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Product Development PortfolioGary NoeOwner/EEBandFive Enterprises, LLC

Complete Hardware Development: BandFive Enterprises MicroFlex D ExpressPrototyping Platform

Lead EE: Lexmark 5770 First Generation Photo Printer

Lead EE: Lexmark P450 Photo Printer with CD ROM Burner

Lead EE: Lexmark N1 Inkjet Ethernet Adapter. - First Generation Inkjet Network Adapter

Lead EE: Magnavox VideoWriter First Generation Portable Word Processor

Staff EE: Magnavox Odyssey 3 Video Game Console

Staff EE: Magnavox Laser Disk Player

Lead Contract EE for Tempur+Sealy Electromechanical R&DSystem Engineer and Development EE for Lexmark Inkjet Auto Alignment and Media Sense systems. High volume production.System Engineer and Development EE for Lexmark Mono Laser Toner Density Sensor System. High volume production.Lead EE for Lexmark Hand Printing technology development.System Engineer for Xerox/ACS portable imaging system used to capture images in the Library of Congress and INS offices.System Administrator of a 20 workstation Silicon Graphics network at Lexmark used for plastic part design and flow analysis.EE responsible for the transfer of PCBA production from Encad to Lexmark to support inkjet plotter production.

Additional Projects

7,262,745: Snap in antenna assembly for wireless radio circuit card7,628,623: Memory card bezel for an apparatus7,661,814: Hand Held micro-Fluid ejection devices configured to block printing based on printer orientation and method of blocking7,784,933: Smart projector guides for hand printers8,092,006: Handheld printer configuration8,210,758: Guiding a hand-operated printer7,748,839: Handheld printing with reference indicia2007/0237560 (Published Application): Stand-alone hand-held printer and systems with display for print quality1 patent pendingPatents

Gary NoeOwner/EEwww.bandfive.netgarynoe@bandfive.netPhone: 859.254.4861Fax: 859.201.1301Your Product Development Partner


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