 Your Life

Foursquare Church of Aloha

Gaucha Translations

Genesis Mediation, LLC

Godfathers Pizza

Gold Eagle Classics

Holcomb Computer Services

In Line Commercial Construction

Jan's Paperbacks

Ken Alexander Ins. Agency

Knipe Realty NW

Martin Hunter, CPA

Mike Sahagian, Attorney

Monroe Orthodontics

OR Friends of Shelter Animals

OMG! On Thank Mktg. Group

Reedville Presbyterian Church

Schmidt & Yee

Songbird Healing Arts

Source Realty

State Farm Ins. (Eric Squires)

Suburban Ace Hardware

Sun Connections Travel & Cruises

The UPS Store (Allen & Murray)

Thomas Fischer, Gen. Contractor

Time Fairy, LLC

Tualatin Valley Water District

US Bank

Washington Co.Sheriff's Office

Wayne & Anne Weld Martin

World Pay US, Inc.

Page 29: Beaverton Resource Guide August

Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012) | Beaverton Resource Guide – 29Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.

www.curvesaloha.com30-min fitness and complete

weight management for women. 20229 SW TV Hwy, Aloha

503-356-5454 C

Sakura Teriyaki

Chinese & Japanese CuisineExceptional SUSHI, Tempura, Yakisoba, Orange Chicken &

more! General Tso & lottery fun! 503-259-9922 B

Carol CartierDistributor + Artist

503.407.9757 [email protected]

AC Communi yInsurance


AgencyHelping meet needs in the

community. Auto, home, renters, Fire, motorcycles, RV’s, boats. 503-626-5790 A

Karen Bolin,Financial Advisor - You talk, we

listen... AND we get to know you. [email protected]


Promote your business!Connect to Customers

Share Resources & Leads It’s New, Local, & FREE!

Karen Bolin, Edward Jones

Paym Weaver, Time Fairy

Carol Cartier, Colors of Life

John Tyner, Attorney

Daryl Welch, Affordable Web Technology

Message from the ABA President

ABA Board Committee Chairs

Sally Fabre, Agape Community Insurance

Sonja Lindley, US Bank

Daryl Welch, Affordable Web Technology


Karen Bolin, Edward Jones

Thursday, Aug 9th, 11:30am at the Peppermill Restaurant (17455 SW Farmington Rd)

Tier 1 Membership is $60/year. Tier 2 Membership is $480/year (Includes a logo ad in the news-letter and name bolded on map). or call 503-642-7641

Mention this article & receive a $50 discount on Will or Trust preparation during the month of August.

August brings us long days and fun in the sun opportunity. Whether you drive to the Oregon Coast or Central Oregon, it is all beautiful this time

of year. Here in Aloha we have many retailers who are offering summer spe-cials and would love to help you spend your money locally. Our business association membership continues to grow and we meet monthly to network, learn something new, and share ideas with our community based partners. If you can come to our "National Night Out" event on Tuesday, August 7th, you

is doing for the people of Aloha. Join the fun if you can. It's important that we stay focused on the future and what we can create here in our community.

John J. Tyner IIIAttorney At Law347 SW Oak Street Hillsboro, OR 97123

[email protected] 503-648-5591

Aloha CPA Kenneth Rigert, PC

Income Tax Returns forsmall businesses and individuals. Estate planning & trust taxes too.


ORGANIC CLEANING$99 Special on Wedding

Dresses: Clean and Boxed! Alterations, leather and more!

503-642-2826 B

A Voice for Trees - Your Partner in Tree Care. Expert Pruning. & Tree Removal. ISA Board

Certified Master

Reser's Fine FoodPick up one of Reser's Deli Salads for your next BBQ,

picnic or potluck. Visit:

David E. Nevills, DMDServing Aloha since 1983.

(503) 649-3232 Accepting New Patients!

Funeral Home and Crematory“Your loved ones never leave

the care of our home.”


Aloha-Reedville’s FutureBe part of shaping it!

Google: alohareedville [email protected]


By Pam Yee


Schmidt & Yee, PC

Based in Aloha, Oregon, the lawyers of Schmidt & Yee,

PC consists of Michael Schmidt (Mike) and Pamela Yee (Pam) and they counsel clients in the areas of real estate law, business law, commercial collections, construc-tion contracts, estate planning, and guardianships and conservator-ships.

Mike and Pam established Schmidt & Yee in 1990. Mike has practiced law in Aloha since 1978. Pamela started as an associate at-torney in Beaverton in 1987. They

current practice.Mike handles a wide range of

legal issues with a focus on elder law issues and estate planning, including wills, trusts, probate, conservatorships, guardianships, powers of attorney, and Medicaid

-perience with elder law issues and the needs of seniors from his long-time volunteer service to senior or-ganizations.

