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  • BadAss: Making Search Awesome

    White Hat Ops

    Jonti Bolles |

  • What do Users have to do with SEO?

    Learn How to Fish

  • Kathy Sierra

    History Lesson

    Serious Pony



  • Making Users Awesome

    appreciating the context within which your site experience lives

    focusing on reducing cognitive resource leaks

    helping users find a state of flow when using your product in their context

    high value - very high quantity learning process

    Jonti Bolles |

  • Kathy Sierra

    Simple Test

    2 vs. 7

    Cognitive Resource Leak

  • Fruit or Cake?

    Difference of 5 extra digits

  • Stop decision making - Just DO

    Cognitive Resources Leaks

    = Bad Choices

  • All The ThingsJonti Bolles |

  • Skip B ?Jonti Bolles |

  • How do you teach a Mastered Skill?

    10000 Repetitions?

    Perceptual Knowledge

    How do you do it ?- I Just know

  • Single Task - Shorten the Time to Expert

    High Quality

    Very - High Quantity


  • Situational Awareness

    Schema Markup


    City Specific

    Audience Specific

    What Makes a Success


    Write Great Titles

    Jonti Bolles |

  • Local Events

    Claim SERP real estate

    Increase Findability

    Jonti Bolles |

  • Jonti Bolles |

  • Make users feel awesome

    Mobile Views

    Recurring or one Time Events

    Specific Dates


  • Like Minded Audience

    Can you create an event type?


  • Annual Events

    Build in the URL structure


  • Local Events

    Leverage other Event Lists


  • Industry Events

    Leverage other Event Lists

    20Jonti Bolles |

  • Learn Something New

    Can you create an event type?


  • Educational

    Online courses

    Free seminars

    22Jonti Bolles |

  • - in a very short time

    200-300 Exposures

    Jonti Bolles |

  • Bad Ass

    Practicing mediocrity makes you really good at mediocrity

    Perishable Skill?

    Run it like you stole it

    Experts Practice Better

  • Resource Links

    BadAss: Making Users Awesome -

    Serious Pony Blog -

    Early HeadRush - -

    Structured Data Testing Tool -

    Jonti Bolles |

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