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Be memorable, motivational, meaningful. A presentation about presentations. Most of all be you.


  • 1. Mark Kidsley markMakea

2. Almost every PowerPoint presentation sucks rotten eggs 3. be remarkable 4. Nobody ever says: Oh! Theres a cow! Dennis Groenewold 5. 5 ! we would about it. But if the cow was purple remark Jon Milte Baker 6. What makes something remarkable 7. be at the fringes others need to care be real not perfect love what you do 8. be at the fringes remarkable 9. Our brains are pre-wiredJ Brew 10. to ignore samenessBill Brooks 11. and pay attention to the differentDaniel Proulx 12. the beginning is everythingMecki Mac 13. use jarring images Jonas Ginter 14. set the tone early Stephen Poff 15. so they sit up and pay attention Stephen Poff 16. others need to care remarkable 17. Maya Angelou I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. 18. this is why songs stay with us ali anne 19. if you cant sing tell storiesMichael Jones 20. real storiesSpyros Papaspyropoulos 21. show them what can be what is what could be 22. but rememberAirik Lopez 23. the audience is the hero not you Nathan Congleton 24. whats in it forthem meshow John Haydon 25. be real not perfect remarkable 26. be sincere and authentic Hannah Geary Photography 27. people see through sham Hannah Geary Photography 28. smile and show warmth Hannah Geary Photography 29. but show your strength too Hannah Geary Photography 30. love what you do remarkable 31. 31 believe in yourself 32. MyLifeThroughPhotgraphy 33. so tell it ethermoon 34. Steve Mishos go find out what matters to you 35. maybe it will matter to others too 36. John Liu even if that is just one other 37. youve made a difference Len Matthews 38. so Susy Morris 39. be you be meaningful be memorable be motivational 40. Thank you Flickr: Each slide links directly to the Flickr image Mark Kidsley Seth Godin Dennis Groenewold Jon Milte Baker J Brew Bill Brooks Daniel Proulx Mecki Mac Jonas Ginter Stephen Poff ali anne Michael Jones Spyros Papaspyropoulos Airik Lopez Nathan Congleton John Haydon MyLifeThroughPhotgraphy ethermoon Steve Mishos MGD Photography John Liu Len Matthews Susy Morris Thank you too: Hannah Geary Photography Raw for Beauty Trey Ratcliff 41. 41 go be remarkable awesome Trey Ratcliff