Pam primarily practices law in the areas of real estate trans-actions, including "for sale by owner" properties, contract prepar-ation, commercial collections and

By Karen Bolin

small business LLC or corporation setup and sales, with a secondary focus on consumer law. Pam is adept at counseling clients on real estate transactions, earnest money contracts, contracts, small busi-nesses, and operation of business within applicable law, and helping consumers remain in good stand-ing with creditors.

For your convenience, the at-torneys of Schmidt & Yee, P.C., are available early morning hours and potential weekends by ap-pointment.

Breakfast, Lunch & DinnerHappy Hour Daily: 4-7pm (22 draft

beers). Huge late night menu. Open till 230am everyday.

503-642-5193 B

Membership Information:Join us for only $60/year or for $480/year you can getyour logo listing on this page.

Call 503-641-3320

Page 30: Beaverton Resource Guide August

30 – Beaverton Resource Guide | Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012) Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.

Residential/CommercialResponsive & Proactive.

Let us cure your rental head-aches! 503-597-7790

Realtor/Prop. Mgmt.Working w/buyers, sellers &

investors. Westside Specialist. Call Lisa w/The Sunset Group:


All Gutters & MoreInstallation and Cleaning

Moss removal, pressure washing, yard clean up, roof repair.

FREE estimates. 503-268-9121

AUTO-HOME-LIFE-RENTERCall me today to find out how a personal agent can help you.

Thomas Yarbrough 503-885-9293

Thank you so much for checking out the new Real Estate section of the pa-per, we are excited to be here! All Things Real Estate was created in January of 2011 and is the ONLY Newspaper to have everything Real Estate related all in one place. Convenience is key and that’s why for our Beaverton friends, we are happy to have a page in this resource guide to help homeowners find what they need, locally. So stay tuned as we grow this section of the paper in the coming months and keep an eye out for the full version of the paper available at over 400 locations throughout Portland.


3670 Sw 108Th Ave 3/1 2104 = ) = $339,900

13396 Sw Devonshire Dr M 3/2 (1668) = $299,000

13860 Sw Walker Rd M 3/3 (1892) = $289,000

13375 Sw Havencrest St M 4/2 (1420) = $259,900

Alexander Phan, 503-860-8128

11420 Sw 13Th St M 3/2 (1470) = $249,900

105 Sw Williams Dr M 3/2 (1261) = $239,000

13985 Sw Alibhai St M 4/2.1 (2600) = $229,900

65 Sw 130Th Ave M 3/1 (960) = $184,950

Address | Bdr/Bth (SF) = $


nt &


sh H








Scrabble Coasters (

From crib to desk( G


n B








By Tracy Hicks

As homeowners, we're often forced to come up with creative solutions to common everyday needs. Here are some that we thought were particularly clever.

Or do you want to be one?

Tracy Hicks is a real estate broker and publisher of All Things Real Estate. For more information or to advertise in the full Portland version of the paper, go to:

Chuck Williams503-941-5228 (office)503-803-3833 (cell)

[email protected]

Stur-D Fence Post Brackets™

Proud to have served our country!

Broken or Leaning Fence?

(See Story, Page 4)

Homes in 97005

Page 31: Beaverton Resource Guide August

Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012) | Beaverton Resource Guide – 31Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.

National Night Out, August 7th, 6-8pm

National Night Out (NNO) is the brainchild of The

National Association of Town Watch (NATW) which is a

organization that works in co-operation with thousands of crime watch groups and law en-forcement agencies throughout the country.

National Night Out, “Amer-icas Night Out Against Crime”, was in-troduced by the Association in 1984. In an effort to heighten aware-ness and strengthen participation in local anticrime efforts, the NATW felt that a

type of crime prevention event was needed nationally. The NATW recognized how popular the typical crime watch com-munities were but lamented that only 5 to 7% of the residents were participating actively. A national program was proposed and National Night Out was born.

National Night Out is designed to:

Heighten crime and drug prevention awarenessGenerate support for & participation in, local an-ti-crime programsStrengthen neighborhood spirit & police-community partnershipsSend a message to criminals letting them know that neigh-borhoods are organized and

Last year’s National Night Out campaign involved citizens, law enforcement agencies, civic groups, businesses, neighbor-hood organizations and local


munities from all 50 states, U.S. territories, Canadian cities and military bases worldwide. In all, over 37 million people par-ticipated in National Night Out 2011.

National Night Out 2012 will be held on Tuesday August

in August) at City Park at the corner of SW 5th and SW Hall.

Festivities will begin promptly at 6pm

and will run until 8pm. For the second year in a row Radio

Disney will be on hand to provide

entertainment while people munch on pizza

and ice cream and wash it down with assorted bever-

ages. Each year several public and private agencies partner with us by setting up informa-tion stations and providing per-sonnel to answer questions.

