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Bad Boyz Mustang Club Newsletter, "The Chrome pony" September 2013 Edition.


  • Fr iends o f the Mustang Club of Am erica ~

    Accredi ted Media ~ Media.Ford.Com

    C o p y r i g h t 2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 3 B a d B o y z M u s t a n g C l u b o f G r e a t e r D e s M o i n e s , I o w a . N o t a f f i l i a t e d w i t h t h e F o r d M o t o r C o m p a n y . A l l r i g h t s r e s e r v e d .

    The Chrome Pony SEPTEMBER 2013 VOL 3 ISSUE 9

    Latest News Well its less than two weeks away from the 3


    Annual September 15th Bad Boyz Mustang Club

    and Collectamania Car Show! So mark your calendars and come on out for a fun filled day. Car Show T-Shirts will be available the day of the show. For those volunteers assisting in the show setup and operation, you will receive a free T-Shirt for your help as a big Thank You from the club!

    THANKS!!!! Coming up this month we have our club meeting on Sept 10

    th and we will be adding the finishing

    touches to the car show. So come on out and sign up for being a club volunteer!!!

    We would like to welcome our new Club Sponsors and we look forward to working with them in the coming year! Have a great Mustang Day! The BBMC staff

    The Official Publication of the Bad Boyz Mustang Club of Greater Des Moines Iowa ~

    In this Issue of the Chrome Pony: Latest News ~ Next Meeting Page 1 Did you know? Page 2 Did you Know? Page 3 Did you know? Page 4 Did you know? Page 5 1965 Shelby GT350 R: Page 6 Buy Sell or Trade Page 7 Buy Sell or Trade Page 8 Club Merchandise Page 9 Sponsors Page Page 10 Car Show Flyer Page 11 2013 Car Show Sponsors Page 12

    Upcoming Events:

    September Club Meeting Tuesday, September 10th, 6pm to 7:30pm!!

    Location: Bordenaro's Pizza, 6108 S.W.9th

    Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50315

    Monthly Meeting: Reports from Secretary,

    Treasurers, Public Relations Committee, Old

    Business, New Business.

    More Sponsorship details and the 2013 car show

    update. Meeting starts a little after 6pm but some

    show up early to eat. Thanks and hope to see you


  • C o p y r i g h t 2 0 1 3 B a d B o y z M u s t a n g C l u b o f G r e a t e r D e s M o i n e s , I o w a . N o t a f f i l i a t e d w i t h t h e F o r d M o t o r C o m p a n y . A l l r i g h t s r e s e r v e d .

    Did you Know? ~ Next Ford Mustang reportedly to be much smaller, lighter

    Published August 15, 2013 ~ Foxnews

    Ford Evos Concept

    Honey, I shrunk the pony car! An inside source familiar with the still secret next generation Ford Mustang, tells that it will be lighter and much smaller than the one on the road today. Nearly 15 inches shorter in length and half a foot narrower, if the report is true the new Stang could turn out to be the smallest in its half century history. But trimming down means trimming weight, and it may drop as many as 400 pounds in the process, a boon for fuel economy and performance. Those are certainly two reasons for the downsizing effort, but a new focus on selling the car in Europe and other foreign markets is surely a contributing factor. Never fear, while the 2015 (or perhaps 2014 ) Mustang is expected to be available with a turbocharged four cylinder engine aimed squarely overseas, a V6 and classic 5.0L V8 will remain on the menu for the USA. Although Ford has yet to confirm the new car, its widely expected to be unveiled either at the Detroit Auto Show in January, or at the New York Auto show on April 17th, 50 years to the day since the Mustang was originally introduced in 1964.

    2014 Ford Mustang

  • Did you know?

    Ford Mustang versus Chevrolet Camaro: The ultimate

    American car rivalry

    By Stephen Edelstein, Published August 23, 2013, Digital Trends

    The Ford versus Chevy rivalry is the automotive equivalent of the Yankees and Red Sox, but as with Major League Baseball, the players change from season to season. As technology and designs rapidly change, todays Fusions and Malibus have little to do with their predecessors. That is, except for two very special cars: The Ford Mustang and the Chevrolet Camaro. These rear-wheel drive, four-seat muscle cars have been battling it out almost continuously since 1967, keeping American performance alive and igniting scores of street races, family feuds and bar fights. Heres a blow-by-blow look at the historic and modern Mustang vs. Camaro rivalry. Ignition In the early 60s, Ford decided to build a cheap, sporty car to attract younger buyers. Ford product czar Lee Iacocca decided to re-skin the dowdy Falcon and give it an equine name shared with a famous World War II fighter plane. The Mustang debuted at the New York Worlds Fair on April 17, 1964 as a 1964 1/2 model. The car was an unqualified success, becoming the fastest selling vehicle in history. It even created it own niche: the small four-seat American performance coupe soon became known as the pony car. Seeing the blazing success of the Mustang, competitor General Motors wasnt about to let Ford have the segment all to itself. In 1967, it launched a pony car of its own: the Camaro, and its Pontiac Firebird twin. The two cars were perfect rivals. While quite roomy by modern standards, they both passed for compact cars at the time. They both also relied on sporty styling and optional V8 engines to excite buyers. It was a winning formula.

