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Download Battery Backup Sump Pump System Safety Watchdog Special...Battery Backup Sump Pump System Table of Contents Important Safety Warnings and Instructions Electrical Precautions 1 Battery

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  • Instruction Manual& Safety Warnings

    IMPORTANT: Even if you have the Basement Watchdog SpecialBackup Sump Pump System installed by someone else, you must readand follow the safety information contained in this manual. Failureto do so could result in property damage, serious injury, or death.

    Battery BackupSump Pump

    SystemTable of Contents

    Important Safety Warnings andInstructionsElectrical Precautions 1Battery Preparation 1Battery Precautions 1

    IntroductionItems Included in System 2Additional Items Needed 2System Specifications 2Replacement Parts List 2

    Pump & Pipe Installation InstructionsInstallation Options 3Direct Discharge to Outside 4Hookup to Existing Discharge 5Direct Discharge for Narrow Sumps 6Hookup to Existing Discharge for Narrow Sumps 7

    Battery InstructionsPreparation of the Battery 8

    Control Unit HookupPositioning the Float Switch 9Hooking Up the Pump 9Installing the Battery Fluid Sensor 9

    Hooking Up the Battery 9Hooking Up the Charger 9

    Understanding the WarningLights and AlarmsUnderstanding the Automatic Charging System 10Silencing the AlarmDuring an Emergency 10Battery Alarm 10Cleaning Battery Terminals 10,11Replacing the Battery 11Fuse Alarm 11Water Alarm 12Power Alarm 12Pump Alarm 12Replacing the Pump 12,13

    Testing the SystemTest-Reset-Silence Button 13Testing the Float Switch 13

    Parts & Service InformationTechnical Support 13

    Quick Reference Guide 14

    Warranty 14

  • Important SafetyWarnings & Instructions

    SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. This manualcontains important SAFETY WARNINGS andOPERATING INSTRUCTIONS for the BasementWatchdog Special Battery Backup Sump PumpSystem. You will need to refer to it beforeattempting any installation or maintenance.ALWAYS keep these instructions with the unit sothat they will be easily accessible.

    Failure to read and follow these warnings andinstructions could result in property damage,serious injury, or death. It is important to readthis manual, even if you did not install theBasement Watchdog Special backup sump pump,since this manual contains safety informationregarding the use and maintenance of thisproduct. DO NOT DISCARD THIS MANUAL.


    Risk of electrical and fire hazard. May resultin death, serious injury, shock or burns.

    To help reduce these risks, observe the following precautions: DO NOT walk on wet areas of the basement

    until all power has been turned off. If themain power supply is in a wet basement, callan electrician.

    NEVER handle the control unit with wet handsor while standing on a wet surface.

    ALWAYS unplug the control unit and dis-connect the cables from the battery beforeattempting any maintenance or cleaning.

    ALWAYS unplug the main pump when instal-ling or servicing the backup pump to avoidelectric shock.

    DO NOT expose the control unit to rain orsnow.

    Pull the plug rather than the cord whendisconnecting the control unit.

    An extension cord should not be used unless

    absolutely necessary. If an extension cordmust be used, be sure the plug has the sameconfiguration as the plug on the control unit.

    Use of an attachment not recommended orsold by the manufacturer may result in a riskof fire or injury from an electrical shock.

    DO NOT operate the computer control unit if ithas received a sharp blow, been dropped, orotherwise damaged in any way. ContactGlentronics technical support at 800-991-0466, option #3.

    DO NOT disassemble the control unit. Whenservice is required, contact Glentronics tech-nical support at (800) 991-0466, option #3.Return the control unit to the manufacturer forany repairs at the following address:

    Glentronics, Inc.640 Heathrow Drive

    Lincolnshire, IL 60069


    Sulfuric acid can cause blindness or severeburns. Avoid contact with skin, eyes orclothing. In the event of accident, flushwith water and call a physician immediately.KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

    To help reduce these risks, observe thefollowing precautions: Someone should be within range of your voice

    or close enough to come to your aid when youwork near a lead-acid battery.

    Have plenty of fresh water and soap nearby incase battery acid contacts skin, clothing oreyes.

    Wear eye and clothing protection and avoidtouching your eyes while working with batteryacid or working near the battery.

    If battery acid contacts skin or clothing, washimmediately with soap and water. If acidenters eye, immediately flood eye with run-ning cold water for at least 10 minutes and getmedical attention.

    Battery posts and terminals contain lead andlead compounds, chemicals known to the Stateof California to cause cancer and reproductiveharm. Wash hands after handling.


