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World Civ. II/Hansen David Plotnick 11/29/2010

Iagos BestiaryAct, Scene, Line Animals, Birds, Insects, of Quote Other Creatures Mentioned by Iago1.1.71 Daws to peck at Iagos heart

Explain the Symbolism



That, doting on his own obiquious bondage, wears out his time, muchlike his masters ass.



And though he in a fertile climate dwell, Plague him with flies.



Even now, now, very now, an old black ram is tupping your white ewe.



..youll have your daughter covered with a Barbary horse. and will as tenderaly be led by thnose as asses are.



Daws are a type of birds. This language creates image of crow picking at carcass of animal. Iago is saying he will not allow his thoughts and emotions to be viewed and criticized by others picked at like birds picking at a carcass. Iago talks about an ass, as in oack animals such as donkeys and mules. He speaks of old and tired animals, that usually are killed or disposed if not useful. Iago is saying, like pake animals that follow, those who folloow all of their lives, will eventually be killed, or disopsed; unuseful. Flies are insects that fly around, in swarms, with a particualry annoying buzzing sound. Flies come usually with a connatation of trash and stinky smells, run-down places, etc. In this quote, Iago talks about Barbantio to tell him about his daughters wedding. Though, he usually lives in a wealthy house, where nothing bad is said about him, spread the disgusting news of Desdamonas wed to Othello. An old black ram, has the connatation of being rough, not very appealing. Black also has a racist undertone and an evil connatation. An ewe is a female sheep. Usually having the most use gving wool, milk, etc. White, with its more desirable racist unertone, it has a connatation of majestic, light, good. In this quote, Iago, talks of the old, black, evil Othello, is with your daughter, the majestic, beutiful, ewe, and you must stop it. A Barbary horse is a horse, specifically from North Africa. This quote depics a horse, an animal, taking a woman. Iago is realting African Othello, to an African animal, and that Barbantio should not allow his daughter be with this dirty, african, slave animal. Again, an ass, refers to the pack animals that follow their masters and do whatever they tell them to, their whole lives. Hs explains that Othello, thinks of men as open, honest, and will do as told. They are his pack animals and will listen to him and will do whatever he wants them to



Drown cats and blind puppies.



you will have coursers for cousins, and jennets for germans. the food that to him now is as locious as locusts

Cats and blind puppies, both are innocent, and cannot swim. Iago shows that they are helpless and weak. He says that drowning oneself, is not an acceptable way to go, and people who drown, are synonomous with helpless blind puppies and cats. Coursers and jennets are types of horse. This quote depics an image of the damage to Barbantios family and his line that they are all no better than animals. Locusts are insects, that often travel in swarms and are abundant.







I would drown myself for the A guinea hen is a type of bird. It is specifically delicate, love af a guinea hen, and have connatation of feminism or female. Iago, is saying that in no way would something like a guinea hen would lead to me killing hisself. A baboon is a a monkey. It has a connatation with a fool, I would change my humanity with a baboon. or someone that does stupid things. It is usually an insult to call someone a baboon. Iago, says that in no way would he kill himself over love. He would rather be a baboon.