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    This project on Accounting System and Procedure in SAP

    provides me a platform to understand the Accounting Policies

    Accounting system and procedures of a Company! Project is very

    much fruitful for me for my Professional Carrier "evelopment!

    #t is a great pleasure to e$press my deep sense of gratitude to D*.

    V"3& S/*' (D"*&c!o* PGDM))as my project guide for e$tending

    their %hole hearted cooperation and directing during the course of

    training and preparation of this project! # am deeply inedited for the

    &no%ledge thus also given to me an inspiring 'eal and valua(lesuggestion from this time to complete this project!

    # am than&ful to S/. J"!&*. D"7"! )*" +,inance - Accounts.

    for giving me the interesting topic for developing my accounting

    s&ills - for getting &no%ledge of %orld fame accounting soft%are

    for my carrier gro%th!

    # %ould also li&e to ac&no%ledge M*. Su*4/ M"%/*, A%%!.

    O88"c&* +,inance - Accounts.! )e %as my project supervisor and

    provided me complete support - motivation for completing the

    project during my summer training!# am also than&ful to all Account Store - )/ staff for their &ind

    co0operation for completing my project!

    # am also e$tremely than&ful to all of my friends and my parents

    %ho had given me great love and cooperation and (rought

    confidence in me to complete this project!

    Gu*6"&* S"#/

    PGDM 5* S&'

    KCMT Bareilly Page 2

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    # here(y declare that the %u''&* !*""# project titled Accou!"#

    S$%!&' P*oc&u*& " SAP+B99 H"u%!/ L! done inGo- Go*!/ R"o! This is su(mitted (y me as a part of our

    curriculum in partial fulfillment of the re1uirement for the a%ard of the


    of Khandel%al College of Management Science and Technology Bareilly

    approved (y A#CT2 Ministry of )/" 3ovt! of #ndia!

    D!&2 Gu*6"&* S"#/

    P-c&2 B*&"--$ PGDM 5*S&'

    KCMT Bareilly Page 3

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    Page 5o!

    #ntroduction of the organi'ation 67 0 89

    *(jective of the Study 8: ; 87

    SAP #ntroduction 8< 0 7=

    /esearch Methodology 78 ; 74

    S>*T Analysis 79 ; 7:

    ,inding and Conclusion 77 ; 7?


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    The 3roup came into e$istence during the turmoil and the heady

    euphoria of #ndias freedom struggle! L!& S/*" J'-- B99 9",

    founder of the Bajaj 3roup %as a confidante and disciple ofMahatma 3andhi and %as deeply involved in the effort for

    freedom! The integrity dedication resourcefulness and determination

    to succeed %hich are characteristic of the company today are often

    traced (ac& to its (irth during those long days of relentless

    devotion to a common cause!

    1'- $, !/& &-&%! %o o8 J'-- B99, %ucc&&& /"%

    8!/&* " ; at the age of t%enty0seven! Putting the 5ation

    (efore (usiness he devoted himself to the later only after #ndiaachieved independence in =?9

    heart and soul into it! >ithin a short %hile he not only

    consolidated the Bajaj 3roup (ut also diversified into various

    manufacturing activities elevating the Bajaj 3roup to the status it

    enjoys till this day!

    Bajaj )industhan imited +B). %as incorporated on 84rd 5ovem(er

    =?4= under the name 0 The )industhan Sugar Mills imited ;

    The site selected for the first plant %as at 3ola go&arannath district

    a&himpur Kheri in the Terai region of ttar Pradesh +P. an area rich

    in sugar cane! The original capacity of the factory %as 966 tons of cane

    crushed per day +tcd.! Su(se1uently this capacity %as increased in stages

    and is currently =4666 tcd! The distillery nit at this plant commenced

    production during the end of >orld >ar ## in =?99! #n the initial fe%

    years the major output %as in the form of po%er alcohol as an additive to

    petrol %hich %as then in short supply! The unit %as the first to supply

    alcohol0mi$ed petrol to the army!

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    #n =?7

  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


    T/& Co'0$ /% %"7!&& Su#* P-!% u&* B&* o8 B99

    H"u%!/ L"'"!&


    UNITS Districts Sugar TCD

    1 GolaGokarannath LakhimpurKheri 13

    ! "aliakalan LakhimpurKheri 11

    3 Kham#arkhera LakhimpurKheri 1

    $ %arkhera "ili#hit &

    ' (a)su*pur Shah+anpur &

    , Kinauni (eerut 1!

