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  • Personal Information





    Date of Birth /Place

    Work permit


    OCT 2012-APR 2015

    Academic Projects

    Master Thesis

    OCT 2014-APR 2015


    JUN 2014-SEP 2014

    SEP 2013-MAY 2014

    MAY 2013-SEP 2013

    Master of Science, International Graduate Studies (IGS) in Chemistry.

    University of Siegen, Germany, GPA 2,0

    Scholarship -3,600eurosDeutschland stipendium, Studienforderfonds Siegen e.V

    University of Siegen, Germany.

    Investigation and synthesis of metal mediated coupling reactions of cationic hetarenes - Benzo [b]

    quinolizinium derivatives.

    Developed new synthetic strategy for the targeted product and established retrosynthetic analysis schemes.

    Extensive literature research using SciFinder, e Molecules and portrayed schemes in ChemBioDraw, ISIS, ChemDoodle.

    Investigated on Pd-mediated cross-coupling reactions in C-H, C-X (Br, I, OTs, Tf) and C-B activation.

    Practiced TLC, column chromatography (Flash, IEX, and SEC), HPLC, and GC-MS principles for purification process.

    Isolated new innovative unknown coupling derivatives in moderate to good yields with high purity.

    Characterized the unknown organic compounds with advanced spectroscopy (UV-Vis, IR, 1D and 2D NMR, ESI-MS).

    Reported the obtained results and writing manuscript discussions for research publications.

    1. Synthesis of the macro molecular C-C coupled organic compounds by Sonogashira coupling- Metal phenanthroline complex Nano switches-University of Siegen.

    Investigated on Heteroleptic and Homoleptic self-molecular assemblies and molecular Nano switches.

    Performed Multi-Step complex organic reactions and isolated the desired products in good yields.

    Synthesized Cu and Zn ligated molecular Nano switch as a catalytic ON/OFF station.

    2. Synthesis of [2, 2, 2] heptamethine bridged cyanine dyes-A selective G-Quadruplex DNA stabilizing ligand Probes-University of Siegen.

    Synthesized and isolated new unknown 2 biologically active cyanine class of dyes, through multi-step organic synthesis.

    Characterized the isolated compounds by COSY, HSQC, HMBC, NOESY and ESI-MS.

    Investigated on binding interactions of cyanine dyes with duplex Calf Thymus DNA (Ct DNA) and telomere sequence (G-Quadruplex) DNA.

    Applied bio-analytical methods; such as CD, LD, Fluorimetry, photometry, FRET thermal stability analysis, NMR, dialysis, Iso-thermal calorimeter for binding studies.

    Developed new G-quadruplex stabilizing Intercalators.

    3. Quantitative determination of diclofenac concentrations in environmental water samples and obtaining LOD and LOQ limits-Liquid chromatography-Electrospray Ionization-

    Triple quadruple mass spectroscopy in SIM mode (LC-ESI-QQQ/MS- University of


    Environmental samples concentrated through Solid extraction principle and analytical samples of desired concentrations were developed through serial dilutions.

    Developed method of analysis for the hybrid analytical system HPLC-ESI-QQQ/MS in

    selective ion mode.

    Bandaru Siva Sankar Murthy

    Siegener Str.24, 57223, Kreuztal, Deutschland

    +49 17641776947,

    05.08.1985 / Bihar, Indien


    Curriculum Vitae

  • JAN 2009- JAN 2010

    APR 2005-AUG 2007

    Master Thesis

    FEB 2007-AUG 2007

    MAR 2002-APR 2005

    Professional Experience

    JAN 2015-Present

    JAN 2011- SEP 2012

    FEB 2010-DEC 2010

    PG Diploma In Clinical Research

    Institute of Clinical Research India, Hyderabad.

    Sponsored by Abbott India Ltd. Professionally trained in

    Basics of Clinical research, ethical principles of biomedical research involving human subjects (CIOM guidelines).

    ICH-GCP E6 Guidelines, Ethics in Clinical research, Regulations (Schedule Y, New Drug Applications) and quality and SAE (Serious Adverse Event Reporting) in clinical research.

    Prepared CRF (Case Record Forms), IC (Informed Consent forms), PI (Patient Information sheets), Protocol designing.

    Conducted PMS (Post Marketing Surveillance Studies)

    Clinical data management, Trail management, drug safety and pharmacovigilance.

    Master of Science, Specialization Organic Chemistry.

    Andhra University, India, GPA- 1,7

    Synthesis novel 4-substituted arylidene-2-[5-(2, 6-dichloropheny) -3-methyl-1, 2-oxazol-4-yl] -1, 3-


    Synthesized biologically active dye complex through multi-step organic synthesis and isolated the pure compound through flash column, size exclusion, ion-exchange

    chromatography methods and identified through advanced spectroscopy principles Bachelors Of Science, (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry).

    Andhra University, India. GPA- 1.5

    University of Siegen, Germany

    Scientific Research associate

    Designing new fused heterocyclic DNA binding (intercalating or Groove binding) organic compounds.

    Retrosynthesis, planning organic reaction schemes and researching through scientific literature using SciFinder, ChemSpider, REAXYS.

    Performing Multi-step organic synthesis, isolating, purifying through chromatography or recrystallization and characterizing the unknown derivatives through advanced

    spectroscopic methods (UV-Vis, IR, NMR and ESI-MS).

    Reporting results on regular basis in monthly team meets through Power point presentations.

    Generating manuscripts for new results and preparing the descriptions for the scientific publications.

    Merck Sharp & Dhome Pharmaceuticals India Ltd.

    Designation: Business Manager (Endocrinology)

    Scientific support to the marketing team and organizing training sessions for a group of 5 people on pharmacology and chemistry of DPP-4 inhibitor (Sitagliptin) and GLP-1

    receptor agonists.

    Conducted Continuous medical education sessions for the medical fraternity.

    Prepared quarterly budget plan for the scientific marketing activities. Improved sales of JANUVIATM with 100% target achievements.

    AstraZeneca pharmaceuticals India.

    Designation: Scientific Officer (Endocrinology)

    Organized scientific pharmacology studies (PMS) data of Saxagliptin- ONGLYZATM (DPP-4 inhibitor) for the launch in to the Indian pharmaceutical market.

    Intensive clinical data management for safety reports.

    Regular contacts with clinical research coordinators and documenting the PI data, SAE information.

    Professionally trained in Novel approach in Diabetes management-DPP-4 inhibitors and incretin- based therapies

  • JAN 2008- JAN 2010

    Competitive skills




    Abbott India Ltd.

    Designation: QC & QA executive for 1 year and promoted to Hyderabad regional office as business

    training executive.

    Performed IPQC, Finished product HPLC, GC, and dissolution analysis and developed

    Certification of Analysis (COA), maintained Method of Analysis (MOA) records.

    Controlling the BMR records and other qualitative analysis reports for Audits.

    Professionally trained in Pharmacology, Anatomy & Physiology and Marketing

    communication soft skills. Monitoring product sales and managing stakeholders for product market availability.

    English (Fluent)/ Deutsch (Good)/ Hindi (Fluent)/ Telugu (Native Speaker)

    State level professional cricket player.

    Playing Indian flute (Bansuri) classical.

    Prof. Dr. H.K. Ihmels, University of Siegen Organic chemistry professor and Supervisor. Dr. Yerramsetty Nanaji, University of Siegen- Lab supervisor. Prof. Dr. Engelhard, University of Siegen- Analytical chemistry professor.

    Contact details of the referees can be provided upon request.

    I hereby confirm the information provided by me is true to the best of my knowledge

    Bandaru Siva Sankar Murthy