  • C o p y r i g h t 2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 2 B a d B o y z M u s t a n g C l u b o f G r e a t e r D e s M o i n e s , I o w a . N o t a f f i l i a t e d w i t h t h e F o r d M o t o r C o m p a n y . A l l r i g h t s r e s e r v e d .

    Did you know?

    Ford Mustang versus Chevrolet Camaro: The ultimate

    American car rivalry (Cont)

    The golden age

    The Mustang and Camaro arrived on the scene during the golden age of American muscle cars. With so many cheap cars sporting powerful V8 engines, the mid-to-late 1960s was a great time to have a drivers license. Cobra creator Carroll Shelby thought the Mustang was a secretarys car, but Ford was still able to convince him to work his magic on one, creating the GT350 and, later, the more powerful GT500. The Shelby name still graces todays GT500 Mustang. Chevy came out of the gate with the 350-cubic-inch Camaro SS (Super Sport) in 1967, but unlike Ford it mostly relied on its own dealers to build high performance Camaros. Thanks to a policy loophole known as the Central Office Production Order (COPO), dealers could custom order purpose-built performance cars. Yenko Chevrolet of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania put L72 427-cubic-inch V8s in its cars, creating the legendary Yenko Camaros. A few Camaro ZL-1s with all-aluminum racing 427 V8s also left the factory under the COPO scheme. Today, the COPO legend still has plenty of clout: Chevy recently revived the name for a limited production run of Camaro drag racers. Ford stuck a racing engine of its own into the 1969 Boss 429. To qualify for NASCAR, Ford needed to put a few of its massive 429-cubic-inch engines in production cars. The Mustang got the nod even though it never raced in NASCAR. Capping off a decade of performance was the SCCA Trans Am road racing series, where Mustang Boss 302s and Camaro Z/28s competed head-to-head on the track, while slightly civilized street versions competed in showrooms. As the old saying goes, Win on Sunday, sell on Monday. The malaise But the good times did not last. In the early 1970s, a confluence of safety regulations, buzz-killing insurance companies and an Arab Oil Embargo made sure than fun was the last thing on the minds of Americas car designers. That was as true for the Mustang and Camaro as it was for any other cars. In 1974, Ford moved the once-proud Mustang to the lowly Pintos platform, renaming the homely result the Mustang II. There were even tasteless Cobra II and King Cobra models that hoped to recapture the magic of the 60s with stickers and chrome wheels. Nobody was fooled. Chevy did a little better, launching a redesigned Camaro on a dedicated platform in 1970. However, this second generation Camaro stuck around until 1981, becoming quite long in the tooth.

  • Did you know?

    Ford Mustang versus Chevrolet Camaro: The ultimate American car rivalry (Cont)

    Regaining momentum The 70s were such a dark time that it took over two decades to restore the Mustangs and Camaros reputations. The slow ascent began when Ford debuted the Fox body Mustang in 1979. This blocky stallion turned the Mustang back into a performance car and is still a popular choice with hot rodders thanks to its 5.0 High Output (actually 4.9-liter) V8. Chevy finally redesigned the Camaro for the 1982 model year and added a popular performance model of its own: the IROC-Z. Introduced in 1985, it was named after the International Race of Champions, a sort of all-star racing series that pitted famous drivers from different disciplines against each other in identical cars. Neither of the 80s pony cars had the performance to match their 60s forebears, but things were definitely looking up. Despite an attempt to move the Mustang to a front-wheel drive platform (which became the Ford Probe), performance steadily improved throughout the 1990s. Revival After restoring the Mustangs credibility with models like the 5.0-powered GT and the fire-breathing SVT Cobra, Ford realized the car was still missing something: classic styling. In 2005, the Mustang was redesigned to look like something straight out of 1965 but with some modern updates. History then seemed to repeat itself: Chevy had retired the Camaro in 2002, but then brought out a similarly retro-looking car for the 2010 model year. Todays interpretations of the Mustang and Camaro also have the