beautiful skin care vs problem-solving skin care

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  • Skin Care VS Skin Careby LaDore Labs

  • Does beautiful skin matter to you?Does beautiful skin matter to you?

  • What would you prefer to have? Youthful skin or fancy shoes?Vibrant skin or designer dress? Glowing skin or sparkling diamonds?

  • What does skin care mean to you?

  • Skin Problem? Correct it!Lacking Beauty? Beautify it!Beauty VS SolutionPerfection VS CorrectionJoy VS Lack Of Suffering

  • Beautiful Skin CareVSProblem-Solving Skin Care

  • Medi-cation VS Beauti-cationMedi-cine VS Beauti-cineWill not beautifyWill not cureIntroducing:Science of Medicine VS Science of Beauty

  • "Beauti-cine" is our specialty...

    http://BeautifulSkin123.orgSolution or PERFECTION?Relief or HAPPINESS?Cure or BEAUTY?