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  1. 1. Beauty :: Hair Solutions At Hair Extensions NewcastleIf you have been looking for a complete hair package, then this is the right place. Hair extensionsNewcastle has a perfect solution for your hair needs. Whether it is human hair or fiber extension,you can get everything under one roof. One of the plus points at this place is their affordabilityfactor. Hair extensions Durham offers affordable services and is within easy reach of commonpeople. You do not have to be a celebrity to sport hair extensions. Besides this, they also offerservices for kid parties. You could make your little one look and feel like a princess by celebratingher birthday at this place. They are known for their kids pamper birthday parties.The service at this place is 100 percent professional and completely reliable. It begins with aconsultation, followed by a free tan spray. The next step is application and finally, you get a freewash and blow dry. There are different types of hair extensions Newcastle and you could choosefrom monofibre extensions, human hair extensions and Cinderella human hair extensions. We shalldiscuss each of these in detail. All these extensions can be styled like normal hair. You could also useheat for styling the hair. Hair extensions North East can be washed and treated like your naturalhair. They are totally safe and stylish. They add thickness and length to your existing hair. Here arethe different types of extensions.Types of Hair Extensions SalonMonofibre Extensions: This type of hair extensions Newcastle is the best option. It does not requirethe use of glue, wefts, chemicals, bonding agents like resins etc. Moreover, it can be removed easily.It does not require any solvents or acetones. This material is hair friendly. They do not cause anydamage to your hair or scalp. They can add great volume to your hair and override the texture ofyour existing hair by making them appear glossy.Human Hair Extensions: As the name suggests, this typeof extension is made of 100 percent human hair. This onetoo can be treated like your natural hair. It is available indifferent shapes and styles to blend with your existingstyle. You could choose wavy, straight, curly or any othertypes of locks at hair extensions Newcastle upon Tyne.These attachments will perfectly match your style. Thistype of hair is safe and goes through testing to ensurethe best quality. It has no after-effects.Apart from hair services, you can also expect other salonservices like spray tanning, teeth whitening and nailextensions. You could also hold your kids birthday partyat this place. The kids party includes makeup and glitter,foot massage in a bubbly foot spa, toenails painted, nailspainted in designs, glitter tattoo, party games, dancingcompetitions etc.
  2. 2. Hair extensions Newcastle is a perfect place for hair solutions. When looking for hair services, it isimportant to check their affordability and reliability. This service is now within the reach ofeveryone. It is no more a luxury only for the elite or celebs. Go ahead and indulge in some "me time"with these services.