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  • 1. The Best Work , Works Best

2. It Works For Us Currently We Are :4As Philippine Agency of The YearPhilippine Ad Congress Agency of The YearCampaign Brief Asia Philippines Agency of The YearUPMG Print Agency of The Year The most highly awarded Digital Agency in the Country Shortlisted as Regional Office of the Year two years in a rowby MEDIA MagazineRegional Creative Agency of The Year 2008 3. It Works For Our Clients More awards for effectiveness than any other Agency in the country over the past two years:Asian Marketing Effectiveness Awards FedExAsian Marketing Effectiveness Awards Visa Advertising & Marketing Effectiveness Awards Gold Childhope Advertising & Marketing Effectiveness Awards Bronze Pizza HutAdvertising & Marketing Effectiveness Awards Finalist Bayan CorporateAdvertising & Marketing Effectiveness Awards Finalist Bayan Wireless Landline 4. Servicesdata digital mobileanalytics proximitydirect livepromotion 5. Partnerships Based On Shared Principles A passion for creating big ideas, based on clear insightsthat achieve tangible business results Our Clients push us for our best thinking, and expect us to do the same to themA mutually held belief that creativity is the magic that can move marketsWe look to maximize return, not minimize risk 6. It s The Message, Not The Medium 7. The Idea Is The Framework , The Medium The Method of Delivery 8. You Cannot March Your Message AcrossA Bridge of Money& Hope It Will Connect 9. Compelling Commercial Content Communication so compelling people actively choose to seek it out and get involved 10. Creating Compelling Content DataBrand Ideas Behavior EngagementContent Research Channel 11. Behaviour Changing InsightsUnderstanding people is the key to successful workBBDO invests in having deeper insights than anyone elseAs such we conduct regular global and local research studies 12. TotalWork : Delivering IntegratedCommunications That Galvanize external consumers to bond more tightly to the brandMotivate internal audiences, telling them why theycome to work each day Punch above their weight (deliver more for less) 13. Our Process For Developing TotalWork Ideas 14. The Work 15. The Creative Brief Get: Global Connectors Who: Live in an on demand world, with the expectation that everything should be available to them in the way they want it 24/7 To: Re-evaluate Bayan TelecommunicationsBy: Telling them that life can get better with Bayan 16. The TotalWork Idea Definition of the idea based on the incite in the brief: Bay an promis e s a be tte r e xpe rie nce for pe oplefe d up w ith poor cus tome r s e rv ice Brief description of the channel strategy:We started by giving the brand a holistic makeover, changing the way the people saw the company from inside out, transforming it from an old, time worn brand to a cutting edge company at the forefront of consumer focused innovation. First we re-launched the brand and its new consumer service focused positioning to employees and stakeholders before announcing the brand renovation to consumers through TV and print, plusarea specific outdoor, visual merchandising and a huge leafleting campaign 17. The Results Business Results:In the first year of the re-launch, subscriptions rose by 20%9 months following the brand re-launch, tracking indicated that thedesired attributes are strongly linked and associated with the re-launched BayanAnecdotal Results: 6 months after the brand re-launch, the company opened up a store selling exclusive Bayan merchandiseThe campaign gained the attention of theNational Telecommunications Commission. The Commission madeBayans service standards the new industry benchmarkCreative Awards: Asian Outdoor Advertising Awards, Asia Pacific Adfest and Philippine AdCongress and NY Advertising & Marketing Effectiveness Awards 18. The Creative Brief Get: Young adults, 20-34 years old from ABC economic classesWho: Rely on food delivery service whenever theyre pressed for time To: Make Pizza Hut Delivery their top-of-mind delivery option By: Pizza Hut lets you enjoy your pizza at the time you expect it to be there 19. The TotalWork IdeaDefinition of the idea based on the incite in the brief: Piz z a Hut make s a s tand ag ains t tole rance for late ne s sBrief description of the channel strategy: We focused on channels that will bring us closer to the target audiencewhen they are in time relevant situations, making outdoor and drive-timeradio lead mediums We placed our message along intersections where you feel the long wait for the light to turn green in bus terminals where you suffer the agony of waiting in line during rush hour on parking fences in business districtswhere people are more conscious of coming in late. TV served as a secondary medium and ran only for the first quarter of the campaign 20. The Results 21. Business Results Goal 1: Maintain the double -dig it s ale s g row th that Piz z a Hut De liv e ryhas be e n e njoy ing in the pas t Despite the much tougher scenario it was facing, Pizza Hut Deliverysuccessfully matched the 16% growth rate it enjoyed in 2006. From 4% to 9%, transaction counts grew more than double as the campaign ran 22. Business ResultsGoal 2: Ke e p a s ig nificant g ap in its imag e ry s core s re late d to foodde liv e ry v e rs us Gre e nw ich and S hake y s Not only did the campaign bring home the ideas main message, it alsoimpacted on the three other attributes deemed important to food delivery: hot food, ease of ordering and crew that shows concern 23. Anecdotal ResultsThe expression Hate Late? hasstarted to become part of thegeneral vernacular too, especially in places where punctuality redoundsto productivity. This was taken from a construction site 24. Creative ResultsThe campaign has won the following creative & effectiveness awards: Bronze, Outdoor Category, 2007 Cannes LionsBronze, Retail & Food Category, 2008 Advertising and MarketingEffectiveness NY 25. The Creative BriefGet: Dynamic digitally savvy 15-24 year old teens Who:Think that Pepsi is not an engaging brandTo: Express themselves through PepsiBy: Giving them a chance to be a part of the Pepsi brand (literally) 26. The TotalWork IdeaDefinition of the idea based on the incite in the brief:Be a Pepsi icon by getting your barkada on the can 27. The TotalWork IdeaBrief description of the channel strategyMedia here played more of an enabling role, with digital becoming achannel for the teens to give their say On web & mobile, they could get other friends to vote for their photos, comment on and vote for other barkadas. A widget even let them display their pictures on their desktops On social networking sites, profile pictures branded Pepsi KadaCanproliferated, driving more people to the site and the photo-booth. Since most of the teens are online and have at least one account in a social networking site, they would write about the photo-booth, send out the linksto their photos and encourage more people to go to the site to vote and view, thus increasing the site traffic of Pepsi. Honestly, we hardly had to do any workNo TV. No viral video. Just the Pepsi KadaCan photobooth touring the malls nationwide, the kidsall abuzz and the drive-to-site ads on Facebook and a few other local sites 28. The Results Business Results: +19% growth from the 3rd quarter to the 4th, considering that is the onlyeffort for the entire brand. Past-4-week consumption prior the promoincreased from 21 to 25% after the launch. Intermediate Results: 8,052 registrants, 675.72% higher than the previous Pepsi integrated campaign 540,869 online votes and 5,103 mobile votes6.44M hits online, with 2.19M pageviews 39k+ unique visitors, more than 4,200 of those led in through blogs & forums They stayed on the site for almost 6 minutes on average Commenting: 1,730 comments on the site alone And bringing the experience home: 1,224 widget downloads 29. The Results Anecdotal Results: As seen on the comments on the KadaCan site, the blogworld & socialnetworking buzz, Pepsi is now on the youngsters lips and minds, havinggiven them a story to tellPepsi KadaCan is now Pepsi Philippines benchmark for digital activation,with its results a huge leap from the previous years activationOver-all, Pepsi KadaCan ran for 12 weeks, building relevance and drivingaffinity with the youth at every turn. The campaign increased traffic exponentially, making it a venue for the kids to express themselves 30. The Best Work , Works Best