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<ul><li>Baby shower invitaiton cards </li><li>I firmly believe that a great party starts with a wow moment when it comes to the invitation. You want your invitees to open up the envelope and start to anticipate the celebration from that moment on. And one of the most important celebrations a parent can throw is a baby shower! </li><li>Come Touch His Cheek This child of mine you stare at so, Please come closer so you will know Just who my child is and what I see when those sweet eyes stare back at me I see no limits to my childs life Although I know,It will be filled with strife,Im hoping that doors will open each day.Im praying that kindness will come his way </li><li>There are tiny little fingers pressed against my cheek, and the palm of the hand that holds all my dreams. There is a babble and some laughter coming from my room, and the sounds of heaven right here in my home. </li><li>It starts when they're first born Your heart in the palm of their hand They're so very, very helpless So you vow to do all that you can </li><li>In just a few short months,Of singing funny, lullaby songs There's just no way you can deny,With them is where your heart belongs </li><li>In just a few short months Of singing funny, lullaby songs There's just no way you can deny With them is where your heart belongs </li><li>Thank you! Add happy to your life Make Presentation much more fun </li></ul>