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  • Viral Videos that Fly!

  • We Teamed Up!

  • To Bring you The Power of

    Viral Video Marketing

  • Miral Dera 17 years of experience

    Creative Director

    8 Years Creative Lab

    9 Years Lowe Lintas-Look Advertising

  • Ahmed Bahaa

    10 Years Developing Digital Strategies for Top Spend Brands

    3 years Online Video Content Marketing

    Digital Media Portals Business Developer

    X-Yahoo! Egypt Head Of Sales

    Founder - NoName! Digital Marketing Agency

  • Hazem Baraka 19 years management consultation

    specialized in Digital Marketing and Sales, A Business Excellence Trainer,

    Assessor and Consultant, head of internet committee in CIT

    Founder of Baraka One Web media

    production and youtube channel partner since 2010.

    Internile digital marketing founder since 2003.

    Media Production, YouTube Partner and Digital Marketing Agency

    A newly created sister company of Baraka Media

    Productions & Baraka Design Sample Production

  • a creative window through which your fans engage with your brand & share it with their

    friends creating a viral effect

    The Viral Video Effect

  • creates Videos with a twist for your brand that will achieve the Earned Media


    The Power of Earned Media

  • Is a one stop shop that Creates, Seeds & Promotes your Viral Video online to Harness

    the Power of Viral Marketing & Earned Media for your Brand.

    All at pre-set reasonable budgets (so no surprises!)

    Create, Seed, Promote, Harness!

  • Insights

  • Users go online mainly for Entertainment

  • Best strategy to grab their attention is


  • Highest online media consumption is Video

  • Highest online media consumption is Video

  • Second highest visited internet destination after Google Search is


  • The marketing guru Seth Godin said:

    Content marketing is all the marketing thats left.

  • The marketing guru Seth Godin said:

    "The steep rise in digital media has meant that a logo and tagline are not nearly sufficient to provide

    consistent, relevant branding

  • The marketing guru Seth Godin said:

    "Whats needed, clearly, is a disciplined, repeatable process that enables a brand and its agencies to

    locate, define and craft consistent Marketing Campaigns

  • Conclusion?

  • Make sure you have truly compelling brand stories that unite brand attributes

    and business goals with deep audience interests and


  • Use Video with a Story telling strategy to grab the attention of online consumers to create the Viral effect of users sharing and tagging friends, family & business partners

  • Services

  • Balacona will

    Come up with the story to tell

    Handle video production

    Deliver a video ready for Online use

    Packages Starting from EGP30,000 per video

  • At an extra cost Balacona can also

    Seed your Viral Video to online communities (Baraka1Web has more than 200 Youtube Channels with Facebook Pages)

    Provide a media plan to boost your online video viewership on Youtube, Facebook & Google Network (Starting from EGP50,000 budget)

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  • Share it on your Social Platform!

  • Share it on your Social Platform!

  • Start Earning Media, Start Going Viral, Start Harnessing

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