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1960sThe agency when it was on Madison Avenue1920

The agency began as the George Batten Company; this newsletter explains One- third of our girls are now on their honeymoons

1922Bruce Barton partnered with Roy Durstine and Alex Osborn and promised new ideas for advertising

1933The 1928 merger of the two agencies helped them survive the Depression

1931Philco ads often mentioned technological innovations

1937Among the many radio programs overseen by BBDO was the March of Time, the radio version of the newsreel

1937Celebrity association strategy

1939BBDOs campaigns for Du Pont were designed to humanize the chemical and munitions company

1939General Electric was one of BBDOs top clients and still is today; many GE ads promoted technological progress rather than specific products

1940sDuring WWII, GE ads promised better living in the postwar era

1942In this agency credential book, BBDO explains its work advertising for the US Navy, including the use of popular culture characters like Popeye

1942This BBDO credential booklet points out that appealing to consumers self interest is more effective than appealing to duty

1943Du Ponts ads also promised better living after the war

In this detail from a 1943 Vimms ad, BBDO uses fear of social rejection to promote vitamins

BBDO staff oversee a billboard design for Schaefer Beer, 1950s

1954This house ad lists all the BBDO clients sponsoring programs on radio and TV

BBDO employees earned shares in the agency and also helped raise money for charity



1960sIn this agency credential booklet, BBDO explains some of its innovations in measuring television audiences

1961Alphonse Normandia was a BBDO art director whose cartooning illustrated the life of an adman

1965By the 1960s, BBDO had become a major producer of TV commercials, overseeing hundreds a year

1970sIn this agency credential booklet, BBDO explains its approach to advertising

In 1987, BBDO moved to Avenue of the Americas and became part of Omnicom