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By Amy Patel. Babylonian Mythology . Geography. Located in Mesopotamia (between Tigris and Euphrates rivers) Now Iraq Climate Hot and dry in the summer Cold and wet in the winter Physical Challenges Drought in the summer Rivers would occasionally flood - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Babylonian Mythology

Babylonian Mythology By Amy PatelGeographyLocated in Mesopotamia (between Tigris and Euphrates rivers)Now IraqClimateHot and dry in the summerCold and wet in the winterPhysical ChallengesDrought in the summerRivers would occasionally floodLocated between numerous other tribes


Creation StoryIn beginning, there was only water, represented by the primal gods Apsu (male) and Tiamat (female)They create several other gods that live inside them and make a lot of babel (noise), including Ea (the chief god)Ea has a son named MardukApsu tries to kill the younger gods, but Ea kills Apsu instead

Tiamat attacks some of the younger gods with the help of her new husbands Kingu, some other gods, and 11 monsters she createsThe younger gods decide to give a lot of power to Marduk so he can fight TiamatMarduk defeats Tiamat and rips her in half, creating the Earth and the SkyMarduk also arranges the stars, rivers, mountain, the calendar, etc.

Creation Story continued Creation Story continued The Marduk kills Kingu and uses his blood to create humankindThe gods who allied with Marduk become the chief gods of Babylon (because they made much babel or noise)

Story suggests . . . Crime begets crimeWorking together is more powerful than working aloneThis explains how Babylon got its name and why it was such an important city

Major Mythological CharactersTiamatThe great goddess of sea and chaosRepresents Primordial ChaosLooks like a winged dragonDefeated in a battle with MardukHer body became the Earth and Sky

Characters continued . . .MardukGod of thunderstormsRuler of the other GodsKilled Tiamat the water god to create Earth and SkyHad four ears and eyes; breathed fire

Characters continued . . .EnlilSun godIn charge of earth and airAlso in charge of fateCaused a great flood

IshtarGoddess of love and warFamously descends to the Underworld Vengeful and jealouscruel to her loversTries to kill Gilgamesh when he spurns her advances

Story of the FloodEa, god of wisdom, and the other gods decide that they want to kill all humansEnlil is going to flood the worldEa likes one human named Utnapishtim, so he gives him adviceUtnapishtim builds an ark for him and his wife, as well as the seed of all living creaturesThey survive the flood and are given immortality

Story suggests . . . Gods can be merciful to those they favor.Angering the gods can have severe consequences.It explains some major flood that occurred in prehistoric Babylon


Marduk fights TiamatVisual

Marduk and his pet dragonSources