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Cyber Crime

Cyber CrimeGroup 8Trn Minh Dng

What is Cybercrime?Cybercrime, orcomputer crime, is crime that involves computerand networkThe computer may be used as a tool, or it may be the target or both

There are two common kind of Cybercrime:+ Targeting computer networks or devices, including malware and denial-of-service (DoS) attacks+ Using computer networks as a tool to do other criminal activities including cyberstalking, phishing and fraud or identity theft

General Information about Computer VirusVirus is a program, a block of executable code, which attach itself to, overwrite or replace another program in order to reproduce itself without a knowledge of PC userThere are different type of virus which can infect difference parts of a system

TrojanUsually called as Trojan HorseUsually masked so that it look interestingDoing something else that the user think it would do, it could: Destroy system Stealing identity Money theft, ransom Spying, surveillance, stalkingA kind of virus but it doesnt reproduce

WormWorm is a program can replicate it self. It usually spreads over network connectionsDoes not need to attach it self to another programCould cause ransom attack, data theftUsually use to install backdoor on the host computer

BacteriaAlso known as rabbitIt replicates it self until the CPU, Memory, Diskspace of the host computer has been minimize so that the computer become unresponsiveCould cause denial of service

Logic bombA type of Trojan horse can be used to release virus or bacteriaIt only work at a specified date or condition

DoS basicDoS attack exhaust the victims resources, makes the victim, site or node to deny service to its customers, using a single hostDDoS (Distribute DoS) is similar to DoS but using multiple host

How to do DDoS attackNeed to build a network of computer to perform DDoS attackHack into hosts, install attack toolsHosts running these attack tools are known as zombiesMany zombies together form are called an armyBuilding an army is automated by using Virus, Worm and Trojan horse,

The hacker use handler(master) machines to specify type of attack and victims addressStart the attack either by remotely activating or by set time aheadThe slaves begin sending streams of attack packets to the victimAfter that, the users are denied services due to lack of resources

DDoS attackThere are mainly two kinds of DDoS attacks:Typical DDoS attack:

DDoS attackDRDoS attack:Slaves send a stream of packets with the victims address as the source IP address to other uninfected machines (reflectors)Reflectors connect to the victim and send greater volume of traffic because they believe the victim was asked for it

PhishingIs an Internet scam where user is fooled to give valuable informationThere are many Phishing method:Email and SpamWeb-based DeliveryInternet relay chat and Instant messageTrojan

Protect yourself in an online worldUsing a firewallFirewall is a piece of software sits between computer and the internet which allows certain types of data to crossScanning for malwareUse an anti-virus program to protect yourself, turn on the real-time scan to minimize the damage to your computerStay up-to-dateMake sure that your OS and anti-virus program are up to date to minimize the risk of being exploit

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