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Introduction to the Balanced Team group for a Salon at Carbon Five in the Spring of 2014 from Courtney Hemphill @chemphill Presented at the Balanced Team San Francisco Salon April 24, 2014


  • 1. Balanced Team Salon Spring / San Francisco #btsfsalon

2. Some History 3. Born of Agile 4. Cooper vs Beck 5. Raised by Design 6. Product ownership is a team effort 7. My intro 8. Engaged 9. Contributing 10. Values Self-Organizing Collaborative Multidisciplinary Trusting Respectful 11. Ground Rules Honor time limits Be additive, not repetitive Participate fully, take risks Be open to new ideas Be respectful of those talking or presenting Take care in choosing what you share to the outside world 12. Summits 13. Balanced Team Summit Spring 2014 14. Salons 15. Scale images to fill the entire frame, if possible. Balanced Team Salon NYC Spring 2014 16. Cocktails 17. Eat, drink, rebalance 18. Agenda 6PM - Food and libation 6:30PM - Short Balanced Team History 6:45-7:15PM - 2 Lightening Talks 7:15-7:35PM - Fishbowl Ideation 7:35PM - Fishbowl Voting 7:45PM - Fishbowl Drinks until 9PM

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