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    March 6th-Sunset Fri March 7th– O'Kelly

    Function PHRF-2pm March 10th-BYSC

    Board March 11th-Steak Night March 12th-Fishing

    Club March 13th– Sunset Fri March 14th-Pi Party PHRF-2pm March 15th-Boating

    Extravaganza March 20th-Jean Ribaut March 21st-Jean Ribaut March 22-PHRF March 26-Master Nat March 27- Final Friday March 28 –High School Regatta March 28 River Rats March 29 Spring Series


    March – warmer weather cannot be far off now. And

    with it, busy times at BYSC. Sailing takes a turn from big boats to dinghies this month at BYSC. We start the month with the last couple of PHRF Frostbite series rac- es. Then, on the last weekend of the month, the Flag Raising ceremony in conjunction with ‘Final Friday’, hosting a major High School regatta and River Rat train- ing on Saturday, and the first of the spring small boat series races on Sunday. A busy last weekend -

    In between, there are plenty of social activities on the

    calendar in March – hope to see a bunch of you at both Steak Night and at the ‘Pi Day’ gathering as well as at each Sunset Friday.

    Speaking of River Rat training ! To repeat myself

    from last month - in my opinion there is no better way to get involved with BYSC than to volunteer for on-the- water duty during our many races/regattas. I encourage everyone to consider attending the ‘River Rat’ training session on Saturday the 28th. No prior experience required – you will be taught everything you need to know to function as a valued race committee member.

    Also to somewhat repeat myself from last month, I encourage all of you interested in your children

    and/or grandchildren attending either BYSC ‘Summer Camp’ and/or Junior Sailing of Beaufort ‘Learn to Sail’ sessions, to act soon. Registrations for both programs are now open - initially to BYSC members only - but they will soon be opened up to non-members as well. Again, I will point out that the two are distinct and separate programs with different staffs, agendas, and goals – if you are not familiar with the differences between these two programs and/or need clarification, I suggest you contact Milledge or Dylan in the office, or contact me. But most importantly, if you are interested in either program I urge you to not hesi- tate now that the registrations have opened. Both programs have become hugely popular over the past few years and many of the sessions of each fill up quickly.

    It is your club, come enjoy it. Chuck Rushing Commodore

    Welcome Aboard New Members

    Josh and Ashley Gruber, James and Sandra Atkins, and Robert and Frances Kuzinski!

  • Hey YA’ll,

    Summer is just around the corner and we are

    gearing up for it. Summer Camp Registration is

    open to Members only for the month of March,

    and on Friday the 27th we will be having our an-

    nual Easter Egg hunt at 6:30 PM. Dylan will be on

    hand for anyone who needs help with registration

    at that time as well, or swing by if you have any

    questions. March 14th is the Pi Party and the Jean

    Ribaut Cup is this month as well. March 31st is

    the deadline for annual dues unless you are on a

    payment plan so come on by and see me if you

    have not taken care of that yet. On Sunday March

    8th there will be a volunteer afternoon to clean up

    the club and get things looking good for the sea-

    son. We will be working from 1-4 PM so come out

    and lend a hand!

    Milledge Hopkins Webb

  • Call for River Rats!

    Training for new River Rats begins at 12:30 PM Saturday, March 28

    Experienced Rats and PROs should come to dock at 3 PM BYSC is looking for new River Rats! These specially trained club members manage our club races and regattas.

    Wearing their trademark yellow t-shirts, they set the race course, start the races, record the finishes, help capsized

    sailors, manage the marks and keep the competition running smoothly.

    This year's training will outline signal boat, mark boat and safety boat duties, answer your questions and get you

    scheduled to start working on the water! At about 3 PM, we will go down to the dock for an on-water session to

    bring it all together.

    Training continues during our Spring Series races - first race day is Sunday, March 29, and racing continues

    throughout April and May. On-water roles include PRO (Principal Race Officer), signal boat crew members (timer,

    flagman, line spotter and recorder) and mark/safety boat skippers and crew.

    Our goal is to have the best race management team in SAYRA (the Southeast Yacht Racing Association), with

    enough members so we always have a full roster and no one has to work too often. And we're doing it! The River

    Rats get big kudos every year at our Lowcountry Regatta and at the regional and national regattas we are invited to

    host at our club.

    Bring your calendar and your t-shirt size. See you on Saturday, March 28th, at 12:30 pm!

    Questions? Call John or Marge Barber, 525-1316 or 575-8998

    Top 10 reasons to become a BYSC River Rat:

    #10. It’s great exercise.

    #9. You’ll be part of a team with a mission.

    #8. You can add new skills to your resume.

    #7. You’ll have a great view of the racing.

    #6. You’ll be a part of exciting river rescues.

    #5. You can earn your 20 volunteer hours in style.

    #4. Racers, you also get credit for your average of sailed races.

    #3. You get a free, trademark, nifty yellow t-shirt.

    #2. You can share sea stories (and refreshments) after the races.

    And most of all: #1. A day on the water beats all other options!

  • March 11–Steak Night All filet mignons steaks served grilled to your

    perfection over a charcoal flame! Hand tossed salad with all the fixing's. Piping hot baked potato with real butter, sour

    cream and chives. Crusty rolls. Dessert Wed , March 11th Cooking from 6:00-7:30pm / $18.00 PP Limited number of tickets available RSVP’s a MUST! Sign up online at


  • 3.14.15 9:26:53 @BYSC

    Not just an ordinary day but an ePIc Day! The kind that comes once a century…..

    Come bring something Pi(e) of your choice and Join in the Celebration

    Pizza, Pecan, Pineapple, Moon, Cutie, Chicken Pot, Sweetie………. BYSC/Sat March 14/ Approximately 6:18:29- 9:26:53 PM Very informal and of course, irrational Come to the Dork Side...

  • There have been a number of comments from BYSC members that they were inter-

    ested in learning how to sail. Junior Sailing of Beaufort, Inc. puts on the popular Learn

    to Sail program in June for juniors but there has not been a major organized program

    for teaching adults.

    We are exploring the idea of putting together a sailing instruction program at BYSC

    that would occur in the spring and fall but first we need some idea of the level of inter-

    est. If you think that you would be interested please reply to this e-mail and let me

    know your interest and the general level of sailing experience.

    The initial idea is to have a USS certified instructor teach beginning sailing in club

    Sunfish. It seems that 12-16 hours of indoctrination and training would be suitable for

    folks to feel confident in sailing a small boat in the Beaufort River. The 12-16 hours

    would probably be over a four day period, such as: 2 hrs on a Thurs. and Fri. night for

    on-shore indoctrination and parts of Sat. and Sun. for on-the-water training. There

    would be a cost but it has not been determined yet and is somewhat dependent on the

    level of interest.

    A quick response would be appreciated.

    Thank you and Happy New Year.

    Frank Pontious

    You have probably received your BYSC dues statement by now. But, did you notice the box at the bot-

    tom of the page that explains how you can renew your membership in US Sailing (USS), or join, through

    the BYSC link. You receive a discount on your USS dues as well as providing a

    credit to BYSC.

    Go to This will link you up directly with USS, bypassing the BYSC

    office but crediting the club for a membership.



    The 60th Beaufort Water Festival Sailing

    Regatta hosted by BYSC is May 30-31.

    Look for NOR and registration infor-

    mation coming soon to the Beaufort Wa-

    ter Festival website and to the BYSC

    website. Anticipated classes include

    PHRF fleet, MC Scows, JY-15s, Lasers,

    Sunfish and Optimist.

    Come and enjoy the fun.

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