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    By Rod Hirsch

    Bayer opens new headquarters

    Bayer HealthCare opened its new East Coast Health Care Headquarters in Whippany earlier this month, a state-of-the-art campus that transforms the former site of Alcatel-Lucent into a sprawling $250 million complex that features workspace for 2,400 employees, 173 conference rooms, 185 custom glass panels to maximize natural light, charging stations for electric cars, indoor/outdoor dining and nearly three miles of walking paths inside and out.

    The 95-acre site features a five-story atrium that connects two buildings comprising 700,000 square feet. The headquarters consolidates all East Coast administrative and corporate employees, who were relocated from Bayer facilities in Morris Township, Montville, Wayne and Tarrytown, N.Y.

    Marijn Dekkers, CEO and chairman of the board of management of Bayer AG, said the consolidation will improve efficiencies and should make Bayer a more attractive place to work for current and prospective employees.

    Bringing people together from various locations allows for increased collaboration and flexible teams, he said.

    Dekkers, Phil Blake, president of Bayer Corp., and other corporate executives were on

    Inside this issue...Articles Cyber security the 21st century bank vault 1

    Bayer opens new headquarters 1

    Health and WellnessTheyre glad they did and I am, too 2

    In the Trenches Volunteering brings value to everyone 7 October 2013 Issue 10 / Volume 5

    By Michael Daigle

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    past year.

    Ira Hammer, an attorney with Schenck, Price, Smith & King LLP with expertise in intellectual properties and security software, said cyber attacks range from denial of service attacks that overload a web site with requests for information in an effort to shut it down to attacks on computer server hosts for domain names in which a dummy web site is posted. Other forms of attacks seek to penetrate deeper inside a computer network for personal information, he added.

    These cyber attacks are all over the place and all the time, Hammer said.

    Banks and other financial institutions have responded and are vigilant in fighting these threats. While customers may be concerned when they get the infamous letter about a hacking attempt, much of the activity to defend against these attacks takes place out of the publics eye, according to Hammer.

    Banks will conduct staged roll-outs of new security software that often focus on the routing and processing of data and may not have any impact on how a customer uses the banks services, he said. Or customers might be notified of a change in the way a bank web site is accessed.

    All this effort falls under a larger topic of online safety, according to Hammer. The


    Its the perfect word for the act to cut or sever with ruthless strokes. That is what a consumer feels has happened to them when they get a letter from their bank announcing that their credit card is being replaced because of a potential breach of the banks electronic security that may have compromised their personal information.

    They feel severed from their personal data, exposed to the ruthless strokes of cyber hackers.

    Local experts say the possibilities of cyber security breaches at financial institutions are real, common and growing but that through a combination of improved software, security strategies and employee and customer education, the risks can be addressed.

    Comptroller of the Currency Thomas Curry was quoted in the media recently saying the growing sophistication of cyber attacks spawned by criminal organizations, hackers and other foreign governments could pose a systemic risk to the financial system.

    The financial services industry is one of the more attractive targets for cyber attacks and, unfortunately, the threat is growing, Curry said.

    The web site reported the World Federation of Exchanges and the International Organization of Securities Commissions recently released a joint report stating that more than half the worlds stock markets had suffered a cyber attack in the

    Cyber security the 21st century bank vault

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    Ron Francioli (left), mayor of Hanover Township, Marijn Dekkers (center), CEO of Bayer AG, and Paul Boudreau, president of the Morris County Chamber of Commerce, attend the opening of Bayers new building in Whippany.

    About Membership

    hand at the opening to welcome local officials and Gov. Chris Christie.

    Ron Francioli, mayor of Hanover Township, presented a resolution of support and appreciation from the township to Dekkers while Bayer officials thanked the township for a smooth approval process that allowed them to move into the building just 12 months after groundbreaking.

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    I hope it does.

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    All discovered that they had high blood pressure and high cholesterol, with increasing risk for stroke, heart attack or other heart damage. One of them said,

    Im only 38 years old and work out three times a week, so I was floored by how high my cholesterol was. I guess Im not a teenager anymore.

    A medical check-up woke them up to the reality that the silent killer was brewing in their bodies.

    There were several emails from working moms who claimed their lives were so busy they hadnt had the time to see a doctor for well over a year. After reading the October column they gave in and scheduled their physicals. All were diagnosed with osteopenia a serious condition that can lead to osteoporosis. They had no way of knowing that they were not getting enough calcium in their diets until their doctors told them. Each wrote that she was happy she went.

    I received two separate emails from people who had been debating for a few years whether or not to visit their doctors. Each thought that the physician would simply say, Youre overweight; go on

    Theyre glad they did and I am, tooBy David Cunic

    a diet! Yet both discovered they have type 2 diabetes. In its early stages when a person is feeling fine, this chronic disease can be easy to ignore. But diabetes affects many major organs, including the heart, blood vessels, nerves, eyes and kidneys. Not so sweet.

    Yet the one email that really struck a chord a very loud one was from a fellow business owner. His wife read last months column and said to him, Look, Ive been yelling at you for months to go to the doctor and now Im reading about how important it is. Will you please go?

    The husband finally agreed, to get his wife off his back. And the results were really sobering. After looking at his EKG the doctor said, I hope someone came with you in your car because youre not driving home. Im sending you directly to the hospital.

    This man had a major blockage in his heart that required immediate surgery. He hadnt been to the doctor for more than

    Health and Wellness

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