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Baby Hunters. Bill Liao Eugene Wang Richard Wang. Project Concept and Motivation. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Baby HuntersBill LiaoEugene WangRichard Wang

  • Project Concept and MotivationThe aim of this project is to set parent's minds at ease regarding the whereabouts of their children by use of an inconspicuous device worn on the child and a monitoring device to pinpoint the location of their child in cases of emergency. We will use a combination of embedded components including GPS, GSM, and CPUs.Currently, parents must use arcane methods, such as tying their kids onto a rope, to ensure that they know where there children are. Our device will help to set the minds of parents at ease without physical annoyances to both the parent and the child.

  • Competitive AnalysisID Compass IIDaniel's sneakers have on-off buttons hidden near the shoelaces and a GPS chip in the soul of the shoe. The wearer can activate the system by pressing the button, or in case of an emergency, the monitoring service can activate the system remotely and locate the person. Cost: about $350 and the monitoring service is an additional $19.95 per month. Our product differs in that it will be cheaper, more mobile, and tracking can be done by the parent. P-Trac Pro It is a small, sturdy, portable tracking device, at about 3 inches long it's about the size of a pager. With an internal antenna and rechargeable battery it requires no external connections, making it easy to conceal. It lasts 21 days on one recharge. It provides nationwide coverage. Tracking is done through a website interface. Cost: roughly $1000Our product differs in that we offer a more mobile tracking device for the parent, longer battery life, and more reasonably priced.

  • RequirementsFunctional: Relay information from transmitter to the receiver in real-time to properly track the movement of the kid.Manipulate power consumption of the mobile device to allow for battery replacement to occur only once a year.Accurately track the location of the baby and its movement within 15 meters.Minimum range of tractability should span the entire North America.Behavioral:Minimal intrusion on the personal space of both individualsDurable enough to withstand reasonable amount of abuseSimple client-side interface to pinpoint the exact location of the kid.

  • Technical SpecificationsHardwareGM862 Cellular/GPS ModuleUSB Eval Board 2 pcs MMCX to SMA Cable Quad-band GPRS Antenna Antenna GPS Magnetic Mount 6' USB Cable SoftwareTBDProtocolsGPS, GSM, GPRS, SMS