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Community Magazines for the residents of Bawtry, near Doncaster and its surrounding villages.


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    March 2011


    W elcome to the March edition of BAWTRY TODAYBAWTRY TODAY. It is another jam packed issue, with every last

    bit of space filled with local news, events and happenings, not forgetting of course local businesses wanting to tell you about their products and services. Please dont forget to tell advertisers and contributors that you have seen them in Bawtry Today, so that they know that their advertising is working.

    Thank you to everyone who has visited our facebook page. I am quite sure there are lots more facebook users in Bawtry though, so please do pay us a visit!

    The next edition will be delivered to you from 26th March. Please ensure that anything that you would like to be included in it is with me by Friday 11th March.

    I hope that you enjoy this months magazine.

    Best Wishes, Paula

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    I s there anybody there..? A look at Simon Goodfellow

    with Dave Harper

    Our need for proof that our friends and loved ones have survived physical death, and are safe and well on the other side, has never been greater than it is today. Even some battle hardened sceptics are seeking the reas-surance they once would have scoffed at.

    How fortunate we are then, that we are sent people like Simon Goodfellow, who strive to bring us the evidence and comfort we seek in a way that is meaningful to each of us. With-out such people, our upsurge in belief could begin to dip again and that would be an im-measurable loss. That is why, of course, the Simon Goodfellows of the world are provid-ed in the first place - thank goodness.

    Simon's attitude towards his abilities is re-markably humble, given that he has the ulti-mate gift. According to Simon, "Mediums are just ordinary people who usually have fami-lies and everyday jobs. A Medium is just a link between this world and the spirit world and everybody alive has Mediumistic capabilities of some kind, it's just a case of whether you wish to use and develop them." The paradox is this: for all his 'ordinariness' he really is anything but!

    It is true that, born and bred in Yorkshire, Simon is about as down to earth as you can get. He has no delusions of grandeur, there are no displays of ego, there is no sense of superiority. Hes just Simon. However, he has that beautiful gift of instantly putting you at your ease. He is one to those people who, within minutes of talking to him, you feel as though you have known him a life time. There is the sense that he would give you all the time in the world if that was what you needed and then there is the ready laughter and a sense of humour that just barely stops itself from bubbling over and which makes its way naturally into his work. Simon is the first person to point out that people do not change once they have moved to the other side of life. In his words, "If Uncle Jack was a joker in life, Uncle Jack will still be the same when working through a Medium. The per-sonality does not change when they pass over" The beauty of Simon's approach is to connect to the personality, sense of humour and quirks of a loved one's character and this is one of the most comforting things when he brings a message to someone. For all who have lost a loved one, it is these very things that we miss the most and which we yearn to re-experience. Its one of the greatest proofs a Medium can bring and Simon brings it in abundance.


    Added to this is the unique sensitivity with which Simon treats both the people who seek his help and guidance and those he contacts on the other side of life. During demonstrations, he will go directly to the person for whom he has a message, be they in the front row or the back of the hall, and he will talk personally with them and their loved one. It is a particularly lovely way of working because it creates an intimacy that would otherwise be lacking if he were to remain at the front while speaking to someone at the far side of the room. It is this special personalisation, together with his uncanny accuracy, that has earned him the respect of sceptics and believers alike both in the UK and abroad.

    It is when you ask Simon to talk about his work that his passion really emanates from him. he is acutely aware of the burden of responsibility that accompanies his gifts, yet he takes this in this stride and determines to fulfil his purpose with genuine modesty, and you can just feel that he loves what he does and enjoys the journey - wherever it takes him. " Having the abil-ity to link loved ones and friends who have crossed over to Spirit and to give so many people closure and direction in their lives is, for me, one of the greatest joys I could experience Simon explains . Simon's knowledge and understanding of Mediumship is vast. it is not just knowing what to do that makes a remarkable Medium, it is also knowing what not to do and this is something he has mastered graciously. It is one of the many attributes that make him one of the most sort after and respected Mediums of today.

    It comes as no surprise that public demand for Simon's demonstrations and evenings with.... is rapidly escalating or that he is undertaking a Tour in 2011 to reach those who would other-wise be unable to reach him for sheer lack of days in the year.

    For those of you who are currently sceptical, I would encourage you to put your faith in Si-mon's ability. I feel you will not remain sceptical for long. For those of you who already be-lieve but perhaps need affirmation, clarity, closure or a clear connection, you are assured of a sensitive and honest response.

    You can find details of all Simon's Tour Dates, Demonstrations and Evenings on his website He will be at the Park Inn, Doncaster on Thursday 10th March

  • Forthcoming events at the Phoenix Theatre, Station Rd, Bawtry 26th Feb to March 5th - Natural Causes by Eric Chappell Natural Causes is a black comedy set in the library of Walter Bryce's (Jon Whitely) country house. Walter is married to Celia (Sue Stevenson