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Basic Electricity Notes


The energy of moving charges (flow of electrons)

PERMANENT SOURCES Large amounts of electrical power produced by Generators. (power plants)

TEMPORARY SOURCES - Small amounts of electrical power produced by Cells. (batteries) ELECTROCHEMICAL CELL - Battery that produces energy through a chemical reaction. (disposable)

TEMPORARY SOURCES - ContinuedSTORAGE CELL Battery that needs to be charged in order to produce energy. (rechargeable)

What is Current Electricity?

6Current Electricity: the flow of electrons along a pathway (wire) from negative to positive.

Negative7Circuit: (from the root word circle) A pathway for electrons that ends at the same point it starts.

Negative8Complete or Closed Circuit: A circuit in which electrons can flow and complete the path from the negative to the positive terminal of the battery.

Negative9Incomplete or Open Circuit: A circuit in which electrons cannot flow and therefore cannot complete the path between the negative and positive terminals of the battery because of openings or breaks.10Incomplete or Open Circuit

11Electrical Device: any item used in an electric circuit.

121. Load:(L) An electrical device that uses or resists electricity.

132. Non-Load:(NL) An electrical device that does not use electricity and does not have any resistance.

143. Safety Devices: (SD) a non-load electrical device that controls the circuit.


CONDUCTOR - any material that allows electrons to flow. (metals)

NON-CONDUCTOR - any material that prevents electrons from flowing (non-metals)