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Who can succeed in wildlife photography?If you have immense love for wildlife and photography, you can combine them to make it a profession. Wildlife photography is a great profession from the perspective of financial gains as well job satisfaction.

You dont get ideal condition when you are shooting in a forest. Animals keep moving around making it difficult for a photographer to get a satisfactory shot. Besides, there are many animals that are not safe to get close to. So you need a telephoto lens (between 300 mm and 600 mm). You will also have to use motion blur.

First lesson: Get the gears right

Learn About Animals

Wildlife photography is not like shooting a Model under beauty dish lights.

Therefore a wildlife photographer must be aware of effects of different types of lights and behaviour of animals. This helps in getting a shot you are looking for. If you know how your subject reacts you can keep yourself safer.

Background is equally important as the subject of your snaps.The backdrop must be simple and should not distract the viewer.

Background is Equally Important

Focus manually

Irrespective of how advanced camera you are using, you cant be totally sure that gear will focus on the right kind of object.

By adjusting the focus manually, you can be sure that you are getting right degree of important for the right object.

You have to keep shooting constantly as things keep moving in a jungle. This will help you to capture the right moment.

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