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Rick Hansen Secondary School. BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE Rick Hansen. WELCOME. Patricia Whyte Principal Julie De Maeyer Vice Principal (A-Ha) Tyler McLeod Vice Principal ( Hb -N) Crissa Hill Vice Principal (O-Z) Barbara Crease Head of Counselling. WELCOME. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Rick Hansen Secondary School</p> <p>BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE Rick HansenRick Hansen Secondary School1WELCOMEPatricia WhytePrincipalJulie De MaeyerVice Principal (A-Ha)Tyler McLeodVice Principal (Hb-N)Crissa HillVice Principal (O-Z)Barbara CreaseHead of Counselling</p> <p>2ADMINISTRATIONWELCOMEThank you for turning off your cell phones</p> <p>3ADMINISTRATIONThis Evening's Open House &amp; Information SessionsCurricular tours at beginning and end of eveningPresentation: 6:45-7:15 PMOpportunity to get information on compulsory and optional credits throughout the schoolOpportunity to become familiar with the building4ADMINISTRATIONPlease see the purple program compulsory subjects and optional subjects are listed on page two- Specific locations for optional programs are listed on page oneRick Hansens MissionThe mission of our school is to prepare all the learners in our building to be thinking, caring, flexible individuals who can meet the challenges of the 21st Century.</p> <p>ADMINISTRATION5Rick Hansen Secondary School STORM6ADMINISTRATIONSchool philosophy based on a key set of 5 values that make up the STORM way. We talk to our students all the time about these 5 values and what they do to demonstrate an understanding of these valuesAs our parent partners, want to make sure you as well understand the STORM way.</p> <p>STEWARDSHIPEvery individual in the school works to create, protect and nourish the culture and energy in the building</p> <p>7ADMINISTRATIONStewardship really is all about us being in this together.We want students to develop a sense of community both within the school and outside in the neighbourhoodWe want them to be persons of character: Caring, Cooperative, Honest, Respectful, Inclusive, and ResponsibleWe believe that a positive school culture is created and maintained when we work together to ensure a positive energy in our school TECHNOLOGYLearning happens any place, and at any time</p> <p>We embrace the use of 21st century tools</p> <p>8ADMINISTRATIONPart of our schools mission is to create an environment which embraces 21st century skills. We encourage the use of technology to support 21st century learning environments in which learning can happen any place at any timeTeachers are engaged in flipped class instructions, use web 2.0 tools, and encourage students to use technology for learning purposesOPPORTUNITYStudents need to develop socially, emotionally, and academically</p> <p>We believe everyone is important. We think all students should be involved</p> <p>9ADMINISTRATIONAt Rick Hansen, education isnt just about academics.We want to ensure that a when students leave here, they are well-rounded, fully contributing members of our community.As such, we want students to take advantage of a diverse array of opportunities within the school.There are teams, and clubs, workshops and conferences, and volunteer and leadership development opportunities to suit the interests of all students.We would encourage all students to get involved in the life of the school beyond the classroom so that their experience here is as enriching as possible.It is not the speed toward the goal, but the directionforward.</p> <p>RESPONSIVENESSLife is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to itWe are all responsible for what we say and do</p> <p>10ADMINISTRATIONOur students today live in the fastest changing social environment of all time. In order to succeed they need to learn to respond positively to the changing environment and other people around them.We want our students to respond to injustice, to think before they act, but most of all that together we achieve more. Ultimately, our students must understand, they are responsible what they do and what they say and that what they do and say matters</p> <p>METACURRICULUMStudents use inquiry as a means to understanding how they learn best</p> <p>Focus on critical thinking</p> <p>11ADMINISTRATIONThe most successful students understand not only what subjects are their strength, but also how they learn.At Rick Hansen there is a focus on helping students understand their strengths as learners but also how to develop in their other areas.Students become aware of their own learning styles and preferences, and develop the ability to think critically and independently about a wide variety of subjects.Our School1735 students currently8:30 AM 3:05 PM; five 75 minute periods (lunches are 3rd or 4th)Semestered grade 9 to 12Full Ontario curriculum for diplomaExtensive technology programPreparation for Workplace / ApprenticeshipCollegeUniversity12ADMINISTRATIONOur StaffCaring, enthusiastic and supportiveCommitted to high expectationsConnected to their professional communitiesPossess a growth mindset </p> <p>13ADMINISTRATIONOur Students3 elementary schools feed into RHSSAccepting, safe &amp; supportiveCreative risk takersFocussed"it's OK to like school"</p> <p>14ADMINISTRATIONHazel, Fairwind, FallingbrookCashlessSchoolsAn electronic payment option for parentsCashlessSchools offers parents an easy to use account with 24/7 access, email alerts, and student fee, cafeteria and purchase history reportingManage funds for meals swipe of the student card</p> <p>ADMINISTRATIONInformation specific to Cashless is distributed with the summer newsletter that will come home to all families. 