Along with the traditional display of outdoor lights and front porch vigils, cities, towns and neighborhoods celebrate NNO with a variety of events and activities such as:

Block partiesCookoutsVisits from local police and sheriff departmentsParades & ExhibitsFlashlight WalksContestsYouth programsYou and your family have

our personal invitation to attend our festivities on August 7th.

4755 SW Griffith Dr. Beaverton, OR 97005 (503) 526-2260

By Mark Hyde

By Scott Harris

Tis a universal axiom. The right inspector for your property can make all the difference, not only at the time of purchase, but in the future. Infrared thermography allows us to detect many hidden problems not visible to the naked eye. I will use all best technology and support services to analyze your property. I will bring 30+ years of engineering, construc-

The Amazing Comfry

tion and property inspection ex-perience to bear on your behalf. Check out the website for rates, report examples and a wealth of other information. My service to you does not end when I send you a report. It ends when you sell property I have inspected for you. As long as you own property I have inspected, you can call upon me as a resource to help maintain or renovate.

Grow Comfrey in a patch at the bot-tom of your garden. It grows so quick and makes an excellent fertilizer.

1. Cut the large leaves and use them as a nutrient giving mulch to help to keep down weeds.

2. Add them to your compost heap to speed up the reaction time and give you more compost, sooner.

3. Cut the leaves and add them to a bucket of water. Keep brewing until you have a brown smelly liquid (Comfrey tea). Add a cupful to your watering can and each time you water and throw the resulting mush back on to the compost heap.


Sw 167Th Ave 4/3.1 (3105) = $369,000

715 Sw 206Th Pl 3/2.1 (1355) = $350,000

17715 Sw Pheasant Ln 3/2 (1915) = $339,900

16950 Sw Kattegat Dr 3/2.1 (1643) = $245,000

20695 Sw Edgemont St 3/2.1 (1629) = $234,995

18270 Nw Sedgewick Ct 3/2.1 (1840) = $234,900

758 Sw Sosa Pl 3/2.5 (1764) = $234,500

Sharilyn Benjamin, 503-495-4865

19656 Sw Sandra Ln 4/2.1 (1955) = $225,000

3424 Sw 176Th Ave 3/2 (1414) = $190,000

1565 Sw 211Th Ave 3/2 (1374) = $189,900

Dean Sunada / 503-516-5016

19132 Sw Burkwood Ln 3/2.1 (1420) = $189,500


6750 Sw 153Rd Ave 5/2.1 (3640) = $374,950

8640 Sw Goldstone Pl 4/3 (2502) = $340,000

16140 Sw Colleen Ct 5/2.1 (3076) = $338,900

Lisa Fain, 503-679-8477

15102 Sw Garnet Ct 4/2.1 (2112) = $334,950

17563 Sw Cobb Ln 4/2.1 (2116) = $274,900

Gary Potts 503-753-6136 /

19859 Sw Deepwell Ct 4/2.1 (2020) = $250,000

16900 Sw Canby Ct 4/2 (1570) = $229,950

Steve Baucom 503-709-1279

20861 Sw Celebrity Ln 4/2.1 (1487) = $197,500


13595 Sw Packard Ln 3/2 (2476) = $379,800

7070 Sw Queen Ln 4/2.1 (2484) = $334,900

7154 Sw Hyland Way 4/3 (2200) = $309,900

Teri Massey, 503-805-8727

12700 Sw Trigger Dr 3/2 (1551) = $269,900

6375 Sw Cherryhill Dr 3/2 (2120) = $249,900

13255 Sw Cavalier Ct 3/2.1 (1428) = $215,000

Faye O'bryant, 503-706-4874

Homes in 97008

Homes in 97007

Homes in 97008

Homes in 97006

Realtors Add your listing for Free! To add your contact info:

$25 for 1st listing, $10 each additional.


Page 32: Beaverton Resource Guide August

32 – Beaverton Resource Guide | Volume 2–Issue 8 (August 2012) Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local… this is how we build a better Beaverton.

If your child went to Aloha Montessori Preschool, Ms. Jennifer would love to hear from you. Direct letters to:

Ms. Jennifer Abeyratne c/o Murrayhill Christian Church 15050 SW Weir Road Beaverton, Oregon 97007

Parisjat Umscheid is a mother of three, crossfitter, event planner & writer.

Attempts at Serious Conversations

“Maureen Wilson is an educator, Girl Scout leader, and often fraz-zled parent to three active girls. She finds motherhood to be a far more humorous and humbling ex-perience than she ever imagined.”

Maureen can be contacted at: [email protected]

by Parisjat Umscheid

by Maureen Wilson


HeroesTales of a Beaverton

PMS jokes aren't funny — period.

We're going on a class trip to the Coca-Cola factory. I hope there's a pop quiz.

I didn't like my beard at first. Then it grew on me.

Did you hear about the cross-eyed teacher who lost her job because she couldn't control her pupils?