    & %ilai %i+nor -

    Thana #ha/an (u0ararnagar -

    - %u*hana (u0ararnagar -

    1 "ratappur Deoria ,

    11 Kun*erki Gon*a 1'

    1! Utraula %alrampur 1!

    13 Gangnauli Saharanpur -

    1$ 2a*auli %asti &

    1' %asti sugar mill %asti 1

    1, Go#in*nagar %asti

    KCMT Bareilly Page 9

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    PROCESSM" R6 M!&*"- " !/& 0*oc&%% '"# %u#* 2


    Sugarcane is (roadly classified into three varieties G0

    2arly general and unapproved! Cane is so%ed during ,e(ruary and

    *cto(er every year! The first seed gro%th is &no%n as the plant and

    su(se1uent gro%th after harvesting from the stem is &no%n as /atoon!

    2very farmer %ithin the command area of the Mill is provided %ith a

    calendar %hich tells him %hen he can e$pect a Mill Supply Tic&et

    +Purchy. against %hich he %ill deliver the sugarcane!

    )e then harvests the cane and transports it either in a (ulloc& cart or

    tractor trolley to the mill! Cane is also (ought at the mills o%n centers

    %ithin the command area! This cane is then transported in truc&s or

    through rail to the mill!

    Cane is %eighed using an electronic %eigh (ridge and unloaded into cane

    carriers! #t is then prepared for milling (y &nives and shredders!

    Sugarcane juice is then e$tracted (y pressing the prepared cane through

    mills! 2ach mill consists of three rollersG

    2$tracted juice mi$ed %ith %ater is %eighed and sent to the (oiling

    house for further processing! /esidual (agasse is sent to (oilers for use as

    fuel for steam generation

    KCMT Bareilly Page 12

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    This juice is heated and then treated %ith mil& of lime and sulphur

    dio$ide! The treated juice is then further heated and sent to clarifiers for

    continuous settling! The clear juice is evaporated to a syrup stage

    (leached (y sulphur dio$ide and then sent to vacuum pans for further

    concentration and sugar grain formation!

    Thus the original syrup is desugarised progressively +normally three

    times. till finally a viscous li1uid is o(tained from %hich sugar can no

    longer (e recovered economically! This li1uid %hich is called final

    molasses is sent to the distillery for ma&ing alcohol!

    The sugar thus is separated from molasses in the centrifuge is dried

    (agged +:6 Kg and =66 Kg. %eighed and sent to storage houses!

    Sugar is made in different si'es and accordingly classified into various

    grades i!e! large medium and small!

    KCMT Bareilly Page 13

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    V"%"o, M"%%"o @ Fu!u*&


    Ou* V"%"o

    To (e the leader in our chosen (usiness area create an

    organi'ation that all our constituents are proud to (e associated

    %ith set (enchmar&s that %ill (ecome the standard for others to

    emulate and through ethical (usiness practices create %ealth for oursta&eholders!

    Ou* M"%%"o

    To transform (ajaj hindusthan ltd! #nto a dynamic and vi(rant

    (usiness entity %here gro%th is an ethos and the long0term valuecreation for our sta&eholders is the paramount o(jective!

    Fu!u*& P-%

    Bajaj hindusthan ltd! invested for Coal (ased Po%er 3eneration

    Plant +4?76 M>. at alitpur +!P!. - hoping for its success!

    KCMT Bareilly Page 15

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    ;. Sh! Shishir BajajChairman - Managing "irector +Promoter.

    >.Sh! Kushagra Bajaj

    Iice Chairman - Eoint Managing "irector +Promoter.

    KCMT Bareilly Page 16

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    Bo* o8 D"*&c!o*%

    5.Sh! "! S! Mehta5on02$ecutive "irector

    =.M! ! Apte"irector +#ndependent.

    ./! I! /uia5on02$ecutive "irector +#ndependent.

    .Alo& Krishna Agar%al5on02$ecutive "irector +#ndependent.

    ."! K! Shu&la5on02$ecutive "irector +#ndependent.

    ."r! Sanjeev Kumar"irector +Corporate - egal Affairs.

