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Beat the Competition with the Right Tools Monitored By: With Special Guests:

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This presentation is from Affiliate Summit East 2014 (August 10-12, 2014 New York City). Session Description: How merchants can provide affiliates with the same competitive intelligence smarts that top marketers deploy on paid / organic search and display ads, plus the impact of PLA’s on affiliate page rank.


  • Beat the Competition with the Right Tools Monitored By: With Special Guests:
  • Introductions
  • & The Search Monitor Greg Shepard CEO, AffiliateTraction the largest Affiliate Marketing Agency in the world Lori Weiman CEO, The Search Monitor Monitors Paid & Organic Search, Worldwide Reports on rank, copy, market share, and compliance with TMs & affiliate programs Max Teitelbaum COO, WhatRunsWhereMonitors Display Advertising, WorldwideReports on reach, ad content, & networks Meet the Vendors
  • Affiliates Are Competitive Look at the Stats
  • & The Search Monitor Earlier this year, Forrester estimated the affiliate marketing industry would grow to $4.5 billion by 2016 The Presents of Affiliate Marketing Compiled by: The Search Monitor Sources: Shoppertrak, Adobe, IRM
  • & The Search Monitor General Stats from Black Friday $12.5 billion $2.29 billion 40% Total brick & mortar sales on Thanksgiving & Black Friday up 2.3% from 2012 Total online sales on Cyber Monday up 16% from 2012 Percentage of retail web traffic from mobile devices up 34% from 2012 Compiled by: The Search Monitor Sources: Shoppertrak, Adobe, IBM
  • Consumers that shop via affiliate links spend an average of $7 more than the average shopper Online shopping through affiliate referrals are 43% more likely to convert than average Merchants on average see 23% of total online sales coming from the affiliate channel. & The Search Monitor Affiliate Marketing WHY SO COMPETITIVE?
  • & The Search & The Search Monitor Top Affiliate Marketing Niches Presence Continued Health & Wellness Diet Education Auto Insurance Online Gaming Dating
  • & The Search Monitor Affiliate Reach on Search Engines TOP FIVE VERTICALS 10% 7% 7.3%7.4% 7.5% Apparel Home & Garden Hobbies & Leisure Sports & Fitness Beauty ScaleModels15% Perfume11% Footwear24% Percent of advertisers that are affiliates Source: The Search Monitor
  • & The Search Monitor Affiliate Adherence MERCHANT RULES ON PAID SEARCH 34% 38% 10% 18% LOW MEDIUM HIGH EXTREME complies TM bids direct links direct links + TM bids 72% COMPLY Source: The Search Monitor
  • Case Studies Competitive Intelligence Makes a Difference
  • & The Search Monitor Walmart vs. Target PPC Spending Who had the better strategy? Walmart who front loaded PPC, then relied on organic? Target who conversed budget, then pushed hard? What happened to target in September? Mistake or intentional after big spending for back to school? Market Visibility August September October November December Walmart Target Source: The Search Monitor
  • & The Search Monitor Super Affiliate Strategy OWN THE PAGE. CONTROL THE MARKET Affiliates Merchant Maintains Top Rank Achieved Using Rank Rules Monitoring Merchant
  • Understanding Affiliate Marketings Competitive Landscape
  • & The Search Monitor Are affiliates & merchants working cohesively? Page rank, messaging, PLA vs. PPC What are competitors affiliates doing that is working well for them? Ad copy - Offers/Promos, You vs. Them comparisons Who is beating you on your own best keyword terms? Impression share and page rank on TMs and top kwds How do I avoid channel conflict across affiliates and between my SEM/SEO team? Exclusive offer codes, Direct Linking How do I manage my reputation on paid search? Expired offers, offer wording, landing page copy Top Five Competitive Questions SEARCH
  • & The Search Monitor Who am I competing with on the display networks for my target niche? What are my competitors top performing display ads? What ad networks are my competitors using? Where are my competitors placing their ads? How can I make my display ads more click-worthy than my competitors? Top Five Competitive Questions DISPLAY
  • How Affiliate Marketers are Using Search & Display Advertising to Boost the Sales of Merchants
  • Fairly simple method to learn Plenty of sources to gain data and market research Many affiliates have found great success using display advertising & The Search Monitor Affiliate Marketers DISPLAY ADVERTISING These are display ads
  • & The Search Monitor Gain Inspiration From Top Ads In Your Vertical Leverage competitive data to boost your own advertising strategy. Pay attention to: Creative (use of colors, images, borders, etc.) Ad Copy Call-to-action (CTA) (Example: view thousands of banners from travel competitors using our display tool.)
  • & The Search Monitor Discover profitable traffic sources from your competitors: Where is your competition running their ads? What Ad Networks are they using? Are they taking advantage of media buys to drive traffic? TIP: Dont just track competitors, but also track advertisers with a similar target niche. Leverage Competitive Insights & Data DISPLAY ADVERTISING
  • & The Search Monitor Top Traffic Sources For Ad Placement DISPLAY ADVERTISING They have been using these traffic sources for over a year! Their main focus is on media buys and Adwords.
  • Same image tested 3 ways with various ad copy and CTA. & The Search Monitor Split-test, Optimize & Repeat! DISPLAY ADVERTISING
  • Same ad copy and CTA, different layout and images. & The Search Monitor Split-test, Optimize & Repeat! DISPLAY ADVERTISING
  • Tips for Competitive Advantage in Paid Search
  • & The Search Monitor 38% Free Shipping 34% 12% 7% 6% Sale Free Shipping with Minimum Free Product Free Shipping and Discount Popular Offers BLACK FRIDAY TIP: Monitor competitive offers. Ask merchants for compelling, unique promos Source: The Search Monitor
  • & The Search Monitor Product Listing Ads Jackets 78% Jeans 78% Gift Baskets 55% Camping Gear 83% Smart Phone 71% Sunglasses 85% TIP: Merchant own PLA. Affiliate own PPC. Source: The Search Monitor
  • & The Search Monitor Ad Extensions BE UNIQUE Percentage of ads displaying a phone number 0.11% TIP: Be unique. Dont forget phone numbers and other ad extensions. Source: The Search Monitor