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<ol><li> 1. DO IT AT HOME BABY MILESTONES Month By Month For The First Year Full Article: </li><li> 2. Milestones Baby </li><li> 3. Grossmotorskills theseinclude moregeneralizedphysicalmovements Fine motorskills theseincludemorespecificphysicalmovements, mostlywiththe hands Socialdevelopment thisincludesinteractionswith otherpeople Languagedevelopment this includesnotonlyverbal skills, butalsothoughtprocessessuch asproblem-solvingskills Tracking developmental progress </li><li> 4. Around one month, your baby will be lifting his head up from your chest when you hold him, or from the ground when participating in floor play (often called tummy time). . . One Month Milestones </li><li> 5. One of the most prominent two month markers is the start of your baby makingnoises such ascooing or gurgling. . . Two Month Milestones </li><li> 6. While your baby hasprobably been giving you sleepy smiles for a while now, she willstart to smile in response to things you say or do, or other stimuli. . . Three Month Milestones </li><li> 7. Your baby will push her body up with her hands during tummy time, and push her legs against the ground if you hold her in a standing position . . . Four Month Milestones </li><li> 8. If not earlier, around five months your babywill be able to roll over in both directions. He will be conscious of hisown hands and feet, and may even spend long periods of time studying them. . . Five Month Milestones </li><li> 9. Your baby will be able to sit, although he may stillneed some support. During floor time, he may lunge likehe is going to crawl. . . SixMonth Milestones </li><li> 10. Months Six </li><li> 11. Your baby will be able to sit without support. While sitting, she will probably display several new skills,such as being able to pull a toy toward herself usinga sweeping motion of her arm . . . Seven Month Milestones </li><li> 12. Your baby may start to say dada and mama at this age but dont be surprised if you are both referred to by the same name, or both names, for a while! . . . EightMonth Milestones </li><li> 13. Nothing within reach is safe anymore! Your baby willbe able to bang things together, throw things, and stand though most likelyonly while supported . . . Nine Month Milestones </li><li> 14. Finally,when your baby callsout Mama!now, she might actuallybe referring to you specifically! She should also understand the word, No, at this point . . . Ten Month Milestones </li><li> 15. Often a skillmastered aroundthis age is the abilityto drink from a cup (although breast fed babies may not be introduced to this quite yet, asthey dont even need extra water untilpast twelve months . . . ElevenMonth Milestones </li><li> 16. You may find your baby imitating everything you do, from talkingon the phone, to making dinner, to other activities. A play kitchenmay be a great first birthday present! . . . Twelve Month Milestones </li><li> 17. Full Article: </li></ol>