    KCMT Bareilly Page 17

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    M*&!"# S!*!"&%

    =. Centrali'e Sale through Authori'ed Agents!

    8. Price determination through open mar&et no control

    over sugar prices!

    4. Transportation through rail and road!

    9. ong distance delivery through %are houses!

    M9o* Co'0&!"!o*% " I"

    =. Balrampur Chini Mills td

    8. Andhra Sugars td

    4. Thiru Arooran Sugars td!

    9. "hampur Sugar td!

    KCMT Bareilly Page 18

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    Go3&*'&! Po-"c"&%Sugar is the second largest agro0processing industry in

    #ndia after te$tiles! Sugar (eing an essential commodity

    and having a high %eightage +4!74 J. in the >P# is

    regulated (y the 3overnment through control on cane

    pricing e$ternal trade and control on sugar that can (e

    sold in the open mar&et! "omestic sugar sales are

    regulated (y the Central 3overnment %hich decides ho%

    much a mill can sell in the open mar&et i!e! free sale

    1uota and ho% much is to (e released (y the mills

    for distri(ution through the pu(lic distri(ution system that

    is levy 1uota %hich is presently at =6J! evy sugar

    prices are usually lo%er than mar&et prices! Sugar sales

    are su(ject to release orders from time to time!

    /epresentations have (een made to the 3overnment

    agencies for reduction in %eightage of sugar in >P#from 4!7= to =!7D!

    The 3overnment of #ndia had introduced a num(er of

    measures to provide relief to the sugar industry during

    the last year li&e allo%ing the e$port of sugar and

    introduction of e$port and transport su(sidies creation on

    of five million metric tones of (uffer stoc& providing

    interest0free medium term loans to sugar industries

    e1uivalent to e$cise duty paid in the ,! 866706< and866

  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


    M9o* P*o4-&'%R"%% Coc&*%

    Sugar industry is cyclical in nature - primarily faces the

    follo%ing ris&sG

    I. Uco!*o--4-& R"%% 2

    A! /a% material ris&

    B! Sugar price ris&

    C! /egulatory ris&

    A. R6 '!&*"- *"%

    Sugarcane is the principal ra% material used for the

    production of sugar! Business depends on the availa(ility

    of sugarcane and any shortage of sugarcane may adversely

    affect operations! A variety of factors (eyond our control

    may contri(ute to a shortage of sugarcane in any given

    harvest period! Some of the main factors that could

    contri(ute to a shortage of sugarcane are set forth


    i. "iversion from cane production to other cash crops!

    ii. Adverse %eather conditions crop disease!

    iii. "rop in "ra%l rate!

    iv. nremunerative cane procurement price declared (y the

    State 3overnment andHor Central 3overnment!

    The Company has sought to mitigate ra% material

    availa(ility ris& (y diversifying into multiple locations

    KCMT Bareilly Page 20

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    %ithin ttar Pradesh and at the same time has an

    impecca(le record of cordial relationship %ith farmers!

    B. Su#* 0*"c& *"%

    The mar&et price for sugar is function of demand and

    supply! ,luctuations in demand and supply for various

    reasons includingG

    i. changes in the availa(ility and price of sugarcaneL

    ii. variances in the production capacities of our


    iii. the availa(ility of su(stitutes for the sugar

    productsL and

    iv. #nternational demand and supply!

    C. Ru-!o*$ *"%

    i! 2nvironmental ris&s

    The #ndustry - Company is su(ject to environmentalregulations and may (e e$posed to lia(ility as a result

    of our handling of ha'ardous materials and potential costs

    for environmental compliance!

    ii! 3overnment policy0related ris&s

    The #ndustry is regulated and the Company operates in a

    regulated environment! Central and State government policies

    and regulations affect the agricultural sector and related

    KCMT Bareilly Page 21

  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


    industries and affect our operations and our profita(ility!

    2thanol (usiness is highly dependent on 3overnment policy!

    Sugarcane price is controlled (y the State government and

    is generally increased every year! This is a systemic ris&

    %hich cannot (e alleviated unless the industry iscompletely decontrolled!

    Co!*o--4-& R"%% G

    =! Productivity

    8! "ra%l rate

    4! Management Band%idth

    Selection of appropriate machinery and maintenance of

    the same is critical for continuous operations during the

    crushing season! The Company consistently operates at an

    optimum capacity of around ?6J to ?:J! >ith itsleadership position in the industry and professional %or&

    practices the Company is a(le to hire and retain

    appropriate talent!