15 The Course Selection ProcessDiploma RequirementsTypes of CoursesSubmission of Option Sheets</p> <p>16COUNSELLORDiploma Requirements - 30 Credits</p> <p>18 Compulsory Credits Every student must pass all 18 courses outlined by the Ministry of Education</p> <p>12 Elective CreditsStudents can choose which elective courses they want to complete over their 4+ years </p> <p>17COUNSELLOROther Diploma Requirements40 Hours of Community Service Activities</p> <p>Successful completion of the Provincial Literacy Test (written in Grade 10)</p> <p>18COUNSELLORElective credits- chosen from any coursesCommunity involvement- present documentation to school, principal decides, cannot get paid, cannot be at school</p> <p>literacy test- taken in spring of gr. 10 - bases on Ont. Curriculum expectations for language and communication esp. reading and writing up to and including GRADE 9.Your Grade 9 Program6 Compulsory CoursesEnglishMathScienceCanadian GeographyFrenchHealth and Physical Education2 Optional CoursesChoose 1 option from the Arts (Music, Drama, Dance or Visual Arts)</p> <p>Choose 1 option from Business, Hospitality, or Integrated Technology</p> <p>19COUNSELLORTypes of CoursesGrades 9 and 10AcademicAppliedOpen Students may take a combination of academic, applied and open coursesGrades 11 and 12University PreparationUniversity/College PreparationCollege PreparationWorkplace PreparationOpen</p> <p>20COUNSELLORAcademic- emphasize theory and abstract problems, designed to prepare students for Gr. 11 and 12, university and university/college prep. Courses</p> <p>Applied- focus on practical applications and concrete examples. Designed to prep students for gr. 11 and 12 college and workplace courses</p> <p>Open- suitablefor all students and intended to enrich their education in general</p> <p>University- prep students to meet entrance requirements for univ. programs, independent learning and research skills will be primary focus</p> <p>University/College- content is relevant for both college and univ. programs</p> <p>College- meet entrance req. of college programs- concrete application of theoretical material</p> <p>workplace- prep student to move directly into workplace or apprenticeship programs or other training programs in community. Focus on employment skills and practical workplace applications.What to take in Grade 9? Core SubjectsAchievement in grade 8 must be taken into considerationYou can mix Applied and Academic coursesAsk your Grade 8 Teachers and Counsellor for advice in choosing the types of coursesOptional SubjectsConsider exploring something newChoose something that is of interest at this timeTalk with parents</p> <p>21COUNSELLOREg. For Math- suggest if student fails gr.8 numeracy strand and 1 other strand then should not be taking academic</p> <p>Interested in music-cant afford lessons- join the band</p> <p>Future is going to be computer dominated- try TECH or BTT</p> <p>importance of making wise decisions- no timetable changes except for very specific reasons and only at a specified date- imbalance timetable- wrong course or level</p> <p>Courses at a Glance</p> <p>English:ENG1D0, ENG1P0, ENG1L0French:FSF1D0, FSF1P0Mathematics:MPM1D0, MFM1P0, MAT1L0Sciences:SNC1D0, SNC1P0, SNC1L0Geography:CGC1D0, CGC1P0, CGC1P7Health and Physical Education:PPL1OF, PPL1OM</p> <p>22COUNSELLORDanceATC 1O0Learn technical skillsChoreographyExplore a variety of dance formsLearn to appreciate the aesthetics of dance</p> <p>23COUNSELLORDramaADA 1O0Group and individual performancesTableau, movement, costume designAnalyze plays</p> <p>24COUNSELLORMusicInstrumental MusicAMI 1O0Little or no experience in brass, woodwind, or percussion Music Vocal/ChoralAMV 1O0Singing in a variety of styles</p> <p>25COUNSELLORVisual ArtsAVI 1O0Elements and principles of designDrawingPaintingPhotographySculpture</p> <p>26COUNSELLORHospitalityHospitality and TourismTFJ 1O0Commercial food handlingPreparation for the school cafeteriaHealth and safetyUse of specialized tools and equipment</p> <p>27COUNSELLORInformation and Communication Technology BTT 1O0WordExcelPowerPointAccessWeb Page DesignCreate your own business plan</p> <p>Business Studies28COUNSELLORTechnologyIntegrated TechnologyTIJ 1O0 Hands-On projectsWork with tools, equipment and softwareROBOTICSComputer electronics Innovative project design</p> <p>COUNSELLOR29Submission of Option SheetsCounsellor or Home Room Teacher will set the due date in approx. NovemberRequires student and parent signaturesUse Chart Your Course and other handouts to get descriptions of coursesCourse selections should then be completed on-line through</p> <p>30COUNSELLORElementary schools will be asked to review selections and make commentsAction PlanReview Chart Your Course, other handouts, &amp; your IPPDiscuss with ParentsComplete Option SheetReturn Option Sheet by assigned due dateComplete Option Selection via myBlueprintSubmit in November</p> <p>31COUNSELLORGet InvolvedClubsRoboticsDECAWeight RoomDebate TeamMuslim Students AssociationChristian FellowshipSikh Associationand more. ActivitiesStudent CouncilPeer MentorsAthletics CouncilArts CouncilBandsDrama CouncilFashion ShowMath Contestsand more. TeamsBadmintonTable TennisRugbyBasketballCricketGolfSoccerSwimmingVolleyballand moreCOUNSELLOR32Current Parents of Grade 9sAt this point, Grade 9 parents are invited to begin their tour of the different curricular areas throughout the school.</p> <p>At the end of the presentation, parents of Grade 8s may continue their tour.</p> <p>ADMINISTRATOR33How is grade 9 different?No recess!No "homeroom" teacher like in grade 8 Students are responsible for managing their own deadlines and workloadFour 75-minute classes each day</p> <p>ADMINISTRATION34</p> <p>Final EvaluationsEveryone must complete semester-end assignments and/or examsBe OrganizedBe PreparedFinal Evaluation Units in high school occur in January and JuneADMINISTRATION35Tips for Success Good attendanceGood time managementPositive attitudeActive participationTake responsibilityGood digital citizenshipHealthy habits and choices(walk, sleep, communicate)</p> <p>36ADMINISTRATION</p> <p>Formula for Student HandbookCode of ConductCalendarNewsletters</p> <p>Stay connected!ADMINISTRATION</p> <p>37Thanks for coming!</p> <p>See you next September!</p> <p>38</p>