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This executive summary of the activities and advocacies presented and executed by the Business Administration Student Council in the current academic year is compiled and completed by Chairperson Emanette Crisostomo with respect to the stipulations of the BAC Constitution.


  • Business Administration Student Council

    4th Floor, College of Business Administration University of the Philippines Diliman


    Emanette Veronica K. Crisostomo 5th Year, BSBAA


    Klyonne Dela Cruz 4th Year, BSBAA


    Englebert Chua 4th Year, BSBAA

    College Representative


    Jose Raphael Santos 4th Year, BSBA


    Riozaldy Cuyson 4th Year, BSBAA


    Leigh Wong 3rd Year, BSBAA


    Mark Wang 2nd Year, BSBA


    Carla Sia 4th Year, BSBA


    Rose Chua 4th Year, BSBA


    CJ Delos Santos 3rd Year, BSBA


    Janthina Oliveros 3rd Year, BSBA

    Grievance and Feedback

    Ma. Criselda Soriano 5th Year, BSBAA


    Jason Gelvezon 3rd Year, BSBAA


    Corr Reyes 2nd Year, BSBAA




    Frederik Padernal, BSBAA Kurt Fernandez, BSBAA


    Rica Tai, BSBA Eana Cubacub, BSBAA


    Mian Molina, BSBA Katrina Eusebio, BSBAA


    Wesly Cortez, BSBAA Trixie Uy, BSBA

    Michael Fua, BSBA


    Joaquin Narciso, BSBAA Maeca Espiritu, BSBA Nina Gerodias, BSBAA

  • Business Administration Student Council

    4th Floor, College of Business Administration University of the Philippines Diliman



    Freshmen Orientation EJ Sarsoza Andrea Karl Estudillo

    Shiftee Orientation Patricia Tan Angelica Gayo

    OrgPres Marian Concibido Jhenard Cayaban,

    BA Support Sarah Faye Wu

    Publicity Regina Ocampo Cris Roxas

    Business Week Gallery John Ramirez Carmina Ilaya

    Business Week Big Event Char Alzaga Keith Cruz Elaine Rodriguez Kate Burgos Marian Soriano

    Business Week B.I.G Dom Kapunan Miriam Macasaet Geib Villa

    Business Week Long Game Stamford Lee

    Cleanliness Campaign Abramer Caelian Ivy Morrok

    SRP Faye Nunez Karez Martin Nikki Turano Aimee Bacallan

    Skills Workshop John Lester Roque Joyce Amonoy

    Health Project John Frederick Angulo Michelle Yu

    Career Options Jessie Michaela Ericta

    SECOND SEMESTER BA Week Gallery Kristel Joyce Zapata Miguel Navarro Marty Gonzaga

    Culminating Night Dom Kapunan Nikki Turano Marc Soria EJ Sarzosa Maureen Marcos Ferlyn Cargullo

    BA Idol Marian Concibido Jhanette Co

    Staff Tribute Grace Dy

    BA Support Angelica Gayo

    SRP Z Zafe Jhenard Cayaban Nicolle Gustilo Angeli Colocado

    RGP Michelle Yu Ivy Morrok Danica Manalastas

    Lantern Parade Gelo Avendano Benjie Baladad Janina Gesmundo

    Cleanliness Campaign Genna Irish Mesina Gerald Allan Perez Tanjo Endozo

    BA Week Over-all Kate Burgos Abramer Caelian Mara Villancio

    BEAST Kenneth Almanzor Paulo Bautista

    Grad Ball Miriam Macasaet Diego De Ocampo Katrina Pullante Dei Alastoy Jelline Gaza

    Skills Workshop Aimee Bacallan Trevor Chan

    BA Choir Geline Clemente

  • Business Administration Student Council

    4th Floor, College of Business Administration University of the Philippines Diliman

    BAC Projects First Semester 2010 2011

    General Registration | Restart Your Way to the Top General Registration for the first semester enrolment for school year 2010 2011 served as an opportunity for the BAC to update the different batch database and to collect the Php 80 council fee which funded the different BAC projects for the semester. It also became the avenue for the different Batch Representatives to collect donations and to inform their batch mates about the different activities and events in store for them in the upcoming semester. The General Registration helped out the RVC team by creating room signs and labels which guided the students during the enrolment. The AuxCorps Recruitment, Locker Rentals and College and Batch Surveys were also done during the General Registration. During the first semester general registration, the BAC had a collection rate of more than 95%.

