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  • My names Bartek SynoradzkiI come from Czestochowa, Poland and Im 18

  • I study at the Academic High School (Liceum Akademickie) in CzstochowaOn this picture you can see my school the main entrance of the Polonia University the patron of our highschoolThe school is near the Jasna Gra Monastery (is the most famous shrine to theVirgin Maryin Poland and the country's greatest place ofpilgrimage)


  • The Jasna Gra and Black Madonna :

  • My hobby:SportsMoviesPolitics

  • My favorite writer is Harlan Coben.He is an American author of mystery novels and thrillers.He writes about unfinished cases in the past.

  • I can advise you this four books

  • Thank you for your attention.



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