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Prof Tina Seelig challenge me on her assignment to create brand new sport from two household item.


  • 1. +A Crash Course onCreativityProfessor Tina SeeligStanford Venture LabConnect & CombineBagus Berlian - Indonesia

2. +Connect & Combine : Brand New Sport 3. +First of all, I was confuse what Igotta do! Creating Brand New Sport ? Use only 2 household items ? Any idea guys ??? 4. +Start to connect anything on my homeand combine them to create Brand New Sport !!!!! 5. +Still Have no Idea 6. +How about looking for some popularsport?Maybe we can find some idea here ! 7. +Ok! Its better right now ! 8. +I discover that sport has . Different purposes : game or improve physical ability. Rules Scoring system (especially for game sport) 9. +Ok! One more step to findthe Brand New Sport. 10. +How about looking on Indonesias localcontent (traditional game or sport)?Maybe we can also combine themto create the Brand New Sport! 11. +Lets take a lookSome local content as I knewso far . 12. +Congklak Played by 2 persons by fillingits hole with some seeds. The one who get much seedswill be the winner ! I dont think that this gamecan be a new brand sport,especially by using only twohouse hold items. 13. +Panjang Pinang Played by so many people,especially when independenceday! Some people call it as a spotand the other one as a game. Inmy opining, its a sport whichthe orientation is for game But unfortunately, its using somany equipment such as longvery tall timber and its prizes onthe top. Im sure that wont findon our house. 14. +Balap Egrang Its kind of race. Usingegrang of in english callsstilts. Played by more than 4 peopleon the field and ride it intofinish line. But the problem is.. When Ilooking for some householditems to apply on thistraditional sport, its so hard tofind 15. + Perisai Sesaot/Traditional Fighting Sport Thats must be crazyman! Too dangerous. Even Ican use frying pan asthe shield and soupscoop as the sword, mymom will be angry ifthose things are broken. 16. +Pathel lele This game is so simple. Justthrow the short stick awayusing the long stick. The longer you throw theshort one, youll be thewinner. Usually played by kid on thefield or street. Aha! I think there somehousehold can be used to doit! Lets find it! 17. +How about using glass and spoon ?P.S. sorry prof Seelig. I use more than 2 household items here :D. Itsalso 2, right? Two type of households 18. +First of all.. Put one of the spoonlike this. 19. +Take one spoon as its stick 20. +I think its not so good of I just takeits photoLet me drawits concept ! 21. +Concept ! 22. +Hope you catch what I draw 23. +I call this Brand New Sport asEureka !Because it can make you shout eureka! While you get the score!Sport Orientation : GameRules and scoring system :1. Played by two persons.2. The Arena is 2,5 meters wide and 5 meters long.3. Dont throw the spoon outside the line, you get no score.4. Dont let the catcher catch the spoon, your role will be changed.5. Only thrower which can make any score.6. If you throw the spoon inside 2,5 meters long. Youll get 1 as your score. If throw outside 2,5 meters long, youll get 3. If outside 5 meters, of course youll get no score. Still remember rule number 3 right? 24. +Wanna Play Eureka! with me? 25. +Nama: Bagus BerlianCountry : IndonesiaOccupation:1.CEO Assistant of SAM Design2.Curator TEDxTuguPahlawanTwitter: @Bagus_Berlian