Beauty and Brains: 6 Ways to Build Your Brand and Drive Sales on Instagram

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Post on 15-Aug-2015




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<ol><li> 1. B E A U T Y A N D B R A I N S : 6 W AY S T O B U I L D Y O U R B R A N D A N D D R I V E S S A L E S O N I N S TA G R A M insta: @oraclefoxblog </li><li> 2. If you are a brand, Instagram is on the top of your priority list. </li><li> 3. insta: @madewell It is the key channel for building awareness with engaged customers .. </li><li> 4. .. and for driving sales. insta: @collagevintage </li><li> 5. To be successful, you need to combine: beauty + brains </li><li> 6. insta: @collagevintage Relax, weve got everything you need. </li><li> 7. At Dash Hudson, weve run over 500 Instagram campaigns. 1,000+ inuencers 200+ brands END TO END software </li><li> 8. Here are the 6 critical things you need to know to grow your brand on Instagram. </li><li> 9. # 1 Work with the Right Influencers insta: @louboutinworldinsta: @rima_ramainsta: @thenativefox </li><li> 10. insta: @rima_rama # 1 Influencers give your brand power by association, and get you in front of affluent and engaged audiences. Make sure you choose the right ones. insta: @thenativefox </li><li> 11. # 2 Content is King / Queen! insta: @sahara_ray </li><li> 12. Content comes first, every time, and emotion trumps distribution. Work to create beautiful content that engages and connects at a deep level with your customers. # 2 insta: @sahara_ray </li><li> 13. # 3 Use a Call to Action insta: @scarlettleithold </li><li> 14. Instagram works best when its organic, but think of ways to call your customers to action in a way that provides them with value. # 3 insta: @tuulavintageinsta: @scarlettleithold </li><li> 15. # 4 Commit to Your Campaigns insta: @martalozanop </li><li> 16. insta: @martalozanop When running influencer campaigns or promotions, dedicate the right amount of time and resources to ensure you get the reach and results you need. # 4 </li><li> 17. # 5 Leverage Content to Maximum Effect insta: @leealexandrar </li><li> 18. Once you have worked with influencers to create content, or obtained rights to UGC, you can use that content across your marketing channels, maximizing its value. # 5 insta: @leealexandrar </li><li> 19. # 6 Capture Customer Intent insta: @gamberinializee </li><li> 20. Go beyond impressions and capture the intent of your customer and turn it into ROI. # 6 insta: @gamberinializee </li><li> 21. insta: @oraclefoxblog Stay cool. You can do it. </li><li> 22. Get your free Dash Hudson trial, and learn how to convert these tips into action. Come see us -&gt; Loved by </li><li> 23. </li></ol>