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Be the Best You Can Be!!. Two-pronged approach. 1. Whole School 2. Subject areas. Whole School. Staff in-service on aspects of learning. At least one a year. Outside the school-lunch provided. Challenging methodologies Teaching v. learning Raising the Bar Assessment for Learning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Be the Best You Can Be!!

  • Two-pronged approach1. Whole School 2. Subject areas

  • Whole SchoolStaff in-service on aspects of learning. At least one a year. Outside the school-lunch provided.Challenging methodologiesTeaching v. learningRaising the BarAssessment for LearningCo-operative learning-subject in-service

  • External in-serviceDr. Michael Stone, psychotherapist-teaching and learningHal ONeill, NCCA-assessment for learningJim Lyons, former Clare CEO-raising the barMaria Garvey, SLSS-co-operative learningDr. Orison Carlisle-managing stress

  • Staff Generated in-serviceIdeas which evolved in-houseChallenging methodologiesStaff questionnaireQualities of a good school

  • Marks of a good schoolPositive atmosphereGood work ethicHigh achievement High standardsWell structured, well runBroad range of activitiesUnited teamPositive leadership

  • Staff Questionnaire

  • Successful TeachingWell structured classesPositive atmosphereStudents are learningHigh standards demandedVerifiable achievement

  • Subject Department PlanningSubject Co-ordinatorsEncouraging subject meetings-3 per yearMock exams an ideal opportunitySubject inspections concentrate the mind

  • Subject Meetings-progress to dateAgreeing programmes of workSubject materials, resourcesCommon assessments, forms of assessmentManaging the transition from primary to post-primaryMixed ability classesSpecial NeedsICT in the classroomMeasuring our effectiveness-state exam results analysis

  • Re-filling the TankForbairtSDPI in-serviceNAPD conferenceMeitheal week-endAMCSSNorth-South InitiativesInvaluable sources of new thinking, renewing energy.

  • Useful Sourceswww.sdpi.ieVery useful material for staff in-service days, easily navigatedSLSS-Maria Garvey on Co-operative LearningNCCAMarino

  • Junior Cert. Science questionName 3 parts of the body and their functions.

  • The BrainiumThe boriumThe abominal cavityThats where the brain isThats for the heart and lungsThats for the 5 bowels-a,e,i,o,u

    Each point is material for a presentation on its own, e.g., common programmes of work-very difficult to get someone set in their ways to change