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actorsChristian Bale is Bruce Wayne

Michael Caine is Alfred Pennyworth

Liam Neeson is Henri Ducard

Gary Oldman is James Gordon:

Cillian Murphy is Jonathan Crane

Tom Wilkinson is Carmine Falcone

DIRECTOR Christopher Nolan, also he did the film Memento(Amnesia).The film was release in 2005.

plotBegining: Bruce wayne was afraid by bats, and he fell in a water well , in the wather well there was many bats and they attack him.The film is about the begining of Batman, how bruce wayne turned to the Black night.

DRAMATIC MOMENTSA flashback where dad and mum of bruce wayne die.When Bruce Wayne found the batcave.When Batman fight with Falcones band.When Batman destroy the Scarecrows band.

Other aspectsThe soundndtrack of the film is amazing .The film is full of special effect.The costumes are so beautiful , specially the costume of Batman and the Scarecrow.

Interesting Film, so amazing and so worked.I really recomended to you because is a exciting film and you cant miss.

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