    Explosive gases could cause serious injury ordeath. Cigarettes, flames or sparks couldcause battery to explode in enclosed spaces.Charge in well-ventilated area. Alwaysshield eyes and face from battery. Keep ventcaps tight and level.

    To help reduce these risks, observe thefollowing precautions: NEVER smoke or allow a spark or flame in the

    vicinity of the battery. Use the Basement Watchdog Special control

    unit for charging a LEAD-ACID battery only.Do not use the control unit for charging dry-cell batteries that are most commonly usedwith home appliances.

    Be sure the area around the battery is wellventilated.

    When cleaning or adding water to the battery,first fan the top of the battery with a piece ofcardboard or another non-metallic material toblow away any hydrogen gas that may havebeen emitted from the battery.

    DO NOT drop a metal tool onto the battery. Itmight spark or short-circuit the battery andcause an explosion.

    Remove personal metal items such as rings,bracelets, watches, etc. when working with alead-acid battery. A short circuit through oneof these items can melt it causing a severeburn.

    ALWAYS remove the charger from the electricaloutlet before connecting or disconnecting thebattery cables. Never allow the rings to toucheach other.

    Check the polarity of the battery posts. ThePOSITIVE (+) battery post usually has a largerdiameter than the NEGATIVE (-) post.

    When connecting the battery cables, firstconnect the small ring on the end of theBLACK wire to the NEGATIVE (-) post of thebattery, and then connect the large ring onend of the RED wire to the POSITIVE (+) postof the battery.

    Do not use system to pump flammable orexplosive fluids such as gasoline, fuel oil,kerosene, etc.

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    ! DANGER

    ! DANGER


    ! DANGER



  • Introduction

    The Basement Watchdog Special backup sumppump system is battery-operated. It is designedas an emergency backup system to support yourregular AC sump pump, and it will automaticallybegin pumping anytime the float switch isactivated. Should any malfunction or emergencyoccur that involves the sump pump, the battery,or the AC power, your Basement WatchdogSpecial system will sound an alarm. A light onthe display panel of the control unit will indicatethe cause of the alarm and the corrective action.

    The Basement Watchdog SpecialSump Pump System includes:

    A control unit with a float switch and abattery fluid level sensor

    A pump with 112 PVC pipe adapter A plastic wire tie for mounting the float

    switch A battery box A battery cap with a hole to accommodate

    the fluid sensor A battery charger

    You will also need to supply:

    A Basement Watchdog 7.5 Hour StandbyBattery, or another deep cycle battery (Do not use a maintenance-free or a sealedbattery.)

    112 rigid PVC pipe and fittings PVC cement and primer A rubber union with hose clamps or a Y

    connector and two (2) check valvesdepending on the installation method you use

    Six (6) quarts of 1.265 specific gravitybattery acid

    For narrow sump pits you will need someadditional parts:

    An L bracket at least 6 inches long.(Preferably one that will not rust.)

    Two (2) stainless steel hose clamps One (1) stainless steel screw (#8-32 x 3/4),

    a matching washer & nut

    System SpecificationsPower supply requirements . . . . . . 115 volts ACPumping capacity . . . . . . . . . . 2500 GPH @ 0Pumping capacity . . . . . . . . . 1730 GPH @ 10Pump dimensions . . . . . . . . . . 758 H x 5316 WPump dimensions w/elbow. . . . . . 758 H x 9 WPump housing & strainer . . . . . .Non-corrosive,

    will not rustPump . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Can run dry;

    can be used in sumps withwater softener or laundry discharge

    Float switch . . . . . . . . . . Independent; can be set at any level

    Replacement Parts ListDescription Part No.Pump 1011002Float switch assembly 1020003Fluid sensor assembly 1014001Pipe Adapter 1120002Charger 1015001Battery Box 1113003Corrosion protector 1305000Battery cap with hole 1125000

    Call 800-991-0466 to order parts.

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    Control Unit




    Wire Tie




    Fluid Sensor

  • Pump & PipeInstallation Instructions

    There are two basic methods that can be used toinstall the pump, a direct discharge to theoutside of the building, or a hookup to anexisting discharge pipe. The same two optionsapply in very narrow sump pits where the backuppump must be mounted above the main pump.

    Whenever possible, install your BasementWatchdog Special backup pump with a directdischarge to the outdoors. By using thismethod, there will always be an outlet for thewater from the sump. During times of very heavyrain, many storm sewers


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