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<ol><li> 1. The zoom here is effective as it allows the audience to focus on themask which is quite weird and scary. The posture of the man is alsoweird and the fact he has that mask in his hand causes the audience toknow that he may be a criminal or mischievous. The man is the onlyfocus in the shot and it subverts the fact that crime happens at nighttime as in this shot its broad daylight </li><li> 2. The close up shot here focuses the audience on the masks and thepull focus draws attention to the guy on the left which also makes theaudience aware of the masks, the different camera shots focus theaudience on the masks which will intensify the thought of crime </li><li> 3. The pull focus in this shot focuses the audience on the man on the right andtakes away the attention from the man on the left, but it also allows theaudience to focus on the man on the left due to his posture, he looks as if hewas about to do something to the man thats focused. The image shows theman is conflicting as he looks regretful due to the mask he is wearing, this alsoadds to the storyline as it communicates the robbery is compulsory and he maynot want to be a part of it </li><li> 4. Different facial codes are expressed on these masks, the effect this has is itadds comedy and might show each individuals personality. This is alsoeffective as it is resourceful in terms of power, each man gets shot aftertheir mask is shown. It also links to the storyline as each man is like aminiature joker, showing he has minions and they are inferior compared tothe Joker being superior. This also shows inferiority as theyre all in groups,however the Joker is always on his own </li><li> 5. This shot of this man as an member of the bank, shows hisconfidence and power as hes the only one not wearing a mask ashes not part of the criminals, him standing alone and having aweapon demonstrates a plot twist , emphasising the ideas alreadypresented of the film </li></ol>