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<ul><li> 1. Baseball: By Nic Varda </li></ul> <p> 2. Because of the weather, the game was rained out. Baseball is something many of us cant do without. Its the only sport we get to see throughout the summer. When the game is postponed, it usually is a bummer. For a few lucky cities, they can close the roof up top. When playing indoors, rain will not make the game stop. However, in most cities, they have to play outside. When the rain comes down, there is no place to hide. It doesnt matter if your seats are in the lower or upper deck. If the game is called, they will only give you a rain check. You have to go home if the teams do not play. Just come back when the game is rescheduled another day. Rainouts: By Robert Pettit 3. I chose this poem because it describes rain outs perfectly. It takes me back to games that I have been in that have gotten rained out. This poem used rhyme scheme as another poetic device by rhyming the words at the end of the sentence every other line. 4. I chose this poem because I do the same thing in the batters box when I play. This poem uses onomatopoeia by saying the ball swooshes when it goes by third. Simile is also used to compare the ball flying to the wings of a bird. The mood this poem puts me in is to get right up and go play baseball. 5. This poem is good because it tells how Jackie Robinson changed the game of baseball by breaking the color barrier. This poem uses rhyme scheme by rhyming every line. I chose it because I am a big Jackie Robinson fan and love to read about him. Reading about Jackie Robinson always puts me in a good mood, like this poem did. 6. The slits of his eyes hidden in shadows beneath the bill of his cap, he watches and waits like a patient cat to catch what comes his way. Crack! and he pounces upon the ball, his hands flying above the grass, flinging his prey on its way across the diamond into a double-play. Shortstop: By Charles Ghigna 7. I chose this poem because it describes what a shortstop is all about. It puts me in a mood to go play shortstop. This poem uses simile by comparing the shortstop to a patient cat. Assonance is also used when the poem says crack of the bat. This poem makes me think about playing. 8. The days I miss of the game I love, early Spring, my Mazeroski glove, my baseball cards, clothespins, spokes; on Saturdays, I'd tell my folks that afternoons I must be gone; I'd race to where the Kelly's lawn met the endless St Jude's field, where heavy lumber kids would wield, where muddy balls were tossed around and mitts were left upon the ground when innings changed, so we could share (there weren't enough for all out there). But we played those days with all our might til calls to dinner brought the night (in summer, though, we might return with bellies full, more fuel to burn). Baseball then was everything - you played it, watched it, had cards to bring down the street to show your friends, to trade your doubles, though it depends upon the cards your buddies had and their condition: good or bad. Some trades you made, improved your stack, those yesterdays that won't be back. My springtime heart's forever full of the days I miss of the game I love The Game I Love: By John McCluskey 9. I chose this poem because it makes me think about the game of baseball. This was one of my favorite poems because how much it explains everything there is about baseball. This poem uses rhyme scheme by rhyming every line. Also, the author uses metaphor to compare a baseball bat to heavy lumber. The mood this poem puts me in is as relaxed mood because it makes me think of all the fun times I have had playing baseball. 10. OH, WHERE DID IT GO? THAT NICE FLUID SWING. GONE IN THE SUMMER IT WAS THERE IN THE SPRING. HITTIN' LIKE DIMAGGIO TED AND THE BABE. MAN, I HIT EVERYTHING WHATEVER THEY GAVE. WELL, "0 FOR 30" THAT'S WHERE I AM NOW. HACKIN' 'N SLASHIN' WAITIN' FOR "POW". MY COACHES AND FRIENDS THEY ALL SAY THE SAME. KEEP WORKIN', KEEP SWEATIN' YOU'LL BE BACK IN THE GAME. BUT FASTBALLS AND CURVEBALLS KNUCKLES AND CHANGE. THEY ALL SEEM TO VANISH IT ALL SEEMS SO STRANGE. OH, WHAT'S IT LIKE TO BE STANDING ON 1st? WHEN I DO HIT THE BALL WILL I STILL HAVE THE BURST? HOURS AND HOURS I'LL SPEND IN THE CAGE. DOING THE RIGHT THINGS CONTROLLING THE RAGE. HE SAID "IT'S NOT EASY" MY FATHER SAID THAT. "BUT WORK HARD AND SMILE AND, OH YES, KEEP SWINGING THE BAT. The Slump: By Chuck Snow 11. I like this poem because you could not describe a slump in any other way. I felt this poem was directly related to me. This poem uses assonance by saying Hackin N Slashin. I feel the tone of this poem is comedy. I feel this because I chuckled while reading it because of how it made a slump sound like such a comical thing when it is the worst thing ever in baseball. 