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If you use Google Apps for your company it is important idea to all your company's emails and files are continuously backed up. With a cloudHQ sync, you can backup and synchronize all your Google Apps, emails, and files to other cloud service such as Box, Dropbox, your local file server, or even Microsoft SharePoint, all in real-time.


  • 1. Go to
  • 2. Click on Free Trial
  • 3. Click on Sign up as Google Apps Admin >>
  • 4. You will be prompted to sign up using your Google app admin account
  • 5. You will be forwarded to a Google authorization page. Click "Accept".
  • 6. Click on "Add Google Apps Account" Your account will be created automatically. And now you can add all your Google Apps accounts to cloudHQ so they can be managed via cloudHQ, backed up and synchronized with other cloud services.
  • 7. Click on "Add it now". You will be forwarded to our application on Google Marketplace.
  • 8. In the next step, you need to confirm that cloudHQ can be installed
  • 9. Click on "Grant data access" Since cloudHQ needs to backup and sync your files we will ask for permission to access it.
  • 10. After the cloudHQ application is installed, just click on Configure Application and you will be forwarded to cloudHQ services page
  • 11. In your cloudHQ services page, you should see all your Google Apps accounts. Just add your Dropbox account to be used for your data backup.
  • 12. Scroll down and click on the Dropbox icon and follow the wizard to authorize your Dropbox account
  • 13. Click on Allow and you will redirected back to cloudHQ. Click on Add Dropbox and you will be forwarded to the Dropbox page to confirm that cloudHQ can write to Dropbox.
  • 14. Click on "Create Synchronization Pairs >>" After you authorized all your accounts, you need to create sync pairs (backup config).
  • 15. To backup your data (one-way sync), click on "Configure sync of multiple account to central cloud >>"
  • 16. Now, select accounts you want backed up, and choose its destination.
  • 17. If you don't have Dropbox packrat which allows Dropbox to store files indefinitely even if they are deleted, select "Save and archive all changes". This means that any modifications or deletions will be archived to a special folder, ensuring the safety of your data.
  • 18. Click on "Create Synchronization Pairs"
  • 19. Verify settings, and if everything is to your liking, click on "Start Continuous Synchronization"