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  • 1. Student BadgesNot to be confused with Badgers.Guest speaker: Amy McQuiggeDocumenter: Jake LedermanColleagues: Edwin Pell & Tariq Khan
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  • 3. This was as clear as any of the slides got for me. Luckily mycolleagues were able to see everything.It is kind of cool that our guest speaker looks like Colossus
  • 4. Why badges??? Could be used to showcase skills that cant be graded. Good reward for after school programs & for students that go above and beyond expectations. Students could use them on applications to colleges.
  • 5. Peer assessmentBadges are a great way to employ peer-to-peer assessment. Having students give outgrades in the form of badges to theirclassmates might make them work harder.Badges are a way to encourage healthycompetition among students. This isimportant because later on, in their adultlives, they will face much less friendly andmore necessary types of competition. -is-your-competition-really/
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  • 7. Our A-frame meeting was getting a little crowded, so we hightailed it down the coast to find a more suitable location for ourbrainstorming session. Tariq ED
  • 8. Positives An extra way to motivate students. Every motivation tactic used by you will not work on all your students. The more motivation techniques you employ, the more likely you will engage all different types of students. Room to innovate Badges are still new to education so there is plenty of room to innovate the uses and creation of badges. Schools could create more advanced badges for more gifted students to strive for. There could be types such as interdisciplinary badges or community service badges.
  • 9. Draw Backs As a first year teacher, it might be more important to establish yourself as a capable professional before looking to innovate education. Concentrating on badges might detract attention from conveying important information or class organization. It seems that the current school model does not embrace innovation as a necessary & positive aspect of teaching. The teach for the test mentality of some schools might make it difficult for new ideas to gain footing.
  • 10. ConclusionA badging system can be an excellent way to motivatestudents to succeed in their educational endeavors. It willhelp encourage peer-to-peer learning and assessment, aswell as give opportunities to showcase additional skills andtalents later in life.We believe that badges will fit in perfectly with a student-centered, inquiry based classroom.