background the federal highway act was signed on june 29,1956 2006 marks the 50 th anniversary of...

Download Background The Federal Highway Act was signed on June 29,1956 2006 marks the 50 th Anniversary of the resulting Interstate Highway System A year-long

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  • BackgroundThe Federal Highway Act was signed on June 29,1956

    2006 marks the 50th Anniversary of the resulting Interstate Highway System

    A year-long series of state and national events have been planned by AASHTO and state DOTs

  • Before there were interstates

  • Lt. Colonel Dwight D. Eisenhower participates in a cross-country Motortrain1919

  • The emergence of the interstateInterstate routes were proposed after wartime experience with the German highways called Autobahns

    An interregional system was also proposed in 1939

    A strategic highway network was compared to proposed interregional highways in 1941

    The Interstate Highway System was then chosen by joint action of State Departments of Transportation in 1947

  • The Federal Highway Act was signed by President Eisenhower on June 29,1956

  • Proposed interstate route designs

  • Interstates in MinnesotaThe first section of interstate highway in Minnesota was completed in 1958eight miles of Interstate 35 between Owatonna and Medford

    Today there are almost 1,000 miles of interstate highway in Minnesota

    Minnesota interstates include I-35, I-90 and I-94

  • Mn/DOT Headquarters, St. Paul

  • Construction begins on I-94 at Moorhead

  • I-94 section links Twin Cities with I-94 to Moorhead

  • Gov. Wendell Anderson, other officials celebrate completion of I-90 at Blue Earth

  • Gov. Al Quie, Commissioner Dick Braun celebrate opening a section of I-35E

  • Commissioner Len Levine, Bob Winter lead celebration of last section of I-35E in St. Paul

  • I-694 over the Mississippi River

  • I-35 through Duluth

  • What next?Safeguard what exists

    Make the transportation network operate better

    Make Mn/DOT work better

  • Minnesota Road Research Center collects data from traffic on I-94 to measure pavement performance

  • The I-394 HOV lane changed to a HOT lane in 2005

  • Did you know The total miles of the Interstate system is 46,837The longest Interstate is I-90, which runs from Seattle, through Minnesota and on to Boston, a distance of 3,020.54 milesEast-west interstate route numbers end in an even numberNorth-south routes end in an odd numberIn Minnesota, and a few other states, there was actually highway Princesses The last link of the interstate in Minnesota was I-35E through St. Paul

  • Public Awareness CampaignsAASHTO national campaign

    Minnesota commemoration

  • GoalsEducate and inform the public about the importance of the Interstate to our economy and way of life.

    Raise policy questions as we look to the next 50 years of transportation how will we prioritize and pay to protect the investment?

  • Minnesota EffortsEstablish a 50th Anniversary Advisory GroupCreate a Web site ( an essay contestCreate traveling displays and other visualsHost a public forum on the past, present and future of transportationHold a news conference or special event on June 29 at the Capitol and/or in districtsShowcase the history of highways at the State FairEducate the public about our funding needs and funding options like the Motor Vehicle Sales Tax

  • Your Mn/DOT contactsCraig

    The trunk route is just the main pipeline. As you know, the interstate system is a complex web of highways. We are encouraging all of the states to get involved in the caravan in a way that is customized to fit each states interests, resources and needs.For instance, an auxiliary route from Duluth, MN to San Antonio, TX along the I-35 corridor is being consideredThe SASHTO states are coordinating a regional activityThe I-95 Corridor Coalition is also considering joining in the festivities

    Construction then began on the National System of Interstate and Defense Highways


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