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  • 1. The Beasts of Texas
  • 2. A frequent visitor to our garden
  • 3. And this one too
  • 4. These actually come to the house. But not for long!
  • 5. The symol of Texas the Texas longhorn cow. Can be spotted anywhere in the countryside.
  • 6. Very unlike Texan a miniture!!!
  • 7. The dolphins dontcare about old drilling rigs or banana boats in the harbour of Galveston.
  • 8. An alpaca in need of a dentist.
  • 9. One unlucky crawfish boiled...
  • 10. And one lucky one, who managed to escape the boiling pot and later was granted freedom.
  • 11. How about these? Actually, this one is from the Houston Zoo.
  • 12. Here we go again the Texas Longhorn. With a little cowboy on top.
  • 13. Who the heck just woke me up?
  • 14. Guess what function bunnies have in an alligator park?
  • 15. This is the best beast of all!!! Hero comes to our garden though a hole in the fence from our neighbours.
  • 16. Sliiik...
  • 17. But the biggest beast is my hubby (Texan expression for husband)