I tried to catch some fog, but I mist.

What do you call a dinosaur with an extensive vocabulary? A the-saurus.

England has no kidney bank, but it does have a Liverpool.

I dropped out of communism class because of lousy Marx.

Velcro: what a rip off!

The earthquake in Washington obvi-ously was the government's fault.

This girl said she recognized me from the vegetarian club, but I'd never met herbivore.

Paper Towels

Banana Peel

Paper Bag


Apple Core


Cotton Glove

Orange Peels


Wool Sock

Milk Cartons

2-4 weeks

3-4 weeks

1 months

1.5 months

2 months

2 months

3 months

6 months

1-3 yrs

1-5 yrs

5 yrs

Just for Laughs

Cigarette Butts

Leather Shoes

Tinned Steel Can

Foam Plastic Cups

Rubber Soles

Plastic Containers

Aluminum Cans

Plastic Bottles

Disposable Diapers

Fishing Line

Plastic Bags

The other day as I was doing chores and half-listening to

my children, it dawned on me how quickly we accustom ourselves to the idiosyncrasies of our families:

My 3 yr-old was doing mouth-to mouth resuscitation on her swim floaties with periodic counting and side-breathing;

The 7 yr-old was eating maca-roni one noodle at a time (with chopsticks), while contorting her face into ecstatic looks of pleas-ure on the off chance a camera might roll in and begin filming;

And my 10 yr-old, lost in a rev-erie of music and literature, missed slamming into a wall by mere centimeters--only to quickly reverse, spike approach, and slap every door frame she encountered.

To someone peeping through the window, we probably look rather odd; quite honestly, though, these an-tics don’t even cross my radar any-more.

Perhaps our home could stand to look a little more focused, but

when I attempt to have a halfway-serious dinner conversation about goals or the future. When our eldest

the “Fun within Limits” lecture train about dorm life until my 3rd grader dismissed us: “Oh, don’t worry about me; I’m not going to college. Shoot, I’m not even going to mid-dle school!” Well, that’s certainly a relief.

But my preschooler reminded me that sometimes, in this crazy-hectic life, it’s okay to set the goal

a literary character who attempts to

began offering a lengthy list of her

a day). When attempting to compli-ment skills, she stared blankly for a moment and then broke out into a wide grin: “Mama, you are VE-WEE good at sitting on your bottom cheeks!” Why, thank you. Just wish I had more time to practice.

Welcome to our August Beaverton Hero

where we high-light local Res-idents and non-profits that are m a k i n g a dif-fe rence in our commu-nity. I'm especially proud to be able to share the story of Ms. Jennifer Abeyratne. “Ms. Jennifer” is the former owner and teacher at Aloha Mon-tessori Preschool located at Mur-rayhill Christian Church in Mur-rayhill.

A wonderful lady who had devoted more than 30 plus years of teaching preschoolers the Mon-tessori method of education to so many families in the Beaverton area. My personal experience with Ms. Jennifer began 6 years ago when I heard through a friend

down the street from where I live. All 3 of my kids had the opportu-nity to attend Aloha Montessori and have been blessed to have Ms. Jennifer and her teachers, Ms. Kathy and Ms. Erin, be an impor-tant part of their early education.

When Ms. Jennifer decided to retire last year (the same year as Oprah), I referred to her as the “Oprah of Montessori”. She was that good!

Wanting to learn more, I was happy when Ms. Jennifer agreed to share her story as we sat by the pond in Murrayhill.

Ms. Jennifer is originally from Sri Lanka where she was trained in the Montessori method (very popular in India and Europe at that time).

After teaching in the US for 13 years, Ms. Jennifer got the idea to open up her own Montessori pre-school where she could more ef-fectively touch the lives of chil-dren and give them the best early

eduction she could. Aloha Mon-tessori Pre-school was

born in the base-ment of Murray-

hill Christian Church.

T h e love, care and guid-ance Ms. J e n n i f e r gave all the kids

who at-tended has no

doubt left a last-ing memories with

the families who have gone through the doors of

Aloha. After 20 years, MS. Jen-nifer felt that it was time to retire and close the doors to the school. She truly loved what she did and it is that passion, love and dedication for all the kids that went through the school that makes her our Au-gust hero.

It doesn’t take the bank account -

cation of Mother Teresa to make a meaningful contribution. Ms. Jen-nifer has made a difference in the lives of so many families by instill-ing a foundation of love of learning at an early age for these children. I feel extremely blessed that my kids got their start with Ms. Jen-nifer and appreciate the kindness and love she has shown, not only to my family but to all families she touched. Thank you Ms. Jennifer!

10-12 yrs

25-40 yrs

50 yrs

50 yrs

50-80 yrs

50-80 yrs

200-500 yrs

450 yrs

550 yrs

600 yrs

200-1000 yrs