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<p>BE YOUR OWN BOSS! EARN WITH ROYALE BUSINESS CLUB!</p> <p>WHAT IS</p> <p>RoyalBusiness Club International, Inc. (RBCII)A Filipino-owned corporation established &amp; incorporated in the year 2006 in Quezon City, Philippines, with SEC # CS200600131 by a team of industry leaders with expertise in the fields of finance and marketing Its main objective is to create a group or club of success driven independent distributors and enable them to become world class entrepreneurs by the progressive implementation of a dynamic, innovative and sustainable system of marketing. Royal gained the accreditation of the Worlds Independent Arbiter on Branding, the Superbrands. It was founded by advertising executive Marcel Knobil in London in 1994. Its membership programmes pay tribute to the world's leading brands, the brands that perform above and beyond other brands within their respective markets as selected by experts and consumers. Superbrands has launched its programs in many key global markets and has publications in over 80 countries. OUR COMPANY IS NOW 5 YEARS STRONG,LAST MAY WE WERE FEATURED IN THE PHIL STAR NEWSPAPER</p> <p>LEGITIMACY:</p> <p>OUR PRODUCTS:</p> <p>Why Health, Wellness &amp; Beauty Products?</p> <p>How to earn? 6ways</p> <p>To fully understand Royale Way! Attend our Royale Business Presentation (RBP) at our office. Contact me: Joanna Santos 09159933376 Proud to be ROYALE! Testimonies:&gt;Royale Business Club is a very stable company. Regarding the multilevel side that you're worried about, you have the right not to do it, there are other ways you could earn from Royale. I strongly suggest, visit and know Royale Business Club first, before saying yes or no. It won't hurt paying a visit and finding faults or excellence. At least, you will be well informed and be aware of what they offer and what other Multilevel marketing has to offer. With regards to multilevel marketing issue, Do some research on it. Try user friendly book of Josiah Go 'Network Marketing', or Why we Want you to Be Rich by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki. When I was in college, I have attended MLM but my mind is not opened really to this kind of industry, until i doubted my doubts(pinagdudahan ko ang duda ko). I started reading business books and have done researches. Now I'm happy because I don't have to go back to London for employment, I am an entrepreneur now and I'm very much proud to be Royale .</p> <p>&gt;Yes Royale is a MLM... for d info lng kc ung iba pag cnb ng networking nasa isip na agad nila is pyramid schemes. Let me correct u guys, pyramid schemes do not sell any tangible products. True MLM's (multi-level marketing) carry tangible products that are worth your investment. Candidly, the rule of thumb is 200% return on investment (ROI) on your first payment. Let say you invest Php2000 and they give you Php3000 worth of products or benefits -- on the spot. We have a diff ways to earn much more aside from direct selling . Anyway if ur going into network marketing or networking, u must check if the products are manufactured by the company or simply distributed. When the products are simply distributed, there's</p> <p>a danger that stocks will run out without a definite replenishment date. When this happens, the network becomes disgruntled as they are the end consumers anyway. The network then dies a natural end. I suggest that if ur going into this business just give ur self atleast 1yr to prove kc ung iba mainipin, im sure pag natanggap nyo na 1st payment nio u can say na "ah oo totoo nga". cyempre sa umpisa maliit pa yan, maging positive lng kau &amp; determinado maggng successful din kau... &gt;"I used to suffer from high cholesterol, severe back and chest pains. I was under medication for several months but it did not help much. When I joined Royale sometime in May, 2009 and immediately started selling the products for additional income. I was amazed when I saw the immediate effect of L-gluta Power on one of my office mates so i started taking it as well. A few months of taking L-Gluta Power, coupled with Grapeseed capsule my cholesterol level started to go down, as well as my back and chest pains. To top it all, I lost a lot of weight. People around me began noticing the many changes in me and now I find it easy to sell the products. Sumeksi na ako, kumita pa ako." - Lirio Lomarada, 32, Purchasing Officer"After the birth of my third child in 2005, my uterus and right ovary had to be removed due to fibroids and cervical complications. The operation caused an early menopause (I was 35 years old at the time) and a lot of restrictions in my previously active lifestyle. I was distressed and I had mood swings which turned later on to full blown depression. I had other problems; Acute Labyrinthitis; anemia and I gained so much weight. My doctors prescribed hormone replacement which I wtas supposed to take until I am 50 years old. But it did not help; I was still miserable. In August, 2009, I started taking