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<p>Beauty and Hair Salons1. blow dry2. color (get/have your hair colored)3. curl (get/have your hair curled)4. cut (get/have your hair cut)5. perm (get/have your hair permed)6. shampoo7. straighten (get/have your hair straightened)8. style (get/have your hair styled)9. thin out (get/have your hair thinned out)10. trim (get/have your hair trimmed)* Example: I'd like to get my hair cut ("get" is less formal than "have") cut a little above the ears remove the split ends take a little off the top and sides trim your bangs barber beautician hairstylist / hairdresser hair salon barber shop</p> <p>II. Practice:Top</p> <p>Now, complete the sentences below with the best answer:Principio del formulario1. I just wanted to get my hair ______________, but the hair stylist took off much more than I wanted. Now, it will take months for my hair to grow it back.A. cutB. straightenedC. trimmed2. I trimmed my daughter's ___________ a little because they were hanging in her eyes.A. sidesB. bangsC. hair3. The ____________ at the place I always go does a great job at perming your hair .A. hairstylistB. barber shopC. hair salonFinal del formulario</p>