    KCMT Bareilly Page 22

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    Ac/"&3&'&!% o8 BHLBajaj )industhan td )!/! %as a%arded Amity )/

    2$cellence A%ard (y Amity #nternational Business School

    5oida during its ,ifth Annual 3lo(al )/ Summit for

    the e$emplary acceleration and development of the

    organi'ation (y managing a talent pool in a talent scarce

    macro0environment thus achieving unprecedented gro%th (y

    utili'ing its human capital! @uality Circle %as introducedin all units to improve and maintain the 1uality services!

    A need0(ased training calendar has (een designed at all

    the units! This mainly comprises of Training on Safety

    )ouse0&eeping ,ire ,ighting Communication s&ills team

    (uilding etc! 5eed0(ased Training programs %ere organi'ed

    at units and corporate office (y internal and e$ternal

    faculties! #nduction programs are regularly conducted at unit

    level and *ffices (y )/ department for all the ne%


    B) introduced scheme for yearly Medical )ealth Chec&0

    up for Management grade employees across the group! ,or

    this )/ department has arranged some recogni'ed hospitals

    to ensure genuine chec&ups!

    >elfare Activities li&e Medical chec&0up camp for

    employees and farmers at nits and ,lood relief camps

    %as set up for villagers at units of 2astern and Central'one food pac&ets and medicines %ere distri(uted at flood

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    The (asic o(jectives of the project %ere as follo%ingG

    To understand the accounting system in


    To understand the procedure in SAP

    +Accounting Pac&age.!

    KCMT Bareilly Page 26

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    KCMT Bareilly Page 27

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    SAP A I!*ouc!"o

    ,ull 5ame 0 Systeme An%endungen and produ&te in der

    datenverar(eitung +System Analysis - Program "evelopment.

    #ndustry 0 2nterprise Soft%are

    ,ounded 0 >einheim 3ermany +=?orld%ide

    /evenue 0 N =9!844 (illion +86==.

    >e(site 0 %%%!SAP!com

    KCMT Bareilly Page 28
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    Co"# S!*uc!u*& "

    BHL 8o* u%"# SAPBajaj )industhan imited uses a series of codes to

    identify various entities!

    =. The highest0level identification is the Co'0$ Co&%!

    The Company Code is a four0digit code that identifies a

    separate accounting entity %ithin the SAP /H4 system!

