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DESCRIPTION The cheerful and colorful backyardigans are great choices for party themes! If your little one is in love of these cute Nick Jr characters, then you should take a close look at the following Backyardigans party invitations.


  • 1. Are you planning an Average, Typical and Booooooring birthday party?Yes: go get the average, typical and boring invitationsfrom drugstores.No: enjoy these colorful and cheerful creations andfind out where you can get them!

2. This card turned out much nicer than expected with the coated finish!momofonbug,California 3. I wantedsomething veryclassy not likeall those cardsyou find in theinternet . I amvery pleased. 4. JasRBgrey, CaliforniaMy son loves the Backyardigansso much and the "baby"Backyardigans was the perfectinvite! 5. NiCar, New JerseyLooks great,bright colors, fundesign! Everyoneloves it. 6. Perfect way toshowcase myPerfavoriteBackyardigans! 7. I have nothing againstBackyardigans, but cartoon-character themed birthdayparties are just so cheesy!PerThats why I was so gratefulto find a much more classytake on the typical characterdesign at Tiny Prints. 8. I loved that I couldput anotherpicture on thecorner too. CharliePerhad a terrific pirateBackyardiganparty! 9. The paperquality,brightness ofcolors was perfectfor my sonsinvitations! JayDeeBy, Pennsylvania 10. Dont Get Your Card From The Drugstore!Instead, take these cute, fun, officially-licensed invitations with a modern twistavailable at your finger tips! out where you can get them here in thelink below.