bbq cook-off rules and ??bbq cook-off rules and regulations . 1. ... grilled cheese, pinto beans,...

Download BBQ COOK-OFF RULES AND ??BBQ COOK-OFF RULES AND REGULATIONS . 1. ... Grilled cheese, Pinto Beans, Chicken, Ribs, ... This is a sanctioned competition BBQ event monitored by Lone

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    1. Categories: Grilled cheese, Pinto Beans, Chicken, Ribs, and Brisket.

    2. Deadline for Entry: Entry forms and payment in full must be received no later than 7-4-17.

    3. Alcoholic Beverages: We encourage all alcoholic beverages you may need to be purchased from our fully stocked Canteen.

    4. Cook-off Site Setup Times: Friday: Tents, Pits, and RVs may be brought in and set up during the early set up, between 12:30 pm and 7 pm. Contestants may stay overnight with their equipment within the designated space. *****NOTE: THE SITES DO NOT HAVE A SOURCE OF POWER SUPPLIED TO THEM***** General Setup: Friday: Cooking equipment and setup will be allowed on the contest site between 12:30 pm and 7:00 pm. Sites will not be marked off. We encourage all to utilize a 20 x 30 section. There will be fire lanes marked for access to Fire Department and EMS (please keep 3 back from the lanes). All sites are first come first serve. Convenient parking spaces will be available directly across the street located at the Georgetown Soccer Fields parking lot. No other vehicles other than Cook-off RVs and travel trailers may be left inside your cooking area. All other vehicles must be outside cooking area by Friday 6:00 pm. Team gathering/socializing is encouraged Friday night, through the rest of the contest. **ALL MUSIC AND OTHER LOUD NOISE MUST CEASE BY MIDNIGHT ON FRIDAY**

    5. A Cook-off Team consists of a Chief Cook working with assistants. Each Team will have a Team name. Team names may not be offensive. Members may not cook on more than one team; disqualification is subject for doing so. The Chief Cook is responsible for the operation of the team space and all actions within or outside the assigned space.

  • 6. Fire Extinguishers Minimum Requirements: One (2A10BC) type fire extinguisher is required in each 20x30 space.

    7. Preparations: Pre-cooked and/or pre-seasoned meat for entries will not be allowed.

    8. Head Cooks Meeting- 7:00 pm Friday for discussion of rules and regulations.

    9. Judging: Will be divided into 5 categories: Grilled Cheese, Pinto Beans, Chicken, Ribs, and Brisket.

    This is a sanctioned competition BBQ event monitored by Lone Star BBQ. A Lone Star head judge will oversee all judging events.

    Judging times are as follows:

    Grilled Cheese Friday 8:30 pm

    Pinto Beans Saturday 11:00 am

    Chicken Saturday 12:00 pm

    Ribs Saturday 1:30 pm

    Brisket Saturday 3:00 pm Culinary Awards will be distributed on Saturday night at the main hall located in the VFW Post 8587.

    10. Trophies and Awards: Trophies will be awarded to the Top 3 places in each category after final judging.

    a. Trophies will be awarded as soon as all judging is completed. b. Certificates will be awarded to any contestant placing fourth through tenth in

    any category. c. All payouts will be based on an 80 percent entry fee paid back to the cooks

    placing First, Second and Third. First 50% Second 30% Third 20%

  • 11. Housekeeping: Each team will be responsible for cleanup within their assigned space.

    12. Contest Entries And Fees: A representative for each team is REQUIRED to attend the MANDATORY cooks meeting. There will be short announcements, comments and the passing out of the containers during this time.

    Entry fee will be $175.00. This will automatically include a spot for your cook and entry into the three meats Chicken, Ribs, and Brisket.

    Any other entries will require another $25.00 per category.

    Have a great time. Your participation helps support the Georgetown VFW Post 8587. Thank you!

    Contact Darrel Johnson with any questions you may have 512-748-9931


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