    Co! Code "escription

    =666 Bajaj )industhan imited

    8. Cost o(jects are the fund level of identification! A

    cost o(ject can (e a Profit center Business place Cost

    center >BS element - #nternal *rder! Brief Sample

    information regarding the logic and organi'ation of cost

    o(jects are as (elo% G0

    P*o8"! C&!&*%

    P*o8"! c&!&* D&%c*"0!"o

    =66=6= B) 3ola Sugar

    =66=68 B) 3ola "istillery

    =66=64 B) 3ola Co03en

    =6686= B) Palia Sugar

    =66868 B) Palia "istillery

    =66864 B) Palia Co03en

    Bu%"&%% P-c&

    P*o8"! c&!&* D&%c*"0!"o

    =66= B) 3ola Sugar

    =668 B) 3ola "istillery

    =664 B) 3ola Co03en

    =6== B) Palia Sugar

    =6=8 B) Palia "istillery=6=4 B) Palia Co03en

    KCMT Bareilly Page 32

  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


    Co%! C&!&*

    Co%! C&!&* Co& D&%c*"0!"o

    =66=6=AC6= Accounts "epartment

    =66=6=)/6= )/ and Personal

    =66=6=#A6= #nternal Auditors

    =66=6=3A6= 3eneral Admin

    =66=6=)C6= )orticulture

    =66=6=36= egal

    =66=6=#T6= #T "epartment

    =66=6=#"6= #ndirect Ta$

    =66=6=P"6= Project "epartment

    =66=6=,A6= ,actory *verhead

    =66=6=S"6= Sales "epartment

    =66=6=2)6= 2nvironment - )ealth

    =66=6=P/6= Production "epartment

    =66=6=236= 2ngineering "epartment

    =66=6=ST6= Store "epartment

    =66=6=@C6= Analytical a(

    WBS E-&'&!%

    WBS E-&'&! D&%c*"0!"o

    866?0ST/0P*)06= =8: KIA "3 Set

    866?0SB"50C#I064 4 Bed /oom flat866D0SB#0P*)068 4 M> Tur(ine

    866?0S350B/06= 4: Ton Boiler

    866?0S3*0C#I09< =86 Ton Pan /oofing

    KCMT Bareilly Page 33

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    I!&*- O*&*

    The ne$t level of identification indicates the particular

    e$penses center position! This is a ten0digit num(er called


    T$0& O*&* D&%c*"0!"o

    66= 3olQcnQ$$$$ Mill gate

    668 3olQcnQ$$$$ Ban&ey gunj

    $$$ 3ol dev $$$$ Cane survey %or&

    $$$ 3ol dev $$$$ ,ormer meeting

    $$$ 3ol m&t $$$$ Eeep hire

    $$$ 3ol m&t $$$$ Pantry e$penses

    Co''"!'&! Co&%

    This is a special feature of SAP for controlling the

    Budgets! 2$penses can not (oo&ed over feeded (udget in

    the commitment item!

    5) "ocument type in SAP %ith description

    T$0& D&%c*"0!"o

    AA Asset posting

    AB Accounting document

    A, "ep! Posting

    A5 5et asset posting

    CA Cash journal

    C) Contract settlement"A Customer document

    "3 Customer credit memo

    "/ Customer invoice

    " Customer payment

    2 2uro rounding diff!

    2R 2$ternal num(er

    KA Iendor document

    K3 Iendor credit memo

    K5 5et vendorsKP Account maintenance

    KCMT Bareilly Page 34

  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


    K/ Iendor invoice

    K Iendor payment

    M M settlement

    5 r end prov +CA gr.

    9. The 3H Account designates the type of revenue

    e$pense or (alance sheet item (eing recorded (y a

    transaction! The 3H account is a eight digit num(er!

    The first digit of the 3H Account se1uence indicates the

    (road type of account!

    =$$$$$$$ ia(ility8$$$$$$$ Assets

    4$$$$$$$ #ncome9$$$$$$$ 2$penditure


    Share capital ==6=$$$$ 21uity share capital

    /eserve - surplus =86=$$$$ Capital reserve

    =868$$$$ /evaluation reserve

    =864$$$$ Capital redemptionreserve

    =869$$$$ Share premium


    =86:$$$$ #nvestment allo%ance


    =867$$$$ Contingency reserve

    =86or&ing capital

    loan account

    nsecured loans =96=$$$$ Short term loans

    =9:6$$$$ *ther loans

    "eferred ta$


    =:66$$$$ "eferred ta$

    lia(ility=:66$$$$ "eferred ta$ asset

    KCMT Bareilly Page 35

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  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


