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  • Beaufort Yacht & Sailing Club. . .


    Nov 4th First Friday 6pm Nov 11th, 18th, 25th Sunset Fridays 6pm Nov 12th Change of Watch Party and Social Nov 18th & 19th Club Work Days 9am Dec 9th, 16th, 30th Sunset Friday Dec 3rd Leukemia Cup High School Regatta Dec 9th & 10th Club Work Days 9am Dec 11th BYSC Christmas Party 4pm-7:30pm Dec 20th Kids Kareoke Party 4pm-6pm 1st New Years Day Junior Sailing of Beaufort Oyster Roast Fundraiser Jan 19 Auxillary Meeting



    November 2011 From the Commodore Since not everyone was able to make it to the annual

    meeting last week, I want to share some of this year’s highlights with you. Overall, the club is in excellent shape – our facilities and grounds are being maintained well, our membership is growing, we are in solid finan- cial position, and our members are using the club more now than at any time I can remember. Here’s a snippet from the reports presented at the meeting:

    · Finances – We are on track to beat the budget and show a modest profit, and year-end results will be available in early 2012.

    · Dues & Assessments- The $200 assessment has ended, but dues have in- creased by $200. The Volunteer Program will continue, meaning your net burden will be the same.

    · Membership - We have had 33 new members join so far this year and in- creased our overall membership to almost 300.

    · Sailing – Our regattas continue to be well-attended and get rave reviews from visiting sailors (see the attached summary from the MC Masters Regatta), largely as the result of the tremendous effort of the River Rats and volun- teers. The scenery doesn’t hurt either.

    · Building and Grounds – The club received a permit to build a new “North Dock,” but has no plans to build it at this time.

    · Social – A number of new events were added to the calendar, including the much-lauded Back to School Family Olympics, and this trend will continue in 2012.

    · Junior Sailing – We once again won the SAYRA Youth Challenge, beating out 5 other clubs for the 3rd year in a row.

    · Summer Camp – We revamped the camp program based on feedback from par- ents, and the response was outstanding.

    · Tennis – The tennis program continues to grow and the lights are being up- graded so that play can continue this fall and winter.

    Thanks to all the members and our staff for making 2011 another terrific year. I

    hope to see all of you at the Change of Watch Oyster Roast on the 12th to celebrate! Tripp Presnell 2011 BYSC Commodore

    Please welcome new BYSC members Keith Wandry Andy & Catherine Lyons Paul & Patricia Collins


  • BYSC “Work Days” are scheduled for 9am on Nov. 18 & 19 and December 9 & 10. Projects include, spreading mulch,

    cutting brush, and other outside chores.

    Tennis Lessons and Clinics with Greg Crosby The current series of youth clinics have been well attended.

    Private one-on-one lessons are $40/hour One-hour semi-private (2 people) $25/person

    One-hour group lessons (3+ people) $15/person You can email or call Greg at or 263-6582

  • John Potter Wins 2011 MC Masters Nationals  By Eric Hood 

        Going into the last day of racing we had two days of ties going on between local Laser Ace and new class member John Potter going  up against Charleston hot shot Tommy Harken.   Another great regional sailor who loved the home cookin’ on and off the water  this weekend was Bill Rembold from Charleston who seemingly had his own regatta going on for third place with New York sailor  and MC class officer Bob Cole.  Then there were the rest of us who had some serious math lessons given to us on hydro‐dynamics  and currents.          

             The sailing was great though and no complaints about what Mother Nature had for us all weekend.  On occasion you sail at venues 

    that simply put are very challenging and this was one of those.  Serious physical workout on day two with the big winds but it was  fun with the big speeds and short‐tacking up to the beach edges on that day.  The final day we had a great light‐medium wind out  of the WNW and we sailed  in front of the club  instead of down river three miles.   Everyone was pumped up this one.   Sun, nice  breeze and a long 4&1/2 course. 

            The  start happens  and quickly  John Potter weaved his way out of  the  confusing  start of  current  to wind direction  and Tommy 

    Harken got trapped.   Did I already tell about the rest of us J, well we were all still doing our math  lessons from the days before.   John went on to win this race.  Tommy fought back from being down and trapped at the start behind some other boats over the  line to finish 7th.  I tell you who had a great race was Richard Blake who finished second in this race.  Jeff Grinnan had a rock solid  3rd this race which moved him up in the standings and Bill Rembold and Bob Cole went at it hard though with Bill coming out on  top for 4th place in this race and Bob finishing 6th.       

           So final results are as follows and they are posted in full at      John Potter – Beaufort YSC – 8pts (3 race wins)      Tommy Harken –Carolina Y.C., Charleston –14 pts. (2 race wins and Top Grand Master)       Bill Rembold – Charleston Yacht Club – 25 pts.      Bob Cole – Keuka YC , NY – 27 pts.      Jeff Grinnan – Rush Creek Yacht Club, TX – 38 pts      Byron Beasley – Clear Lake YC, Iowa – 40 pts      Tim Fredman – Pine Lake, WI – 41 pts      Eric Hood – Lake Eustis, FL – 43 pts      Jeff Annis – Augusta SC – 49      Bob Miller – Diamond Lake, MI – 61 pts (Top Mega Master)      Guy McSweeney – TOP OLD SALT 

      THE REGATTA TEAM      The volunteer network far surpasses anything I have seen in years.  Frank Pontious had led an incredible network of volunteers all 

    season long getting ready for this event.   All the volunteers wore color‐coded shirts for every level of volunteering they had from  launching, to meals, to medical and more.  If you need help organizing a great MC regatta lean into Frank for what they did to make this  year's Masters Nationals so much fun for the competitors. 

    When I checked into registration I was handed something like what you would see at a World Championship.  It was a complete “log  book” for each competitor with everything totally detailed for all the racing, currents, tides, restaurants, parties, sites to see and more.   Very well done for sure.   The network of volunteers include water boats, medic boats, huge spectator boats, tons of rescue and mark  boats.  All well identified with a cool flag system.   

    The second really cool highlight from this event was a party held at Guy McSweeny’s house on Spanish Point.  Guy along with his  wife hosted a great party that included a full Harvest moon rise over the ICW looking to the east.  Some folks think Guy arranged for  the fly‐over as we had some very low jets going into Parris Island and Guy flew F80s in Korea.  Lots of pilots at this regatta.  Navy tail‐ hooker Mike Keenan and Phil Ecklund who flew AT33s in Korea and also still holds the fastest Pacific crossing record as pilot of a 747.   There are several other pilots here.  Seeing all those guys get together was cool. Friday nights Oyster Roast and Pig Pickin’ was a special  feature for us also.   

      REGATTA PHOTOS – follow the link below for all the photos you want of the event from the Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club    In closing I just want to say again it was one of the most organized events I have been to in a long, long time.  Worthy of nomination 

    to U.S. Sailing for the “St. Petersburg Trophy” to clubs who run outstanding events.  Feel free to nominate folks!  Also just a closing note.  This event was dedicated to Rich Williams who recently passed away at the end of a day of MC sailing.  Rich 

    was a key part of this MC team from Beaufort YSC who hosted the regatta.  He was a dear friend to many.  It seems fitting that our new  Champ John Potter sailed Rich William’s MC Scow to win this championship.

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