L-Gluta Power and Royale Grapeseed. I tried it because I wanted to look good in my daughters debut party. I did not realize that my entire life will change; no more hot flushes, no more extreme mood swings, the constant tiredness was gone. Instead, I have an overall feeling of well being. To top it all, I have a fairer skin and I shed the unwanted pounds. January this year, I stopped taking my hormone replacement therapy medicines, and instead added Royale C to the supplements that I take. I am glad I gave Royale a try; it has brought wonders to my life! Not only am I looking and feeling good but I am also earning very well with my Royale business." - Shelymar F. Aurigue, 41, Insurance Specialist</p> <p>Review: Royale Business Club as a Business Opportunity Royale Business has over 6 ways to earn if you become a member. To give you a basic idea, these are through direct selling, uni-level, franchising, becoming a mobile stockist, leveraging</p> <p>(e.g. team match sales bonus) and incentives(e.g. profit sharing program). To get more details, you can go to any of their branches near you, go to their official website or contact any Royale Business Club Int'l member you know. Royale is a very awesome opportunity but you need to start getting distributors under you to profit from it, and this is where 97% of network marketers fail - they run out of leads and people to talk to to kickstart their business. So to answer the question whether Royale is legit or a scam - it is 100% NOT A SCAM. It is mostly the people who fail miserably in the business who claim this company is a joke that only steal away people's money. How to Build Your Downlines If you are a member, there is a better way for you to market your network marketing business that does not involve chasing people/prospects. It's called attraction marketing. Promoting your MLM business comes down to how, who and where you're marketing to...To give you a clearer picture, people don't join the business, they join you. You have to understand that network marketing is a business of building relationships and the best way to build trust with your prospects and downlines is to become a person of value, someone people will look up to. In short, you have to become a leader. If you don't have a leader mentality, you have to re-think about getting into network marketing.</p> <p>Article Source:</p> <p>I'm proud to be a club member of the Royale Business Club, and i must say, from Sir Yuri's input, we are among the Product-Driven Companies, because even if you don't apply the networking part of the business, you will still be able to generate income from (1) the repeat sales/direct selling of inhouse products, (2) through the franchise options (food/non-food) given to each club member, and (3) through the points you gain from each purchase you make (just like with the SM Advantage Card points-earning system). We are not rattled that should that time come that the administration decides to stop entertaining memberships, we will still be able to generate income through these different avenues i've mentioned. Also, more than the monetary benefits we get from these, i really appreciate all the trainings they provide in developing entrepreneurs. As i read R. Kiyosaki's Cashflow Quadrant, he talks about network marketing as one "quick" way to get to the right quadrant from the left -- he stressed on the "education" that the organization could offer, and the organization that is "committed to developing you as a human being, more than developing you into a salesperson." These qualities, i see each time i learn more about this business i just signed in with. And as for the quality of the products we sell, i become more confident because despite BFAD's campaign to recall and even ban different [glutathione] products out in the market, our sales are never disrupted because we are always among the few that pass</p> <p>those that set the standards --from BFAD to Halal, to PIPAC -- right from the start. So i hope we'll look past the figures of the cheques our uplines have received, lahat naman sila nagtrabaho for that. This is actually how we look at it: kung malaki ang paycheck nila, that means marami silang natulungang tao na magkaroon ng sariling negosyo, so it's now up to the new sign-ups to earn through any of the said means of succeeding with Royale. There are actually "18 means," as I quote our VP for Training, Mr. Mar Mappala, during our Royale Members' Orientation. ...Royale Business Club, in any way, is a legal networking company, (endorsed by DOLE as the Official Micro Franchise Service Provider of NRCO (Nat'l Reintegration Center for OFWs). NOT another pyramiding scam that would only thrive on recruits. Choice mo na yun kung gusto mo maggenerate ng income through the networking option or not... it doesn't hurt anyway to share the business with others and they're just giving your rightful commission, whether may pair ka or wala. i hope i helped give enlightenment po all the best, every one, and God bless! Fritzie Gumiran</p>