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rescue knots during emergency


<p>Basic Rescue Knots</p> <p>Good Qualities of knot.. A well-dressed knot is clean, has an adequate tail, is backed up if appropriate and is easy to inspect by touch and sight. Inspect able, secure, strong, easy to tie and untie. There are three types of Basic Knots applied during the rescue operation. 1. Anchor point knots 2. Knots joining two ropes 3. Special knots 1. Anchor point knots a. Bowline b. Clove hitch c. Figure of eight d. Figure of eight follow-up e. Thief knot</p> <p>2. Knots joining two ropes a. b. c. d. e. f. Single fisherman Double fisherman Sheet band Water knot Reef knot Carrick bend knot</p> <p>3. Special rescue knot a. b. c. d. e. f. Prusik knot Bowline with 3 loops Bowline with 2 loops Butterfly Bachman Clime hitch</p> <p></p>