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At Prime Beauty, we offer all sort of beauty services with exceptionally high standard and hygiene level such as "No Double Dipping" in any waxing treatments, we also provide a wide range of professional skin care treatments with advanced technologies i.e. Omnilux Light Therapy, Microhydrabrasion etc. Our treatments are based on non-invasive and result driven where a range of cosmaceutical products are used to address different skin concerns in all age groups, including men and women.


  • 1. WELCOME TO PRIMEBEAUTYBEST BEAUTYSALOON IN SYDNEY AT AUSTRALIA PrimaryBeautyProvidesavarietyof individualizedFacialSydneyandBeautySalonSydneytreatmentsinSydneythatmatchyourskinSydney that match your skinconditionsandneeds,leavingyourskinlookinghealthierandyounger. VisittoGainInformation: // i b t

2. WelcometoPrimeBeauty OurskincarecentreisconvenientlylocatedintheheartofSydneysCBDunderneathMartinPlace.Thecentrehasaverypleasantandcomfortableenvironmentwithbeautifulcalmingmusicthathelpsyoutounwindfromaenvironment with beautiful calming music that helps you to unwind from a busystressfulday(evenifyoujustcomeinforaneyebrowwax).AtPrimeBeauty,weofferallContactus:y,Shop08MartinPlaceShoppingCircleSydneyNSW2000 (BelowMartinPL&CastlereaghSt) T:(02) i f @ i btOpeningHoursMondayMonday Friday9:00AM 9:00AM 7:00PMSaturday10:00AM 4:00PM 3. Beauty salon Sydney Primebeauty BeautysalonSydney Prime Beauty offers awiderange ofcustomizedBeautysalon Sydney andFacialF i l SydneyS dtreatments in Sydneythat match your skinconditions and needsneeds,leaving your skinlooking healthier andyyounger For MoregDetails our visit ourofficialsite 4. Prime Beauty offers a wide range of customized Omnilux light therapy and Spray tan Sydney, treatments in Sydney; SpraytanOmnilux is a non surgical, noninvasive and nonUV li ht thd UV light therapy. It enhanceshSydney skin natural health, rejuvenate andPrimebeauty y promote healing of any inflammation or redness, helping skin looking brighter, more youthful and radiant. 5. OmniluxLightTherapy Primebeauty Prime Beauty offers a wide range of customized Spray tan Sydney andOmnilux light therapy treatments in Sydney, we only use the puresttanning solutions to give the most natural looking colours, odour lesswithout putting yourself to the risk of any harmful chemicals or skincancer. 6. Waxing Sydney Primebeauty WaxingSydney Prime Beauty offers awiderangeofcustomizedMicrodermabrasionSydney and Waxing y ygSydney treatments inSydney, This is thelatest trend in skinexfoliation treatment,as it is non abrasiveand painless.MicrodermabrasionMi d b iexfoliates the skinwith diamond tipswhilst simultaneouslycleans the skin. 7. MicrodermabrasionSydney Primebeauty y y y PrimeBeautyoffers a wide rangeof customizedMicrodermabrasion Sydney andWaxing SydneytreatmentsinSydney, This is thelatest trend in skinexfoliationtreatment, as it isnon abrasive andpainless.Microdermabrasion exfoliates theskin with diamondtipswhilstsimultaneouslycleans the skin. 8. MenwaxingSydney Primebeauty Prime Beauty offers a wide range of customized Waxing Sydney; Menwaxing S dne and Bra ilian wax S dne treatments in S dne fora ing SydneyBrazilian a SydneySydney,both men and women with superior hygiene standard by strictlyadopting the "NO double dipping" policy. To ensure clients receive theb t result only b t quality waxes are used i S dbest lt l bestlit d in Sydney. 9. FacialSydney Primebeauty Prime Beauty offers a wide range of customized Beauty salonSydney and Facial Sydney treatments in Sydney that match yourskin conditions and needs, leaving your skin looking healthier andyounger For More Details our visit our official site ilii ffi i l i 10. BrazilianwaxSydney Primebeautyy y y Prime Beauty offers awide range ofcustomizedWaxingSydney; Men waxingSydney and B iliS d d Brazilianwax Sydney treatmentsin Sydney, for both menand womenwithsuperior hygienestandard by strictlyadoptingp gthe "NOdouble dipping" policy.To ensure clients receivethe best result only bestquality waxes are usedin Sydney. 11. Pedicure Sydney PrimebeautyPedicureSydney Prime Beauty offers awide range of customized idft i dManicure Sydney andPedicure Sydney,treatments in Sydney,y y,Hand and Nail therapy inSydney which is morethan just an ordinarymanicure.manicure This will helpto treat your hands andstrengthen your nailskeeping them lookingnice and strong. YidYourhands and nails will betreatedwithourpprofessionalAromaAlpha Hydroxy. 12. Manicure Sydney PrimebeautyManicureSydney Prime Beauty offers a widerangeofcustomizedManicure Sydney andPedicure Sydney,treatments in Sydney,Hand and Nail therapy inSydney which is more thanjust an ordinary manicure.This will help to treat yourhands and strengthen yournails keeping them lookingnice and strong. Yourhands and nails will betreated with ourprofessional Aroma AlphaHydroxy. 13. ThanksforvisitPrimeBeautyHaveaNiceDayAheadHave a Nice Day AheadShop 08 Martin PlaceShopping Circle SydneyNSW 2000SFor More Information Callus on 02 9191 9818 orvisit our official website au/