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<ul><li><p>Beauty :: Paraben Free Skin Care Products: A Wise Choice</p><p>Paraben free skin care products are a wise choice for many reasons. Read this article to find out whyparaben free skin products are a safer and better choice. First, what is a paraben?</p><p>Parabens - What Are They?</p><p>First, what is paraben? Paraben is the name that companies use to say, "synthetic preservative".What they are supposed to do is make a longer shelf life for the skin product. They are designed toinhibit mold, yeast and bacteria growth.</p><p>Parabens come in many forms and names. Some are called methylparaben, isoparaben, buytlparabenand etc. If the ingredient ends in paraben don't buy it. Why not?</p><p>Parabens are not used by responsible skin care companies. One reason is that parabens have beenfound in women with breast cancer. So parabens are under suspicion as cancer causing agents. Thesafe route is not to use them. They are primarily used as preservatives. There other effectivemethods to preserve products.</p><p>A skin care product to be called "natural" will have no synthetic ingredients in it. Parabens areimitation or synthetic. Potentially, as mentioned, they are dangerous. Be safe and please avoid them.</p></li><li><p>Do this before you buy any skin care productand/or continue using the one you now have.</p><p>1. Read the label. If it says, paraben put itdown and walk away. Be very careful in thosehigh end expensive department stores thatgive free demos. Their product may not listparabens but if it lists the word "fragrance"put it down. Parabens are often hidden in the"fragrance". Companies are not required, forsome idiotic reason, not to reveal theingredients in the fragrance.</p><p>2. Go to the website of the company you arenow using or are considering purchasingfrom. Do they reveal the productsingredients? Do they have paraben freeproducts?</p><p>3. Again look for parabens if listed. If notlisted, ask the company if parabens are in thefragrance? If they don't tell you or don'tanswer back, go elsewhere.</p><p>Buy from a company who answers yourquestions and reveals openly what theingredients are that they use. Ask them why</p><p>they use them? Are they paraben free? I know I did and found a very honest company that gave meanswers I understood. See my website for details. Also their products are not only safe but reallywork.</p><p>There is far more material present on this subject. My preference is, that you simply try out toascertain if you possibly could uncover supplementary resources which provide a special opinion onthe issues.</p><p>Paraben free products are hopefully what every company will have someday. But someday is nottoday. Consumers are getting wiser and should demand that parabens not be in their products.</p><p>Finally, parabens in your skin care products are not to your healthful benefit. Remember this whatgoes on your skin is usually absorbed by your skin into to your blood stream. Use a company that hasreal natural, safe skin care, paraben free products. I know that is what I use everyday. Thank you,for more information please visit my website. -Margaret Bell</p></li></ul>