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  • Baby Gifts: Fresh Spring Nursery Decor Gifts from Estella

    Estella Baby Gifts is excited to announce the launch of new nursery dcor gifts for babies. This

    collection includes four new baby room decorative toys that launch immediately.

    Estella, the leader in Baby Gifts, launches new nursery decor pieces just in time for Spring babies! This

    four piece collection includes the Octopus, Hot Dog, Cheese Burger & Pretzel decorative pillows for baby

    & kids rooms.

    The Octopus Nursery Decor Pillow

    These pillows are fun, humorous and make wonderful new baby gifts. They are hand-made in Peru in

    super soft all cotton turquoise fabric with white contrast stitching on the tentacles and a black & white

    stitched smiling face on the head. This happy piece will brighten up baby's nursery, kids rooms,

    playrooms or even adult spaces. Sit it on a fabric couch, leather sofa, bed or cupboard and it will jazz up

    the space, it is about 29"w X 29"h X 10"d.

  • The Hot Dog Pillows

    Inspired by Estella's popular hot dog baby rattles, these new decor pieces are perfect newborn gifts for

    the foodie family. Complete with bun, dog, lettuce & mustard, this approximately 20"w X 9"h X 9"d

    piece lightens the mood of a child's room or any space. Like the Octo, this pillow can also fit into any

    piece of furniture and room.

    Cheese Burger Pillow

    At approximately 12"d X 5"h, these pillows are also must have baby shower gifts for the All American

    food loving family. The huge bun, patty, lettuce, ketchup & mustard makes a statement in any room,

    especially a baby's nursery. This newborn gift will be the life of any shower, piece of furniture or room.

  • Pretzel Decor Pillows

    Measuring approximately 15"w X 13"h X 5"d, the Pretzel Decor Pillows are equally bold. Also inspired by

    an Estella baby toy, this time the pretzel rattle, this decor piece is fun because of its large proportion

    and similarity to the real thing - the brown pretzel sticks are dotted with hand stitched white cotton

    resembling the salt on pretzels. Also, a party hit, these pillows are unique baby gifts.

  • Estella co-founder, Chike Chukwulozie, says "In keeping with the brand, we wanted to add baby

    gifts that were full of character and these nursery decor gifts are exactly that." He added that

    "they are fun, beautiful and bring joy to babies as well as adults, just like our Taxi, Train & other

    dcor pillows."

    Available immediately at Estella's online baby boutique, these kids toys will also be sold on Amazon and

    through Estella's partner shops and boutiques nationwide. Established in 2002, Estella is based in New

    York City and has built a reputation around its cool baby gifts, organic baby toys, clothes, dolls, nursery

    dcor & more. Estella is sold at Barneys, Amazon, Uncommon Goods & has been featured on Fox, NBC,

    People, US Magazine, Vogue, InStyle and more.

    Estella Contact Chike Chukwulozie 27 West 20th St., Suite 304 New York, NY 10011