    BAC Special Project Head Due to its successful run last year, the BAC continued its Special Project Head system which aims to empower CBA students by inviting them to become non-BAC project heads. This project not only benefits the BAC by having additional manpower and skills in organizing and implementing its planned projects, it also provides an avenue for students to gain experience related to project management and working in teams. The Special Project Head system has continued to attract more and more involvement from the CBA students proven by the increase of special project heads from the 20 students last year to the 31 students in the first semester of the school year. Executive Council Team Building (ExeCoun TBS) ExeCoun TBS was a venue for all the organization heads including the BAC to gather and talk about issues involving the BA-based organizations and all its members. Hosted by the BAC, it served as a planning session for the ExeCoun for the upcoming semester. This semesters ExeCoun TBS was an overnight event that took place in the Riverview Hotel in Antipolo and was attended by more than 30 members of the ExeCoun. During this event, members were able to discuss about their upcoming projects such as the implementation and funding of the ExeCoun Rat Extermination Project, the celebration and organization of ExeCoun Week, the commitment and participation in the BAC Cleanliness Campaign and many more. The first semester ExeCoun TBS also became an opportunity for the new members of the ExeCoun to get to know more about the people that they will be working with in the upcoming year.

    EXECOUN Week 2010 The BAC, together with the other members of the ExeCoun, organized this years ExeCoun Week. The project took place simultaneously with the Recruitment and Reaffirmation weeks of the BA-based organizations. The week officially started with a launch which also marked the start of the R&R weeks of the organizations. All the organization booths were designed with the unified theme of travelling and airport destinations. The BAC also placed an information booth during the week that served as a guide for the students most especially the new applicants. Aside from the

  • Business Administration Student Council

    4th Floor, College of Business Administration University of the Philippines Diliman

    whole week celebration, ExeCoun Week 2010 also featured a Grand Pakain for the students which catered to more than 300 students. There was also a photo booth organized during the event that captured the ExeCoun Week experience of the students.

    Fourth Floor Rat Extermination Project (EXECOUN Project) One of the concerns brought up during past ExeCoun meetings was the rat infestation of the fourth floor student center. In-line with the goal of the BAC to ensure cleanliness and order in the college, the BAC together with the other members of the ExeCoun initiated the Rat Extermination Project which covered the whole fourth floor of the college. Headed by the BAC, a rat extermination expert was hired to assess and solve the infestation problem of the student center.

    Cleanliness Campaign | BAClean For this years Cleanliness Campaign, the BAC made sure to get all the organizations involved in the implementation of the rules and procedures of the campaign. The BAC headed a formal discussion with the organizations which resulted to the establishment of the rules and procedures to be followed by all the organizations. To ensure participation and commitment from the BA-based organizations, the BAC created a Memorandum of Agreement which was signed by all the organization heads. Some of the procedures established were the 10-point checklist system that should be maintained in the tambayans and the everyday cleanliness check-up of the Vice-Chairperson. The average weekly grades of the different tambayans were posted in the ExeCoun group and were sent to Maam Talavera of the CBA Administration. As a result of these efforts, the cleanliness and order of the fourth floor student center has been properly maintained through-out the whole semester. Together with the campaign implemented in the student center, the BAClean also launched an information drive that aimed to educate and enlighten the CBA students regarding cleanliness and order of the college. The information campaign was exhibited by the different attention-grabbing posters and teasers posted all around the college including the comfort rooms. Freshmen Orientation | On-Board! The CBA Freshie Orientation The CBA Freshie Orientation is a half-day programme that aimed to welcome students to the college and to introduce them to the culture of CBA the things they need to know about the college, the BA Student Council and AuxCorp as well as all the other BA-based organizations. Through interactive talks, fun games and exciting activities, this project jumpstarted the school year by making the freshmen feel they truly belong. This years theme highlighted the start of a new adventure for the CBA freshies. With Treasure Island as inspiration, this years tagline was Start your adventure. Find your treasure in BA!

    Shiftee Orientation | aBAtar: Discovering a New World The CBA Shiftee Orientation is an annual project of the BAC exclusively for the benefit of the newly accepted shiftees. It aimed to welcome some of our colleges newest family members and to help them adjust and cope up faster in their new environment. The project introduced the shiftees to the culture and atmosphere of CBA as wel