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1. Beautiful Wall Decals for Girls All of them look great, so which one do you opt for? On this page, you will get to see some affordable, really beautiful wall decals primarily meant for use in a girl's room. The designs range from butterflies, to flowers, to beautiful bird designs like that of the peacock's. Some wall decals like these peacock wall decals can be used to further enhance your zone. Is your room far too dreary? Liven it up with a dash of much needed color with the help of wall decals. The beauty of wall decals is that they can bring a dull looking room to life. Coming back to wall decals for girls, here are some absolutely lovely pieces which would look great in quote wall decals a girl's room. These decorative pieces act as ornaments to your already fully furnished rooms -- they add that extra sparkle. . Moreover they are getting good reviews from customers. Looking for wall decals suitable for your girl's room? Wall decals for girls are not hard to come by, but there are so many varieties out there that the decision to opt for any one can be get quite overwhelming