    Sugar sales 4=6=$$$$ Sugar sale free aHc

    4=6=$$$$ Sugar sale levy


    Alcohol sales 4=68$$$$ Sale of rectified

    spirit4=68$$$$ Sale of a(solute


    Molasses sales 4=64$$$$ Molasses sales aHc

    Bagasse sales 4=69$$$$ Baled (agasse aHc

    4=69$$$$ oose (agasse aHc

    Press mud sales 4=6:$$$$ Press mud sales


    *ther income 4868$$$$ Miscellaneous sales

    4869$$$$ Miscellaneous receipt


    Material cost 9=6=$$$$ Cane

    9=68$$$$ Molasses

    Change in stoc&s 986=$$$$ Cost of goods


    9868$$$$ Material in process9864$$$$ Cost of good sold

    Manpo%er cost 946=$$$$ Salaries %ages


    2$cise duty 9966$$$$ 2$cise duty

    *ther e$penses 9:6=$$$$ Manufacturing -


    9:86$$$$ Accommodation cost

    9:46$$$$ /epair -

    maintenance9:96$$$$ Audit e$penses

    9::6$$$$ #nsurance


  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola



    9:D6$$$$ Consultancy charges

    9:D6$$$$ Advertisement

    9:D6$$$$ Boo&s - periodic

    9:D6$$$$ >ater - electricity9:D6$$$$ 2ntry ta$

    9:D6$$$$ icense -other fees

    9:D6$$$$ oss in transit

    9:D6$$$$ *ffice maintenance


    9:D6$$$$ Pantry e$penses

    9:D6$$$$ Photography


    9:D6$$$$ Pooja e$penses9:D6$$$$ Printing -


    9:D6$$$$ /ounding off


    9:D6$$$$ Sales ta$ e$penses

    9:D6$$$$ SAP e$penses

    9:D6$$$$ Su(scription

    9:D6$$$$ >ater cess


    KCMT Bareilly Page 38

  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


    SAP U%&*

    Lo#" W"o6 V"&6

    *n this page user Clic& og on for logging in SAP

    KCMT Bareilly Page 39

  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


    SAP U%&* ID @ Lo#" P%%6o*

    *n this page user gives his ser ogin #" - Pass%ord for

    opening the SAP

    KCMT Bareilly Page 40

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  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


    TCo& FV, u%& 8o* B"# T*%c!"o% @ E70&%&% H&%


    *n this page user %ill give 3 code Amount 5arration Profit

    Center Business Place *rder etc! for desired %or&ing i!e! 3 for

    "e(it - 3 for Credit!ntil "e(it or Credit is e1ual SAP %ill not allo% for Post the


    KCMT Bareilly Page 42

  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


    Docu'&! P*&3"&6 c*&!& !/*ou#/ TCo& FV

    KCMT Bareilly Page 43

  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


    Docu'&! P*"!"# V"&6

    KCMT Bareilly Page 44

  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


    TCo& FAGLL5, E70&%&% G&&*- L&*

    *n this page user can vie% "esired edger (y 3iving 3 Code

    he can also vie% the ledger according to his needs i!e! he can

    select Profit Centre Cost Centre Business Place Te$t Currency

    mode etc!

    KCMT Bareilly Page 45

  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


    TCo& FAGLL5, G&&*- L&* U%&* V"&6

    Comprehensive record of all information for e$ternal financial


    KCMT Bareilly Page 46

  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


    Tco& F>

  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


    TCo& FB5, Fo* A-- T$0& Docu'&!% D"%0-$

    ser can vie% /ecorded "ocuments of any Type or Period through

    this T0Code (y giving proper Company Code - Period!

    KCMT Bareilly Page 49

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  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


    TCo& FCHN, Fo* 3"&6"# C/&u& I%%u& R"%!&*

    All issued che1ues are saved in SAP +Che1ue /egister. at the time

    of issueL These Che1ues can (e vie%ed (y using this T0Code!

    KCMT Bareilly Page 51

  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


    TCo& FCHN, C/&u& I%%u& R"%!&* V"&6

    KCMT Bareilly Page 52

  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


    TCo& FI, V&o* D&4"! No!&

    Many Times Situation occurs in routine practices to "e(it theIendors (y using this T0Code user can de(it the Iendors!

    KCMT Bareilly Page 53

  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


    TCo& FI >5, D! U0-o 8o* B R&coc"-"!"o

    2very Ban& is controlled (y )ouse Ban& - Account #" on thisScreen user gives )ouse Ban& - Accounts #" - period of "esired

    Ban& on ,irst page for (an& reconciliation!

    KCMT Bareilly Page 54

  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


    TCo& FI >5, D! T"c"# 8o* B R&coc"-"!"o

    *n Second page appearing entries are pending che1ues %hich arenot cleared from (an& user %ill tic& and post the presented che1ue

    in (an& after doing this entry %ill (e clear from pending che1ue


    KCMT Bareilly Page 55

  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


    TCo& FI;>, B R&coc"-"!"o V"&6

    *n this page user %ill give the )ouse Ban& - Account #" for

    vie%ing desired Ban& /econciliation!

    KCMT Bareilly Page 56

  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


    TCo& FI;>, B R&coc"-"!"o 3"&6

    KCMT Bareilly Page 57

  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


    TCo& FBV, Po%! P*& Docu'&!%

    SAP has cross chec& system in %hich user Par&s the document -

    Assigned AuthorityChec&s - Post the "ocument in SAP for

    stopping user end mista&es!

