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  • BDT Activities and Assistance Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting Istvn Bozski Head of Division BDT/IEE/SBD
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  • Guidelines Projects Country assistance Country case studies Spectrum Management Training Program (SMTP) Others Broadcasting Related Activities 10 July 2015, Nadi, Fiji 2
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  • Guidelines 3 10 July 2015, Nadi, Fiji
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  • Intended to provide information and recommendation On policy, technologies, network planning, customer awareness and business planning for the smooth transition to Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting (DTTB) and introduction of Mobile Television Broadcasting Prepared in 2010 for Africa 1 st Revision (2012) for ASP adding a section on archives migration 2 nd revision (2014) for global including Satellite TV, Cable TV, IPTV 10 July 2015, Nadi, Fiji Guidelines for Transition to Digital Broadcasting 4
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  • Projects 5 10 July 2015, Nadi, Fiji
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  • Republic of Korea Japan Australia Latin-American Development Bank (CAF) Projects funded by 10 July 2015, Nadi, Fiji 6
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  • Country assistance 7
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  • ITU assisted a number of Member countries in developing roadmap for transition from analogue to digital broadcasting Around 30 countries since 2009 for establishing national goals, strategies, key activities and so forth Africa Region: Angola, Ethiopia, Mali, Gabon, DRC, Equatorial Guinea ASP Region: Bangladesh, Bhutan (also an update), Cambodia, Fiji, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Maldives, Micronesia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Tonga (also revision of the roadmap), Vanuatu, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Kiribati, Nauru, Samoa and Solomon Islands AMS: Guyana, Haiti (CONATEL to visit Trinidad and Tobago) Palestine Also from BDTs direct assistance program 10 July 2015, Nadi, Fiji 8
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  • Spanish Guidelines translated Colombia Paraguay Bolivia Venezuela Panama Costa Rica Dominican Republic English Jamaica In Latin-America (recent) 10 July 2015, Nadi, Fiji 9
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  • Questionnaire NRT (National Roadmap Team) requested First mission for presentation of the roadmap Guideline, fact finding, meeting with stake holders Preparation of the first draft roadmap Comments Second mission Finalization of the Roadmap Worskhop on presenting the results and discussing country experiences Working method 10 July 2015, Nadi, Fiji 10
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  • Country case studies and reports 10 July 2015, Nadi, Fiji 11
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  • Country Case Studies Thailand Japan Australia Offering information to Member countries Digital Dividend, Trends in BroadcastingDigital DividendTrends in Broadcasting Report on Interactive Multimedia Services in ASP Making Television Accessible DSO database see demonstration later Reports 10 July 2015, Nadi, Fiji 12
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  • Spectrum Management Training Program SMTP 10 July 2015, Nadi, Fiji 13
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  • Addressed problem Today there are no formal holistic SM education programs, except some ad hoc commercial or public courses such as ITU BR seminars, USTTI Large administrations train SM staff by seconding them to experienced workers, but this offers narrowed vision and no formal quality check Many smaller administrations, especially in developing countries, do not have even such option, but must rely solely on ad hoc courses Solution ITU established Spectrum Management Training Program: Unified course, offering students across the globe access to state-of-the-art holistic SM training and forward-looking professional vision Formalised assessment ensuring minimal quality of professional education Certification to give international recognition, with possible option of university credits/diploma Pilot OM1 Legal Basis and Regulatory Framework of Spectrum Management online, English, December 2014 January 2015 1410 July 2015, Nadi, Fiji
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  • ITU-D Study Group 1 Question 8/1 (previous SG2 Question 11-3/2) Cooperation with broadcasting organizations (WBU, EBU, ABU/AIBD etc.) Presentation at training seminars and workshops Training on Interactive Multimedia Services and Pay TV in ASP Regional Workshop on Spectrum Management and Transition to Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting for Europe and CIS, Budapest, Hungary, 5-7 May 2015 Digital terrestrial television transition, before ASO; Post transition activities Utilization of the Digital dividend; Spectrum management structure and tools 10 July 2015, Nadi, Fiji Other activities (1) 15
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  • Asia-Media Summit Pre-Summit event 25 May 2015, Kuala Lumpur Symposium on Digital Broadcasting Transition 17 June 2015 10 July 2015, Nadi, Fiji Other activities (2) 16
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  • Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting (DTTB) DSO database
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  • Background 18 Council 2014, 7 May, request from Kenya : ITU to provide an analogue to digital switchover stocktaking for assisting the Member States in their migration process. Information from relevant surveys, questionnaires of the ITU-D and ITU-R and other sources ITU-D Question 11-3/2 Questionnaire, 2012; ITU-D Question 11-3/2 Final report, 2014; ITU-D Questionnaire to European countries, 2013 and a follow-up in 2014; ITU-D Questionnaire to Arab Countries, 2013; ITU-D and ITU-R meetings, workshop, seminars, frequency coordination meetings; ITU-R SG6 Questionnaire, 2014, results published in Report ITU-R BT.2302-0; African Union Commission Survey, 2013; DIGITAG, 2014. Entered to the database Nadi, Fiji,10 July 2015
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  • Website 19 Summary of the basic information from countries Relevant events (e.g. workshops, frequency coordination meetings, seminars) Relevant publications (e.g. ITU-R and ITU-D documents, roadmaps, workshop presentations) Relevant websites (e.g. ITU-R and ITU-D, broadcasting organizations, GE-06) Contacts Information sources (list of relevant surveys, questionnaires of the ITU-D and ITU-R and other sources) Will be accessible both form BDT and BR web pages Circular Letter BDT/IEE/SBD/DM/014 from the BDT Director (23 February 2015) Given the dynamically changing status of the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) deployment and in order to enable all administrations to benefit from the latest status and information concerning the Digital migration, Administrations are invited to make the necessary update to ensure that their actual status and data are correctly reflected on the portal. Nadi, Fiji,10 July 2015
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  • Public Website 20Nadi, Fiji, Data Miner Figures Summary Country Profiles 10 July 2015
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  • Website features 21Nadi, Fiji,10 July 2015
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  • Data Management 22Nadi, Fiji, Database ITU Administration Countries Administrations Website Country Digital Switch Over Plan DocumentsWorkshops Websites 10 July 2015
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  • Additional developments 23 Filtering on the different items (e.g. by region, date, technology) Detailed displaying of the available information (e.g. for a country, relevant events, documents, websites) Displaying information on a map Date entry/update possibility for the administrations Nadi, Fiji,10 July 2015
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  • Website demonstration 24 Broadcasting/Pages/DSO/Default.aspx Nadi, Fiji,10 July 2015
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  • THANK YOU !! 25 10 July 2015, Nadi, Fiji