12. it is a white ball against a sky so blue it hurts your eyes it is thick grass, so perfectly green day fading into evening as cheers fade to silence soft moonlight on an empty park full of promise with morning light crack of a bat, the graceful arc flies over the wall little white thing, focus of all eyes. it is breathing hard in soft evening air running the perfect white line to reach a base unending promise, untapped possibility beyond baseball, beyond a game it is beauty. Beyond A Game: By Jewel W. 13. I chose this because I feel it described the beauty of baseball. Just the way the author describes baseball just makes you think about it. This poem has imagery all over it. First it talks about the sky, and how it is so blue it hurts your eyes. Another example is the soft moonlight shining on the field. All this just makes me think about baseball. 14. Poised between going on and back, pulled Both ways taut like a tightrope-walker, Fingertips pointing the opposites, Now bouncing tiptoe like a dropped ball Or a kid skipping rope, come on, come on, Running a scattering of steps sidewise, How he teeters, skitters, tingles, teases, Taunts them, hovers like an ecstatic bird, He's only flirting, crowd him, crowd him, Delicate, delicate, delicate, delicate - now! The Base Stealer: By Robert Francis 15. I like how this poem makes it seem like you are about to steal a base. Just makes you think about what goes on right before you steal a base. This poem uses alliteration by saying tingles, teases, and taunts them. Also, the author uses simile by comparing a base runner to a hovering bird. Lastly, the author uses alliteration by repeating the word delicate many times. 16. I can feel the tension building, Our team's down by three - Bases are loaded, it's in the ninth inning, The batter stands there like a tree. His steady eyes pierce the man on the mound, Fierce concentration cuts all of the sound. He plants his feet, sure of his might, His grip on the bat, knuckles white. He takes the first strike, high inside corner, The second pitch flew - a wicked chin burner. He could feel the wind but never flinched, The next curved towards his knees, They moved not an inch. A hysterical crowd now wants to see blood - The noise drowns his brain Like a powerful flood. His gut says the pitcher's fast ball will end it, And when it comes, he'll know where to send it. His anger whipped the bat around - A deafening crack, right to the mound. But it was up and away, A four run homer that saved the day! The Batter: By Kenneth Hoffman 17. I chose this because I was on the edge of my seat when I read it. The way it describes the situation is great. I couldnt help but to imagine the situation and being up at bat in that situation . The tone of this poem is urgency. The game is on the line and you cant help but feel nervous for the batter. 18. The fans in the stands cheered Sun illuminated the field of play And the green grass swayed in the wind. The brown dust settled on my white pants As the fielders took their stance The pitcher glared at me, grinding her teeth. I tapped the aluminum bat against my spikes And I took my stance. I shut my mind down and Concentrated only on the white Sphere hurtling toward me I swung my bat in A perfect arch There was a reassuring THUNK As bat mated with ball. A jolt ran up my shoulders And I stood transfixed As the ball flew over The heads of the Infielders Outfielders The crowd roared as That perfect ball Sailed over The white, picket fence. Going Home: By Kristin Betzler 19. I chose this because it describes what goes on while you are in the box. This poem uses onomatopoeia by saying thunk when the ball hit the bat. The poem also uses imagery by saying how the jolt ran up his shoulder while he was in the box. This poem just puts it in perfect words how everyone is before and after the pitch. 20. Just because Im a ballplayer dont hate me because of my swag dont be jealous still, I know I am better than you Just because Im a ballplayer It doesnt mean Im cocky It doesnt mean I sit on my butt all day It doesnt make me mad when soccer players think they are sweet Just because Im a ballplayer still, I am a great athlete but not all see the work I put in Just because Im a ballplayer I know I have what it takes Just because 21. Baseball Exciting, intense Hitting, throwing, swinging Bat, hat, shin guards, goals Running, falling, crying Boring, stupid soccer Diamonte 22. Baseball is red and white. It tastes like summer. It sounds like fans cheering. And smells like fresh cut grass. It looks like the most fun thing in the world. And makes you feel like nothing else matters. Credo 23. Haiku A long baseball game. Everyone comes to watch. Winning is no choice. 24. Limerick There was once a man who played baseball. He was very good and very tall. But he developed a cold. He was forced to be sold. He wrote a book about his fall. </p>