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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>1960sThe agency when it was on Madison Avenue1920</p> <p>The agency began as the George Batten Company; this newsletter explains One- third of our girls are now on their honeymoons</p> <p>1922Bruce Barton partnered with Roy Durstine and Alex Osborn and promised new ideas for advertising</p> <p>1933The 1928 merger of the two agencies helped them survive the Depression</p> <p>1931Philco ads often mentioned technological innovations</p> <p>1937Among the many radio programs overseen by BBDO was the March of Time, the radio version of the newsreel</p> <p>1937Celebrity association strategy</p> <p>1939BBDOs campaigns for Du Pont were designed to humanize the chemical and munitions company</p> <p>1939General Electric was one of BBDOs top clients and still is today; many GE ads promoted technological progress rather than specific products</p> <p>1940sDuring WWII, GE ads promised better living in the postwar era</p> <p>1942In this agency credential book, BBDO explains its work advertising for the US Navy, including the use of popular culture characters like Popeye</p> <p>1942This BBDO credential booklet points out that appealing to consumers self interest is more effective than appealing to duty </p> <p>1943Du Ponts ads also promised better living after the war</p> <p>In this detail from a 1943 Vimms ad, BBDO uses fear of social rejection to promote vitamins</p> <p>BBDO staff oversee a billboard design for Schaefer Beer, 1950s</p> <p>1954This house ad lists all the BBDO clients sponsoring programs on radio and TV</p> <p>BBDO employees earned shares in the agency and also helped raise money for charity</p> <p>1955</p> <p>1958</p> <p>1960sIn this agency credential booklet, BBDO explains some of its innovations in measuring television audiences</p> <p>1961Alphonse Normandia was a BBDO art director whose cartooning illustrated the life of an adman</p> <p>1965By the 1960s, BBDO had become a major producer of TV commercials, overseeing hundreds a year</p> <p>1970sIn this agency credential booklet, BBDO explains its approach to advertising</p> <p>In 1987, BBDO moved to Avenue of the Americas and became part of Omnicom</p>