    KCMT Bareilly Page 58

  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


    TCo& MIRO, 8o* 0o%!"# 3&o* Goo% R&c No!&% " ccou!After receiving materials stores department prepares 3oods /ecd

    5ote +3/5. %hich &eeps records of vendor material 1ty amount

    Ta$es etc! After receiving 3/5 in accounts account person

    chec&ed this 3/5 %ith Purchase *rder - passed in SAP through

    KCMT Bareilly Page 59

  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


    TCo& ME>5N, 8o* 3"&6"# Pu*c/%& O*&* " SAP

    KCMT Bareilly Page 60

  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


    /esearch is an original contri(ution to the contri(ution to the

    e$isting stoc& of &no%ledge ma&ing for its advancement! #t is the

    pursuit of the truth %ith the help of study! *(servation for&no%ledge through o(jective and systematic approach of finding

    solution to a pro(lem is research! The systematic approach

    concerning generali'ation and the formulation of a theory is also


    T/& '"0u-!"o o8 !/"#%, coc&0!% %$'4o-% 8o* !/&

    0u*0o%& o8 #&&*-":!"o !o &7!&, co**&c!-$ 3&*"8$o6-&, 6/&!/&* !/! o6-& "% " co%!*uc!"o o8

    !/&o*$ o* " !/& 0*c!"c& o8 *!.

    D.S-&%"#&* M.S!&0/&%o

    #n this research ,irstly # have studied the company history

    Companys 3ro%th Companys products 3ovt! policies for sugar

    industry glo(al - #ndian scenario of sugar ris&s - concerns for

    (etter understanding of accounting policies - accounting procedures!

    After that # started my project of Accounting Systems -

    Procedures in SAP!

    The first step calls for the researcher to define the pro(lem

    carefully and agree on the research o(jective! An old age saying0

    A 0*o4-&' 6&-- &8"& "% /-8 %o-3&.+

    D! Co--&c!"o

    "atas collected through Personal intervie%s Companys Balance

    Sheets #nternet sites Boo&s etc!

    KCMT Bareilly Page 64

  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola




    KCMT Bareilly Page 65

  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


    "uring the Summer Training at Bajaj )industhan imited #

    got &no%ledge of accounting policies and system of

    accounting and procedure in SAP!

    # also got the &no%ledge on different items as follo%ing G0

    ,unctioning and general administration of finance -

    accounts department!

    Coding structure in B) for using SAP!

    SAP is helpful in national - international (usinesstransctions!

    Mission vision - future plan of B)

    Mar&et strategies - S>*T Analysis of B)

    Achievments - Major pro(lems of B)

    KCMT Bareilly Page 68

  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola



    KCMT Bareilly Page 69

  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


    The summer training period in Bajaj )industhan imited is a great

    e$perience for me!The project report on Accounting System and

    procedure in SAP provided me platform to interact %ith

    accounting policies of a company and learn a(out the accounting

    system of the organisation!

    "uring the study on Accounting system and procedure in SAP! #

    get &no%ledge of accounting policies of the company system of

    accounting and procedure in SAP! # also get the &no%ledge of

    functioning and general administration of finance - accounts


    #n this report # also understand ho% company maintains their

    accounts! #n this report # also attached some print screen of SAP

    as samples!

    # met many people (ut Mr! Eitender "i$it +)*" ,inance- Accounts.

    and Mr! Saura(h Mishra +Asst! *fficer. in account department of

    B) 3*A encouraged and motivated me a lot and provides me

    %ith very useful information!

    This project enhanced my &no%ledge as %ell as increased

    my confidence also!

    KCMT Bareilly Page 70

  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola



    KCMT Bareilly Page 71

  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


    @ues! >hy B) adopted SAP

    @ues! >hat are Accounting policies of B) %hether

    they are incorporated in SAP

    @ues! >hat is the structure of SAP and ho% its %or&s

    @ues! )o% accounting entries made in SAP

    @ues! >hether SAP is centrali'e or not as for group


    @ues! >hether SAP provide drill do%n structure or not

    @ues! #s SAP has made you more competitive than past

    @ues! #s SAP is helpful in glo(al presence of B)

    @ues! #s SAP is helpful in time management

    @ues! #s SAP has fulfill all the needs of B)

    @ues! #s centrali'ation of SAP is (eneficial or not

    @ues! #s SAP reduces the ris& of loss of sensitive data

    KCMT Bareilly Page 72

  • 8/13/2019 Bajaj Gola


    @ues! #s SAP is helpful in national and international

    (usiness transactions

    @ues! #s SAP improves the accuracy of data